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  1. Okay, so I've made a little bit of progress. Using this code for (var i = 0; i < vessel.patchedConicRenderer.patchRenders.Count(); i++) { vessel.patchedConicRenderer.patchRenders[i].visible = false; } , I have stopped the conics from rendering. However, there are some problems. First, the conics sometimes flicker in if you zoom in and out in the map view. They only show up for a split second, but for my intended use, this would be a problem. How do I stop this from happening? Second, the orbit lines are not rendering. I don't know how to draw the orbit, but not the encounters. How can do this?
  2. @sarbian I believe @Benjamin Kerman is talking about this quote when he says " it is set as a constant in the program.." He wasn't responding to your post.
  3. Oh. I'm such a noob at c#. Setting renderEnabled to false doesn't work. It seems to change back to true by itself every frame. I had actually already tried that before starting this thread. I'll have look at some of the other properties, though.
  4. @Benjamin Kerman Vessel.PatchedConicsUnlocked apparently doesn't exist . It's listed in the documentation, but doesn't seem to actually be there. 'Vessel' does not contain a definition for 'PatchedConicsUnlocked' and no extension method 'PatchedConicsUnlocked' accepting a first argument of type 'Vessel' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) Seems odd. I tried patchedConicsUnlocked, too, with a lowercase p. Still no luck.
  5. @Benjamin Kerman Did you find anything? Also, what Tracking class are you talking about?
  6. @Benjamin Kerman That just changes the control amount. Even if you have no control, the vessel is still tracked, and patched conics are rendered. So that won't work.
  7. @Tex_NLYes, I know that, but I need to still be able to control the vessel. Switching doesn't work here.
  8. How can I disable rendering patched conics for a vessel? I want it to look like before you upgrade the tracking station, with just the grey orbit lines. Examples: (I got the images by taking a screenshot without/with the tracking station upgraded.) I need to be able to switch back and forth between the two modes, so nothing permanent. How can I do this via code?
  9. @HebaruSanThat did not work either. It changed the ship's icon to the question mark, but patched conics were still rendered. And, obviously, the icon should not change. Any other ideas?
  10. @HebaruSan vessel.DiscoveryInfo.SetLevel(DiscoveryLevels.Owned); does not work for my purposes because that method does not allow changing individual properties. vessel.DiscoveryInfo.trackingStatus.ItemLevel = DiscoveryLevels.Owned; just flat out doesn't work, saying Error CS1061 'KnowledgeItem<string>' does not contain a definition for 'ItemLevel' and no extension method 'ItemLevel' accepting a first argument of type 'KnowledgeItem<string>' could be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) The whole reason I'm messing around with this is to try to disable patched conics for the vessel. I'm trying to make it like Tracking Station level 1, with just the grey orbit lines. Do you know of any other ways to do this?
  11. @TheRagingIrishmanActually, I already tried this. It just says the same thing except "cannot convert type 'string'" instead of 'int'. vessel.DiscoveryInfo.trackingStatus is a type "KnowledgeItem<string>", but I have no idea how to use one.
  12. How can I change discoveryInfo.trackingStatus? I assume that this the relevant property. If I do vessel.DiscoveryInfo.trackingStatus=1; for example, it says Error CS0029 Cannot implicitly convert type 'int' to 'KnowledgeItem<string>' How do I actually change this?
  13. @sarbianI want to do this for a vessel. discoveryInfo seems to be for asteroids, not ships. Are there ways to disable patched conics for vessels?
  14. @sarbian Thanks! Finally my mod actually does something! Another question, however: How can I disable patched conics altogether? To make it look like before you upgrade the Tracking Station, just the grey lines?
  15. @Sarbian Thanks for that tutorial. The one I was using was 5 years old! Now, I have a few questions. 1. What is the scene for the map view? The one that comes up when you press "m" during flight. 2. How can I get the current CommNet signal strength of the active vessel? Thanks.