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  1. Round trip with landing and back from the purple planet. My first mission to Eve.
  2. Hi I think I found an issue with OKEB 75 solar panels aerodynamic. If mounted on the payload, they make the rocket totally ungovernable even over 40,000 meters. The center of lift it is placed far beyond the top of the rocket. With Panel mounted without : KSP 1.4.3 and far Log:!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42
  3. Simog

    [1.4.3] Community Tech Tree (May 1)

    Thanks for the update but I think you forgot a piece Hey that's pretty cool, I'll try to remember to put that in the next version.
  4. Simog

    Is there a “sun sensor” type mod?

    Try the Persistent Rotation Mod. I think it has just what you are looking for. Turn the vessel as you like and activate the rotation based on a target. The mod maintains the chosen orientation. Also in timewarp and unloaded vessel.
  5. Hi @linuxgurugamer if it can interest you, I have translated this mod in Italian. :-) Here the file:!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42
  6. Simog

    Addon Localization Home

    There are a couple of little mistakes to correct then it's perfect Line 06 You have to correct it in this way: Line 8 there is a typo an "i" instead of an "e" and missing an "o" : Line 9 in this way:
  7. Simog

    Addon Localization Home

    I also translated KPBS in [Italian] Here the file:!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42
  8. Simog

    [1.4.3] Community Tech Tree (May 1)

    @Nertea if it can be useful, I have translated this mod in Italian. My English is limited but I think to have translated everything in the correct way :-) Here is the file:!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42
  9. Simog

    Addon Localization Home

    Since [Chinese] and [Japanese] are already using colors that are usually assigned to Italy in international sports, Green in already used by [Portuguese] I think both solutions could be fine. Perhaps the tricolor? in this case for "ali" I would use a gray a little darker.
  10. Simog

    Addon Localization Home

    Italain Translation for the Feline Rover. My English is a bit limited, I hope I have translated everything right. However better than nothing :-D!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42
  11. Simog

    Addon Localization Home

    Hi @flart. Even if my English is bad, the few lines of your mod I managed to translate them easily. So here is the translation in Italian language:
  12. I will definitely try. However with the workaround I found, can use it anyway: My first mission on Duna: Many Thanks for the mod :-D
  13. Thanks to both for the answers. I have tried to show the autostruts and the problem is precisely the wheels that remain attached to the heavier parts, in this case the winch. Furthermore, the autostrut is blocked and can not be changed on those wheels. Is it possible to be the Kerbal Joint Reinforcement the problem? I had no more time to try without it. However I found a workaround while I was trying, that is give the command to extend the cable and then click on Plug mode this breaks the autostruts that hook to the parts of the rover:
  14. Sorry, wrong file :-D I using the CC-R2 Which, by the way, tells me that there is nothing to unplug. In the last test I have removed the rover and the winch with the cc-r2 attached work perfectly. Maybe does not recognize the part of the rover which it is attached? It is the stock rovemate probe. Here the video: Log ( the right one :-D ):!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42 Many Thanks
  15. I have a similar Problem but i built a skycrane for drop a rover. The cable is released bud the port connector, and the rover, remain in place. In the vab i have put a port connector in the rover and then the winch over it. My log file:!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42 ( The crash occurred after several tests. I do not believe it is connected :-) )