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  1. Simog

    Duna: A Colony Base Mission

    @dire here is the complete list:
  2. Simog

    Duna: A Colony Base Mission

    Thanks :-) I have really a lot active, around 170. As soon as possible I make a list. by heart, for the crafts in this mission I used: KPBS MKS (inflatable parts) Procedural Parts KW Rocketry Tundra Universal Storage II TAC LS KIS & KAS Interstellar Extended Near Future: Launcher (I think), Solar, and the one with trusses Tweak Scale ..... I forget some for sure :-D then Astronomer visual pack and SVT for graphic
  3. Have you remove the Boulder Co dir from GameData? These are default cloud config of EVE, not necessary with AVP (and probably causing conflict).
  4. This is the first time I transport and assemble a base outside Kerbin. Although on a couple of occasions I had to "cheat" because of sudden bugs ( (just before leaving the base has risen from one side as if there was a storm and after a while, half stuck in the ground, it exploded, but for the video I placed another one on the fly :-D) , and about thirty landing attempts, the mission ended with a success.
  5. I divided it into 2 parts, the base is composed of 7 pieces then hung on 2 truss, DunaBASE A and B and sent to Duna. In the video we see the landing of the B, 62 tons of payload My first base on Duna. Many, Many, Many mods used :-D
  6. Hi at all I'm having trouble moving from one ship to another when I'm in the map view. Unfortunately, not always clicking on the ship makes the right menu appear with the command "switch to" but appears to create the nodes. So, is there a mod that adds the list of ships in flight whit the option to switch to the selected one? Something like the Advanced Tracking Station Mod, but for the map view Thanks
  7. Simog

    Duna Base building help with mods

    Thanks for videos. The part of Life support does not help me because I use tac. However I sign them because sooner or later I also try USI LS for videos. The part of Life support does not help me because I use tac. However I put them in the bookmark because sooner or later I also try USI LS. It's a nuclear reactor that provided by the KPBS mod. it requires uranium to work but I also put a tank dedicated to the resource.
  8. Simog

    Duna Base building help with mods

    Yes, right. I have the mod but I had not thought about it. Thanks.
  9. Hi at all. I hope I did not have a wrong section. I'm trying to build a base but I got lost among the mods I'm trying to learn to use ( and my poor English to follow the wiki ) : -D The idea is a base for 4 kerbals and the mods I would like to use are: KPBS and/or MKS and TAC-LS ( I also have many others but these are the main ones I would use). My difficulty is with Life Support. I would like to be able to have as minimise stocks as possible and produce what is necessary in the field. I thought I'd leave them there for 1 year and then maybe change crew. Sandbox mode. Which parts would you put? in my first attempt I put: -1 Hab and 1 Lab KPBS -1 Medical Bay MKS -2 inflatable greenhouses MKS (what config?) -1 reactor kpbs (although I have not yet decided whether nuclear or solar) - various LS Tanks KPBS for 3 year of supplies ( that I would like to minimize) then I was thinking of putting 1 drill for ore and 1 for water (kpbs) and related tanks and a isru for refueling the ascent and return vehicle. Many Thanks.
  10. Round trip with landing and back from the purple planet. My first mission to Eve.
  11. Hi I think I found an issue with OKEB 75 solar panels aerodynamic. If mounted on the payload, they make the rocket totally ungovernable even over 40,000 meters. The center of lift it is placed far beyond the top of the rocket. With Panel mounted without : KSP 1.4.3 and far Log:!Apx9C9K7sjyIg0oRUwmzyml86h42
  12. Simog

    [1.5.x] Community Tech Tree (Nov 5)

    Thanks for the update but I think you forgot a piece Hey that's pretty cool, I'll try to remember to put that in the next version.