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  1. Experimenting with robotic parts, I try to build a deployable heat shield. Obviously all in Kerbal style ... boom Mod Used for build rocket: - Procedural Parts - BDB - Tweak Scale - Tantares - Kerbal Reusability Expansion - Restock - Restock+ - Infernal Robotics Next - Modular Launch Pad - Some others that I don't remember, I have many :-D - Kerbalism (science Only) - Far - JNSQ (planet Pack)
  2. try to convert your texture to .png. if it works, you probably have an unsuitable DDS format (you need a DXT3 with mipmap, but for ksp1.8, if I have not misunderstood, it reads only dxt5. Then, perhaps it is convenient in this format. One less job to do when kopernicus will be made compatible with 1.8). Remember to change the extension in the various calls in the cfg
  3. The entire section that applies the materials is missing. This below is that of mun and need to put it in the PQS section. section that controls the texture tiling of the surface details (eg. sand, gravel, rocks) defined according to the height (you will have to do several tests to calibrate them by observing the planet in different points and find a compromise) The main texture is also missing (again from Mun): this goes under the PQS Mod section This instead the general texture that is applied over the others to give a color to the surface. You can use the same texture as the scaled version
  4. You need to write a MM patch. This below delete mun in my Muun mod: You can add more strings "!Body", one for each body you want to delete, just change the name between the brackets
  5. Hi to all. I have a problem with Muun's easter eggs. I just noticed that they don't appear on the scanners despite having ticked the specific option. Maybe I have to add some specific string or module to the object cfg? This is the cfg of one of the objects. The others are the same with only the name and reference to the different mu file modified: Here the cfg saved by KK after positioning: in this case the 3 objects are close to each other and only one is set to be detected. Many Thanks
  6. Not tested with scansat. However I have ticked the appropriate konstruct option so, except for bugs, they should appear. as soon as I have time I do some tests too.
  7. Thanks There are already (Ufo, stone arch, and black monolith) and there are new ones custom. In all 14. it is, however, mandatory to install the kerbal konstruct mod to see them. Unfortunately I was not able to make them work directly with kopernicus
  8. BoulderCo are the cfg for EVE's clouds and should not be used together with AVP who has his own. it's strange that it worked before. To me, with both, the clouds didn't appear at all. SVE is still compatible.
  9. It should. MJ I use it very little. However the landings of the trailer and the rover's driving are made by that mod, even if in particular conditions, with the vessel dropped after placing it with the Vessel Mover mod, which are not in normal conditions.
  10. You need an height map with the topography that you can draw by hand or use one found on the internet (there are many of the solar system). In practice it is a grayscale image where pure white represents the highest point and black the lowest point. Example: Or you can use the Voronoi Crater function of Kopernicus which creates procedural craters but I don't know how to use it.
  11. AVP it is. is one of the mods used in the trailer . SVT I have not tried but should not give problems.
  12. The initial idea was to place it at a scale distance from kerbin, which positioned it close to Minmus. The problem is that it was impossible to get the free return trajectory. So I tried to place between the two moons but honestly 3 moons around kerbin so close to each other clashed a lot. The next step was that of replacement, which then became the definitive one. :-)
  13. You have to look for tutorials on how to write cfg manually. Once you have the minimum information to understand them, you will automatically know how to use kittopia because it will present you the same parameters. Most of the things you'll see in real time, but some things you'll have to change by hand with KSP closed to see the effects. Remember that Kittopia does not save things automatically, you must always export the celestial body to keep track of it.
  14. Many thanks. let's say I'm not new to modding (small jobs on other games) but I'm on KSP.
  15. it's a mod I didn't know. Looking at its files, probably not.
  16. Thanks :-D. they are in this pack. I placing them with the kerbal konstruct. I didn't know about incompatibility. During my tests I found no difficulties with the KK. However if you don't install the KK, you simply won't have the easter eggs but the rest works. Unfortunately I was not able to insert them directly via kopernicus and I had to fall back :-D Yes, there are 17 Thanks :-)
  17. Thanks :-) it's a little bigger than Mun. 347620m in practice the diameter of the moon scaled to the stock size. Exact. I chose to place them like this because I wasn't able to make them work, inserted directly with kopernicus. The idea was to replicate all of the moon, therefore, orbit and dimensions in scale. Using the correct measurements ended up near minmus but there was a problem. If you wanted to use the free return trajectory it was impossible. Instead with the current settings it is obtained by passing at about 120km from the surface. So I decided to replace Mun. Being that it is on an eccentric orbit, with a lower periapsis, sooner or later they would have ended in collision :-D However tecnically it's possible to make them live together. Or move it to an intermediate orbit between Mun and Minmus or places it on Mun orbit but on the opposite side.
  18. Rob & Simog Presentano: Muun Una replica stockalike della Luna In occasione dell'anniversario della più grande impresa dell'umanità, vi aspettiamo su Muun per celebrare la storica missione Apollo 11 e quel piccolo grande passo. abbiamo amato realizzarla, amerete esplorarla come mai prima, e sarà bellissima. Good speed, good play Questa mod, sostituisce Mun quindi se avete dei vascelli sulla sua superficie, prima di installarla, dismetteteli e recuperate gli equipaggi. - Proprietà: Raggio : 347.620 m Semi Asse maggiore: 12.000.000 m Eccentricità : 0,05490 Inclipedantone : 5,15° Easter Eggs personalizzati - Dipendenze & Installazione: Scaricate ed installate queste mod seguendo le rispettive istruzioni: - Kopernicus - Kerbal Konstruct - Module Manager - Community Terrain Texture Pack Poi scaricate ed estraete dall'archivio zip la cartella Muun e copiatela nella certella GameData. - Mod Suggerite: - Bluedog Design Boreau - Astronomer's Visual Pack - Tundra Exploration - Real Plume - Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience DOWNLOAD (spacedock) - Ringraziamento speciale a @CobaltWolf per il permesso di utilizzare alcuni modelli della sua mod Bluedog Design Boreau. Gallery: Licenza: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  19. Rob & Simog Presents: Muun A stockalike replica of the Moon On the fithyth anniversary of mankind’s greatest endeavour, we’ll be waiting for you on Muun to celebrate the small big step of Apollo 11 mission We loved creating it, you’ll like exploring it like never before... it will be wonderful! Good speed, good play. This replace Mun so if you have vessel on his surface, before install it, dismiss them and recover crew. - Property: Radius : 347.620 m Semi Major Axis: 12.000.000 m Eccentricity : 0,05490 Inclination : 5,15° Custom Easter Eggs - Dependencies & Installation: Download and install these Mod following the respective instructions: - Kopernicus - Kerbal Konstruct - Module Manager - Community Terrain Texture Pack Then download Muun and extract from the zip archive the Muun folder and copy it into GameData folder. - Suggested Mods: - Bluedog Design Boreau - Astronomer's Visual Pack - Tundra Exploration - Real Plume - Pathfinder - Space Camping & Geoscience DOWNLOAD (spacedock) - Special Thanks to @CobaltWolf for permission to use some models of his mod Bluedog Design Boreau. Gallery: Licence: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0
  20. Thanks :-D This in particular is not able to do it, because it does not have docking ports to hook them and the fuel necessary. However if you add them and put a refueling station in orbit you should succeed. Watch out for balance :-)
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