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  1. Darn, hopefully you decide to stick around, this mod is the only reason I still play KSP, and your progress updates the only reason I visit the forums. I really feel like they should stop updating KSP, at this point it's just becoming annoying. Just fix a few of the remaining bugs and be done with it, leave the rest up to modders.
  2. I had the same issue, after installing the latest Community Resource Pack it worked fine for me:
  3. Ah, even larger rockets, thank you! Love the idea of additional engine cluster support too.
  4. Have you considered expanding into more of a general reusability mod, rather than just SpaceX? The parts all look great, I'd love to see what sort of original designs you could come up with, especially regarding landing legs.
  5. Use one of the scale mods for a more challenging game. KScale64 is a good start. Once you're bored with that move on to Real Solar System.
  6. The sheer amount of options in this mod is amazing. And even better it looks amazing, no matter the design. Built this monstrosity earlier. Would have built it taller if not for the VAB height limit: EDIT: VAB height removed with the Hangar Extender mod: 280 tons to LKO using 64k. Reusable first stage w/ 9 F1B engines. Landing it is tough, but fun, with FAR tearing it apart XD.
  7. Do you plan on sharing your 64k config when you're finished? Would be greatly appreciated -- this mod is perfect for 64k.
  8. Monthly bump (don't worry, only one ).
  9. There are so many stock parts, and modded parts from packs, that I never end up using. I used to just delete the folders for the parts I didn't want, but now that memory isn't as much of a concern and finding out which folder is which part is time consuming I'm hoping someone can look into this idea (or point me in the direction of an existing mod). Something straightforward... like just hovering the mouse over which part you don't want in the list and pressing a hotkey, which would send it into a "Hidden" category to the left. When a part is hidden it wouldn't appear in any other category or in search but you could still find the parts in the hidden category. To remove the part from hidden you would just hover over it and press the hotkey again. Cheers.
  10. That looks awesome. The colors remind me of false color images from Earth orbit. Regarding texture sizes--is it possible to split a single planet texture into multiple pieces? Having, say, 4 separate 4k textures and having any texture(s) on the other side of the planet not being rendered in full quality (while not in view)?
  11. The game from the screenshot? It's Lunar Flight: