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  1. War Thunder - Screenshots and Discussion thread!

    About a month ago, I stoped playing KSP sadly. . Because I found war thunder. And I have unlocked the p-40 and 36c, PBY 5, b-18, M8, M3, and M2.
  2. Ok because I'm a kid and I've only had time in summer.
  3. What happened to @qzgy?
  4. I need someone to help me with this that is not a kid. What happened to @MiffedStarfish?
  5. I cant play ksp right now but all I know is that I saw all of them with that problem.
  6. with me, all of them have that problem.
  7. Post Something to do With It!

  8. Imagine having 60 GUA8s.....
  9. Sorry but in the mordern and my section, I won't allow 2 GUA8s. That's a bit too powerful for my competition. I'm thinking of removing GUA8s from the competition for good.
  10. When will my f-34 bullet compete?
  11. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Says who? @53miner53
  12. the asw x-18m vs the f-18: https://youtu.be/hc7AEzkO3zk its uploaded now
  13. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    why didnt you call me? @MiffedStarfish
  14. it DOES make a difference.
  15. I'm about to have 100 rep!