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  1. dundun93

    The Dessert Derby 2018 setup

    Cool! Uhhhh... what are the required mods?
  2. WoW! Never knew how cheesy this was....
  3. It would be easier if you quoted who you were speaking to.
  4. did you ping dundun92?(he told me) why??? @Box of Stardust were you answering his question???
  5. @Box of Stardust, https://kerbalx.com/dundun93/HSC-2 With more Sidewinders, more Vulcans, and an extra engine, the HSC 2 is ready to face the X-Fighter once more!
  6. The only way to find out... GET @ZLM-MasterS X-FIGHTER!!!!
  7. I'm not surprised. I actually expected it to march straight up to first place like the TFD. But the X fighter was the one plane that I never tested mine against. Mine even beat the PEGAys. But I didn't realize how good @ZLM-Master was... Just need to defend 3 more aircraft and try again.
  8. @Box of Stardust have you downloaded the updated version yet? I only see one download.... did you re-download it? Look what it says... HSC by dundun93 Follow uploaded 2018-07-27 1 downloads / 1 points
  9. I'm worried you might forget to download the updated HSC @Box of Stardust.....
  10. Yeah. Also @Box of Stardust when will the next dogfight be? (Can't wait to see the HSC in ACTION!)
  11. 500 rep for you!

  12. dundun93

    air speed record

    Hey @anytarseir67, I'm sorry for what I said to you. maybe I'll enter something without complaining. @Vanamonde, it might be best if you verify all my posts before they go online so that I stay out of trouble from now on.
  13. dundun93

    air speed record

    that wasn't helpful...
  14. I don't think he knows where to go. You may need to explain.