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  1. Holy crap that worked! To understand why, I did an md5 compare on each file between the old and new scatterer folders (since they were the same version). It appears one file changed: the atmo.cfg for Laythe. The old one was actually for Duna, looks like the author fixed the issue sometime between the release of scatterer 0.032 and today, but didn't update version numbers or tell anyone. Odd that the atmosphere for Laythe would cause such horrible corruption on Kerbin, which was not happening with SVE + SVT. Anyway, all solved now, thank you again for all of your help!
  2. No, but why would that be necessary? Do mods like SVE+SVT mess with the files in GameData/scatterer somehow? I'll def give it a shot, but not sure why this might help things.
  3. Thanks. I just tried out AVP (with and without KSPRC), and looks like something is quite wrong. When I enter the KSC main screen, my sky is black and white, I can see clouds, but it's black and white. The water is a shiny chrome colour. If I look at Kerbin in the tracking station, then Kerbin itself is a weird black and white static colour. Happens both in Dx9 and Dx11. When I open the EVE config window in KSC, under the Textures tab, the config is pointing to AVP, but it says "Invalid Name!". I removed SVE and SVT, and have the latest version of EVE (without configs) installed.
  4. Thank you kindly, that's very helpful. Just one last question left: the front page of AVP mentions AVP: Interstellar vs AVP: Edge of Oblivion. Are these two different, separate varieties of AVP? How do I select between them? When I follow the download link to the Github page, there is only one variety there, 3.52 Luminosity. How do I activate/use Interstellar vs Edge of Oblivion?
  5. Thank you! In terms of running SVE + KSPRC (terrain), is it just the same instructions as AVP + limited KSPRC (so, install SVE + install KSPRC to Gamedata then remove the Atmosphere/CityLights directories)? Could I please trouble you for an opinion about using AVP + Limited KSPRC vs KSPRC alone? KSPRC seems to have its own set of atmospheres, which you need to delete if using AVP, but I'm not really sure how to understand that. Is it just a matter of which visual look one prefers or does AVP add a significant amount of other features too? And final question: if using AVP + KSPRC
  6. Apologies for the noob question, but just wanted to ask this since the information on this topic in earlier pages of this thread is quite old (from 2016): This mod, AVP v3.52 Luminosity, does NOT work with SVE + SVT installed, correct? I need to remove SVE + SVT entirely first, and just have the latest version of EVE without the BoulderCo configs and scatterer? Additionally, just to clarify: I can run AVP 3.52 with KSPRC (which is quite old and for KSP 1.1.2), but in doing so, I need to remove the Atmospheres/CityLights from KSPRC? (I assume this is because AVP has its own atmosphere
  7. @Nertea I've noticed that some of the new engines, such as the fusion mirror, produce a tremendous amount of heat. The heatProduction of the ModuleEnginesFX is 4000 for that one. What radiator stats work to cool such massive heat output? I'm guessing not core heat xFer, as the heat source is not ModuleCoreHeat, so is it the MaxCooling stat which is relevant? I note that in the VAB, the ModuleEngineHeatDisplay for the fusion mirror reports engine heat of 1200 MW, so does the total sum of all my radiators' MaxCooling values need to equal this amount?
  8. Does anyone happen to know how the game resolves PLANETARY_RESOURCE clashes between two different mods? If each mod has its own ResourceDef file, of the form: PLANETARY_RESOURCE { ResourceName = LqdDeuterium ResourceType = 2 PlanetName = Jool Distribution { PresenceChance = ... MinAbundance = ... MaxAbundance = ... Variance = ... } } Such that each mod is declaring a PLANETARY_RESOURCE for LqdDeuterium, ResourceType = 2, PlanetName = Jool, however each mod has different Distribution parameters. Looking at the ModuleManager.ConfigCache file, both entries are in the cache,
  9. So if I set an InterstellarResourceConverter for Deuterium to 1% towards LqdDeuterium on the slider, then that means all Deuterium Gas I create from a Regolith Processor will immediately convert to LqdDeuterium, even if I have no intermediate DeuteriumGas storage tanks on my vessel? Also, regarding sucking IntakeLqd with the stock Radial Drill, how do I actually do this? Just extend the drill into the ocean and there will be a button, something like "Start Ocean Extract"? Finally, one last question, can you please explain what the "hasSwitchChooseOption" accomplishes in InterstellarF
  10. @FreeThinker I have a question about the CT250x fuel tanks which come packaged with InterstellarFuelSwitch. All of these tanks have various InterstellarResourceConverter modules on them, one for each gas<->liquid combo. However, all of these resource converters have requiresPrimaryLocalInEditor/requiresPrimaryLocalInEditor set to true, which means the converter will only appear if that part itself has the primary resource in question. What is the point of having these converters attached to the tanks? Can they convert in real-time? For example, if I have a CT2502 tank for LqdDeuter
  11. Wait, you can use drills to suck up LqdIntake? Which drills allow this?
  12. So that icon in the bottom right just magically grows antimatter each day without me needing to do anything? How do I then load it from that icon into an empty antimatter container on my vessel?
  13. So how does one create a vessel for launch with full antimatter tanks then?
  14. The new atmospheric ramscoop does not seem to be working for me. Took a look at the CFG file, and it appears that ModuleAnimationGroup is missing an entry for activeAnimationName. Could this be the reason for the problem? MODULE { name = ModuleAnimationGroup deployAnimationName = OpenDoors activeAnimationName = moduleType = #LOC_FFT_atmosphere-scoop-01_CollectorName autoDeploy = true }
  15. Ah good to know, apologies to Nertea for thinking it was related to your mods.
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