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  1. Thx for reponding to my post i hope the same things you do i loved this game the moment i layed eyes on it years ago then when i saw it was on consoles my excitement went through the roof because i never thought it would or could happen i waited years i can wait a little longer
  2. Im new to this site but still a buyer of the ps4 model of the game when i first had it i was on the ps4 but since have upgraded to ps4 pro and turned on boost mode that seemed to help the lag i was experiencing before with the old ps4 but i have encounterend the save corruption and crashes. I first bought the game and seeing it never had an update then i left it for a good 6 months then went back with a brand new ps4 and boost mode only to see no updates so that how i ended up here im glad to see its still active and that there is hope for the game. Hearing a whole new port is happening is exciting and i cant wait to play it. I hope this game gets fixed soon. If anyone that doesnt have the ps4 port wants to know anything about it just let me know.