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  1. Hey, I got a problem with the solar panels. While I am in the SOI of the sun 2 of my 6 1x6 solar arrays point towards the star from the "Extrasolar Planets byond Kerbol" mod. As I removed the mod everything worked fine again but I would like to play with the mod. How can I point the solar panels towards the sun? My mods installed: -Background Resources, BetterBurn Time, BetterTimeWarpContinued, Community Category Kit, Community Resource Pack, Community Tech Tree, Contract Configurator, Multiple Contract Packs, DMagic Orbital Sience, EVS, Extrasolar Planets Byond Kerbol, Filter Extensions, Hide Empty Tech Tree Nodes, Interstellar Fuel Switch, Interstellar Fuel Switch Core, Kerbal Alarm Clock, KAS, KER, KIS, Kerbal Planetary Base System, Kopernicus, AVC, Interstellar Extended, MechJeb 2, Modular Flight Integrator, Module Manager, Precise Maneuver, Progress Parser, RasterProp Monitor, Remote Tech, SCAN Sat, Toolbar, Toomanyorbits, TweakScale, Universal Storage, Outer Planets Mod KSP version 1.3 and no other issues that that bug with the solar panels Installed via CKAN
  2. Thanks Jaeleth your exactly right. Just one more question: How do I get an older version of KSP? Ok forget the last question I found the solution myself. Once more thank you for your fast response and your help!
  3. Hey, I got a very simple problem. The mod just wont show up at CKAN. Do I have to search for another name or what because the mod is just not there.