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  1. Sorry, I completely miss that you need full output log. Here it is (warning! 145 Mb size, it's from my attempts to turn-on and turn-off hibernation). I can provide save file too, but my game heavily modded (something like this) so I'm unsure in results. Here, my save file where I cleared all probes/relays/debris/etc, so remains my only 2 piloted vessels. One of them landed on Minmus. When I try to fly it with enabled hibernation - I always receiving endless warnings and massive slowdown. That vessel shouldn't use any modded part (or at least I don't find them).
  2. Can't confirm that from SVE because I'm not using SVE (if only it's don't somehow included in AstronomerVisualPack - but still have same problem. It's almost certainly repeated with any craft on low Minmus orbit / landed on minmus, instantly just after launching game and loading save with craft landed on Minmus. Unfortunately I have a lots of mods so there's endless possibilities for conflicts Because of that my logs barely can help you, but I will still provide them. Log : (there's also bug in recent TAC LS dev release that spam a lot of warnings, it's don't related with that issues because it's happened with previous TAC LS releases too) Game folder :
  3. Installed new release of TAC LS 13.4 today (overwritten existing mod folder) and it's turn to be unplayable* (but only seems, see below) - after switching to lander on minmus with 3 kerbals I'm receiving constant flow of warnings ruining my performance while game is unpaused (here's also scattere bug so scroll up any it's nullrefs) : [WRN 21:08:45.758] -WARNING- Tac.LifeSupportController[FFFA0334][95.00]: Removing hibernation status from crew member: Bill Kerman Here's log file : But I found solution (or at least seem-to-be solution) - turning "hibernate" setting off seems to solve this, so it's mostly look like a trap for peoples who will install this version and load save with enabled "hibernation". Turning "hibernation" on again will return that endless warnings, so it's either is bug, or my save ruined and forcing me to use hardmode option only
  4. Is there any easy way to disable kerbal ec consumption for now? (there's seem to be setting for ec per day for one kerbin, but I can lower it only to 100) Are that settings written in persistent file so I can edit them here? Will TAC tolerate 0 or 1 as minimal value? Because TAC just killed my crew in transit in middle of other launch despite I set "hibernate, not kill" in settings. UPD. Also there is also value for "base ec consumption per day". Is it somehow related with ec consumption for one kerbal?
  5. I had same problem when tried to install AVP on KSP with previously installed SVE (of course SVE was already deleted). Fixed that problem by deleting EVE folder from GameData, reinstalling it clean from github and then reinstalling AVP overwriting all files. I hope this will help you too.
  6. Thank you for your work and efforts! I recently installed your pack in new 1.3 game from SpaceDock (unpacked 3.14 version and overwrite by 3.22 files, no changes are done by myself, only disabled ocean shaders as advised here). It was super cool mostly (noted some glitches with lighting on KSC at dawn but not made screenshot), but today I reach the Mun and run into that : That blue sphere blink very fast and extremely annoying (it's don't related with aerodynamic forces overlay - i just missed my screenshot button =) ). I don't see any errors in ingame console, but there is some of them in full game log (link - From my newbie viewpoint it seems like something missing (maybe texture?). I tried to look for textures at github version but missed completely where they are there, so SpaceDock version is only way to install your mod for me. Any advices?