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  1. I'm not sure if this is a "bug" or "feature", but TAC-LS does not seem to be processing converters (food, water) in the background. I had the EC bug and the latest dev release fixed that, but now rest of the resources are still depleting. I have a self sustaining ship setup using DSEV's greenhouse. When focused on the ship, I can warp and the resources process correctly. When not focused on the ship, the food continuously decreases. Is that a known issue? Note: I'm playing extremely mod heavy :-). I can post more details if interested here, or on github. Edit - I just made an interesting observation - this only occurs at 100,000x Warp. At 10,000x, the resource counter still depletes but when you return to the ship the resources are at the correct levels... P.S. Sweet mod!
  2. Your suggestion to "mod-the-mod" is exactly what I needed. To answer your question on Oxygen checks, this is from the TAC-LS release notes: v0.13.1 Update for KSP 1.3. Localization support added. All languages in English for now. Other Language contributions welcome! Unloaded Vessel Resource processing. TAC LS now processes Life Support resources for unloaded vessels. Fix Issue with Electric Charge not being calculated and reported correctly. Now checks if vessel is on or above a body that has an atmosphere that contains oxygen and allows the windows to be opened, or vents opened (if enough EC) to use the air from the atmosphere instead of on-board Oxygen.
  3. Greetings! First, fantastic mod! First-time posting, so hopefully this is the correct spot for such a question - Just recently started using KPBS with TAC-LS. TAC-LS no longer requires oxygen on Kerbin/Laythe, so Kerbals no longer consume oxygen. This is causing the Carbon Extractor and Elektron to cease functioning when the oxygen is full, and there is no way to vent excess oxygen. I noticed you updated the Greenhouse so that it can still produce if oxygen is full. Would it be possible to do the same for the Carbon Extractor/Elektron? Long story short, I'm trying to balance an equation for a self-sustaining, food-surplus base with 5 Kerbals and 1 Greenhouse. The waste from either the Carbon Extractor or Elektron is necessary to feed the Algae farm for fertilizer...
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