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    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Yup @Fraston
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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for putting a tie on a cat.
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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for testing airplanes in misty mountains.
  4. Tylo takes like 5400 or 4500 mathematically, Laythe should take around 3000, over 5000 if its not aerodynamic. @JacobJHC Album here. Craft here. KSP : 1.5 Mods : KER, Nereid FF, Trajectories. Mass : around 3000 tons. Parts : nearly 400 parts. Delta-v : over 19000 m/s. Crew : Simone Kerman, Jebediah Kerman, Valentina Kerman. Additional stop(s) : Dres. Feats : No shock absorbers (again), One lander only (again). Regrets : Shouldn't have disposed the lander on Bop, i would be able to get Minmus if i did that. @SiriusRocketry Maybe you can take Matt's first attempt (may not work).
  5. Landing and return for once, something really satisfying, but usually not so challenging, because of small lazy rockets to get there, however, since it's quite easy, it's possible to land on a certain body for at least TWICE, TWICE the ascent, TWICE the landing and TWICE the re-entry. Rules : -No Docking. (except if your PC cant handle a Mun and back 2x vessel) -No ISRU. -No Trivializing Mods (mods that make it trivial). -Have screenshots of important moments. (Videos are welcome) -NO CHEATING (Debug menu or Hyperedit or such). -Seabed landings are fine. -No external seats (except if you have a good reason for that). -All versions are welcome, all details will be listed. -No vessel recovering, except when you're done, but you need to land on Kerbin before another launch. This Challenge was inspired by : The Gamer Alchemist, Hazard-ish and @Stratzenblitz75 and also @EvermoreAlpaca Links : Mun and back twice. Mun and back 3 times (probably cheating, but still good). Duna and back 3 times (The Gamer Alchemist). Duna and back 3 times (Stratzenblitz75). Eeloo and back twice. *Le waiting for someone to reply*
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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned for talking about hierarchy.
  7. That one is fine, i mean OP engines or propellant-less ones, structural mods are fine if they're still breakable.
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    The New Dres Appreciation Society

    Dres is home of 10th Dimensional beings.
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    Fun Kerbal names!

    I hate myself Kerman.
  10. Just saying, you're literally my opposite, my Laythes cant go below 10 tons, Tylos below 5 tons for some reason, currently doing a Level 2 and Tythe 2.0 is in its final form.
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    Really Really Really Tall Building

    Floor 5042 : you see 10 counters, and you have to put 1 wheel first, then 10 wheels, then 10 billion, then 10^^4 (10^10 billion), then 10^^5 and so on till you reach 10^^9, took a really really REALLY long long LONG time to finish them all and move to the next, the room is a place where time is irrelevant.
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    The user below me...

    No, my first KSP was F2P 0.23. TUBM is good at SSTO spaceplanes.
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    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    F(yes)^-1 @lapis
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    Hi everyone

    Oh, welcome to this forum dude.
  15. Fine, i'll do that here. My name is Galih, i'm Indonesian, currently second year High school, i'm 17 years old now, first know KSP from a Middle school classmate, he reached Duna one year after that, got my very first KSP since last year Middle school final semester, now has 1.5 years experience (i got a vacuum), some of you saw me quite oftenly here.
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    Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    Nopey nopey... @Gapone
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    Over 9000 things to do in KSP

    290 : Necroposting.
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    Ban the user above you!

    Banned because i'm not a hermit, i'm a Tylo.
  19. May as well as make a repurpose-able Tylo Lander so that you can go with Vall and Bop-Pol afterwards, maybe bring some refuels, my Tythe 2.0 could land on all moons with 2 Kerbals and weighs 22 Tons. An older version has 15 Tons with a Kerbal, but can only handle Laythe and Tylo.
  20. Never too late...Craft, forgot to introduce myself.
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    How long will we go?

    Rotated 68 (89)