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  1. Hey, electricity is such a hassle... I have perfect power maintenance but oh poof! Dead Kerbal because for some reason when you do 10^5 warp the millisecond required for 6 hours to kill a Kerbol might go so fast that you can’t fix it and so they just instantly die. Lost about 12 kerbals in my newest game already and all of those are deaths caused because of this repurposed bovine waste... apologizing for the ‘tone’ but I’m tired and angry, mod is great and been using for years. I want to turn the death due to air toxicity off, how do I do this please? the very bes
  2. Hi, latest version of KSP and also the related mods. Does the co2 vary on different biomes? Do i need another mod that adds different atmospheric biomes?
  3. Hello! I'm having some issues with the mod I think. I've been searching for a bit but I can't seem to figure it out. I have a base on Duna, and I have the K&K air filter on and it's activated and CO2 Harvester har started. It's getting a 5% load but 0.000000/s CO2 harvested. It just does not seem right to me, i know atmo is real thin but there should still be like 0.004/s or something. I am using it with only TAC-LS and deep freeze mods, at least in regards to life support. Best regards, Bishiba
  4. The mod apparently does never refresh my electricity stat, and then kills kerbals for no reason. Trying to find a way to disable electricity coz it's ridiculously annoying...>.<
  5. Hello, that was exactly what I was asking. I understand, unfortunate, wanted to make a IVA mission without any HUD Sorry if I was being unclear or something. Thanks for the response! On a side-note, I was sitting at work today and contemplating this mod. Is it possible to somehow make it so that the actual map screen appears in one of the screens? I know it's not a current feature, just wondering if it is possible and if you think it might be implemented. And on a different side-note, to make mechjeb work and stuff, would it be possible to just make the mechjeb windows appears as th
  6. Hello! So I've been investigating for a while now and I just can't figure out how to, if it's even possible, to install the maneuver node planner and rendezvous autopilot into one of the screens of RPM. Is it possible? Best regards, Bishiba
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