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  1. RudyLime

    KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    Guys so sorry I completely missed this notification. Alex pinged me today on to ask about the status. We have had a great discussion with Take Two in the summer, with a lot of enthusiasm from both sides. However, deciding to actually re-launch and when that's going to happen is really up to Take Two. The more we all prove that we want these awesome figurines available again, the better the odds will be! Sorry i can't give more information, but I hope this doesn't disappoint you. BestRuud
  2. RudyLime

    KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    Hey everyone, so after last weeks' forum post we from Shapeways were able to meet with Take Two yesterday. The meeting itself was very productive and I'm thrilled to share that we're looking into options to continue and expand the 3D printed Kerbal Space Program merchandise soon. When and how this comes online is still to be defined but please hang in there a bit longer -- good things are coming! Again a massive thank you for being such great fans of KSP and loving the 3D printed figurines -- without you this would not be possible! Cheers, Ruud
  3. RudyLime

    KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    Wooohoo! Yeah I just found an email in my inbox. Thanks @Badie and props to @TheRagingIrishman for making the connection! The power of community
  4. RudyLime

    KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    Hey y'all, just to keep you posted, I did reach out to Squad but haven't heard back in the past weeks. I'm planning on reaching out to Take Two soon but don't have any contacts there (yet ) so I can't give a timeline on if and when we have any news regarding this subject. Fingers crossed!! Best, Ruud
  5. RudyLime

    KSP shop on Shapeways is MIA

    Hey folks, My name is Ruud and I'm EU Community Manager at Shapeways. In the past I have worked with two folks from Squad when they still had their shop open. I have been in touch with them a few months ago, but was not aware that the Kerbal shop recently closed down. First I'd like to apologize for this to everyone above who are affected and for the confusion it created. Note that anyone who creates a shop on Shapeways, agrees with offering products that they themselves own the IP for. Closing a shop is also something they themselves are in charge of (so it was not done by Shapeways). In a case where the IP is moving to a different owner, I can imagine (a temporarily) closing of the shop is needed for figuring out the administration. As far as I know we have not been in contact with Take-Two about this matter, but I'm happy to reach out to them and raise this subject on your behalf. I agree the shop was great for us too and I'd personally would love to see it open again for both of the Kerbal and Shapeways communities. Let me know if there are any concerns/thoughts or other opportunities you see for Kerbal / Shapeways in this forum thread. Best, Ruud van den Muijzenberg European Community Manager | Shapeways