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  1. @mark7, I agree, the ITS does need some upgrades but I may speak to him regarding helping him with this project as I do 3D modelling as a career anyway. Currently I'm working on making this compatible with remote tech (working) and finding a way to make it work with mechjeb while still having return fuel (solution is harder than expected XD). Hopefully, The ITS gets the upgrades.
  2. He is not having the real fuel capacities due to it being far too much for the kerbal universe. instead he has adjusted the fuel quantities to matched that of the capabilities of the real thing. If you are talking about having real fuel names and a 15-30% fuel storage for return on stage one, I am currently in discussion with him regarding the changes I have made privately which includes the total capacity of stage 1 split 20% into return storage which needs activating meaning that enough fuel is saved for the return flight.
  3. @KartoffelkuchenGreat mod! proved helpful for launching my mapping satellite this morning. keep up the good work!
  4. Great mod, Very useful for building using my space plane. one issue, it won't detach. Worked fine with the first centre part (docked to ship) but this part won't detach. anyone got any suggestions or know how to fix? tried returning to space centre etc with no luck. Thanks
  5. yes please but I wanted to make sure I have permission to include it in my mod. Thanks
  6. I would like to include this mod in my modpack that i am currently making.
  7. @linuxgurugamer, I don't know if this is you choice or the original owners, do you mind if i include this mod with my modpack as I am producing a SpaceX Falcon 9 modpack and this would be useful. Thanks!
  8. anyone here know how to contact the developers of this mod? would be useful to include in my modpack im working on.
  9. I use Solidworks to make the models as that's mostly what i work with as a career. I then import these into 3DS Max to do the rest of the work. then use unity from there. Don't worry I have run test models and got them from Solidworks into game using that method.
  10. DISCONTINUED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE! THIS MOD IS STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS AND NOT YET AT A POINT FOR RELEASE. PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT AS THIS MESSAGE WILL CHANGED TO RELEASED. THANKS. UPDATE: THIS WILL BE RELEASED AS AN ALPHA ONCE STAGE 1 IS COMPLETE. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT: From a small team just entering the modding world, we bring to you th
  11. Thanks. Got it working fine. Fantastic mod. I have found that the new stars are all clustered together in one specific direction meaning that the is just a massive glow in a certain direction. shouldn't they be evenly distributed around the standard solar system?
  12. Hello. This looks such a cool mod. How do I install it though? I'm generating it using the .exe and getting a .txt file out. Where do I put this afterwards? I'm probs doing something stupid but all I get is the standard solar system. Thanks. Edit: Just read that I need Kopernicus. cool mod keep it up.
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