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  1. Apologies if this has been asked/answered before, but if it has, I can't find the right search incantation to find it. With regard to the "shielded from airflow"/"part is in fairing"/related issue...Crazy idea: Would it be particularly difficult to just...add a config option to ignore that "shieldedFromAirflow" flag, for cases where we know the game is going to think the part is shielded, or to protect against chutes embedding themselves into other parts? It's hard to make a nice-looking CSM with these chutes thinking they're in the fairing (and me of course finding this out after nearly completing a Mun mission...). An in-flight tweakable to override this upon finding out it's "shielded" would be nice as well Another, alternate thought: a "cut off cone" stack chute (e.g. 1.25m -> 0.625m), that's "passable" according to Connected Living Space, would be a nice addition to the existing selection.
  2. Hey all, have a mod support request (or a request for support on doing it myself, whichever is preferred): I'm a big fan of Universal Storage, but Universal Storage II doesn't have RealFuels configs (while UvS1 did). I asked about it on their post, but was informed by @Paul Kingtiger that it was out-of-scope for UvSII (which is understandable). So, I was wondering if support could be added to their parts that use LFO/Monopropellant (which I think is the cores plus one tank type for each). I'm happy to write the configs myself, but I'm not quite sure what to base them on, nor exactly how I should write them for UvSII specifically since they bake several size variants into one part (something I wish Stock would do...). Thanks!
  3. Makes sense. I was assuming it'd be in-scope since UvS1 had RealFuels configs. I believe the RealFuels folks themselves keep a *vast* repository of compatibility patches for other mods, so I'll poke around their page. Thanks!
  4. Hate to quote such an old comment, but I couldn't find any more recent ones. +1 to RealFuels, please I got most of the way through building an Apollo CSM with the 1.4.x parts and US2 and realized that the modules didn't have RealFuels. Of course, short-term I could get around that with a real tank, but what's the current status on RealFuels integration? Should something be added to the Issue Tracker?
  5. Cool, thanks for looking into it! Really I just want the contract pack so I'm not burning 50k on a cluster sat launch for no reward So as long as I can *take* the mission, which I now know I can do by zeroing out the coverage value, I'm all good!
  6. Hmm, so this is interesting...apparently I completed a contract to create a sat network for Minmus...without ever launching the sat network... I also had to manually set the "coverage" to zero in my save file to even get the contract in the first place, because the game thought the coverage was already >70%, even with only one satellite in orbit. Not sure if this is a RemoteTech issue or a RemoteTech Contract Pack issue (assuming the former), but is quite strange nonetheless. I nerfed my omni antennae by a factor of 10; perhaps that has something to do with it? RT/the contract pack is using the original ranges for its calculations for some reason?
  7. Looks like the 1.4 update majorly broke 1.3.1 for me. No plume effects or sound whatsoever, though interestingly I did have some smoke effects on takeoff. One Volcano Cryogenic Engine and 2 Swivel engines under VSR. Only other recent changes were updates to Custom Barn Kit and Docking Port Alignment Indicator, and a couple of custom tweaks to the FASA launch clamps (which I don't *think* should be related as they related to TweakScale, but not sure). Also, not sure what's up with the Persistent Rotation exceptions in the log. KSP.log: Hmm...Skimming the log, I found this exception for CBK: [EXC 11:59:21.057] TypeLoadException: Could not load type 'ModuleEvaChute' from assembly 'Assembly-CSharp, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null'. CustomBarnKit.CustomBarnKit.Start ()
  8. Same issue as the others; EVE seems to have completely lost track of all of its config files after CKAN updated it to 1.4.0-1 (KSP 1.3.1). I'll see about manually reinstalling the previous version. Update: CKAN seems to think the max version is 1.3.9. I overwrote its files with the ones from EVE 1.2.2-1.
  9. Indeed. Seems CKAN doesn't like it, though Guess I'll be pulling it in manually...
  10. I'm seeing the same issue as @Errol. When I try to start the sim, in the default Kerbin orbital selection, the UI is frozen (except the KRASH window itself). I can still mouseover/highlight parts, but my clicks are blocked. It's acting like the KRASH UI...well, crashed...and didn't give control back to the VAB. This may have been caused by force-closing the game (Alt-F4) while KRASH was trying to load a sim. Looks like the first KRASH error is this (which, interestingly, seems to be caused by ScrapYard): [EXC 18:52:09.159] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object ScrapYard.GlobalSettings.SaveSettings () ScrapYard.ScrapYard.OnDestroy () UnityEngine.Object:DestroyImmediate(Object) ScenarioRunner:OnGameSceneLoadRequested(GameScenes) EventData`1:Fire(GameScenes) HighLogic:LoadScene(GameScenes) Game:Start() KRASH.KRASH:Deactivate(GameScenes) KRASH.KRASH:Start() KSP.log: @magico13 any thoughts from the ScrapYard side? I seem to be using a version designed for KSP 1.2.8, and am running 1.3.1, so that's likely at least part of the issue. I'll report back after updating ScrapYard (surprised it worked for this long...) UPDATE: turns out the version file is just wrong, and I'm actually using ScrapYard version UPDATE 2: deleting "ScrapYard/PluginData/ScrapYard.cfg" and letting it regenerate solved the issue.
  11. hehehe..."are you running other mods"... Let's just say I'm running more than enough to choke a horse and make the sim a little cranky. So, I learned after I posted that that the errors in "ScienceUtil.getExperimentBiome" are caused by the latest Kopernicus, which apparently broke at least Minmus' biomes. Not much to be done in your mod for that, I suspect. As for the caching error, I'm not sure whether it's any particular vessel. It may be just some modded part being cranky, and doesn't seem to affect gameplay, so I'm not terribly worried about it. Here's my (admittedly monstrous) ksp.log from the session those errors came from, though:
  12. @maculator There are several filter options at the bottom of the "[x] Science!" window in the flight scene, which let you filter by things like experiments available to the vessel, experiments available right now (vessel + SoI), or all. Or you can search for something like "Crew Report Mun". Are you saying these filters aren't working?
  13. Regarding the "active vessel" bit: what exactly does that mean? Also, I have deorbited all but one satellite orbiting the Mun (intentionally) and disabled the relay antennae on two of my 3 Munar relay sats (orbiting Kerbin), yet the "less than 70% coverage" prerequisite is still claiming to be unmet. Has anyone figured this out in the last 6 months (geez, I hate saying things like that...)? EDIT: apparently "active vessel" is the literal name of an option for RT antennae (see the chatter on page 18 of this thread). So that bit is solved, but the game still seems to think I have >70% coverage of the Mun with only a single rover on the ground and a single satellite in a polar orbit. EDIT 2: I disabled the antennae on my remaining Munar sat, and pointed my entire Kerbin-orbiting Mun-pointing constellation toward "active vessel", and I FINALLY got the contract.
  14. @battlemoose Thanks! And just to let you know, I wasn't angry. Just curious, mostly, as to what the heck could be generating so much log cruft!
  15. I mean, I've been playing for years. I just hadn't had nearly as many problems (or nearly as many mods ) until 1.3.x. Nor did I start writing my own microscopic MM configs until 1.3.x.