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  1. Making a Dollar or Two

    Part 26- The Making a Dollar or Two Twenty-Sixth Chapter Spectacular! Two songs in, Jeb thought, and this is going great. "Next up," he shouted, "is Radio Free Kerbol!" He stepped up to the mike for the next song. All the kerbals at the End of the Line muted their conversations to listen to the crew of the Kraken's Spit perform their next piece. All we need is a name, Valentina said to herself in her head. She counted off the band and then Bill pounded on the drums. Decide yourself where they're gonna stay. They are running from but not away. Let them, let them, let them have your say. This just doesn't happen any day. Radio broadband, Decide yourself. Meet me in the prograde of this world. Dealing word games making us unsure. Let them, let them, let them tell us all. That we aren't one country at all. Radio broadband, Decide yourself. Calling on, in transit, Calling on, in transit, Radio Free Kerbol, Radio! The song went on for a few more minutes, and right as they finished up a messenger came up and said, "I'm sorry to interrupt you, but we've seen a strange radar echo on Bop. Your presence is needed in the map room." They followed him to a control room off the main hallway. "It looks like it a black slab about a meter thick, four meters wide, nine meters tall... do you have any idea what it is?" "A message," said Bob. "An alarm," said Bill. "A receiver," said Jeb. "A hole in spacetime," said Valentina. They looked at her. "Actually," said Bob, "that sounds about right." Then a tall kerbal stepped out of the shadows. "I'm Heckroth Kerman," she said, "and it sounds to me you have no idea what you're talking about." Heckroth walked over to Valentina. "Listen," she said, "we need an expedition. We need to find out what's there. This could change history forever- and that might be literal, given what we've heard about this thing." "But why do we need to go look at it?" asked Jeb. Heckroth smiled. "Because you're the only ones who know about it. Besides, if the Interplanetary Authority gets their hands on this, they'll find a way to weaponize it for sure. So we're going to load up you ship with sensors and cameras and antennas, and you four are going to deploy an autonomous laboratory next to that thing. We'll analyze it from here- it's less dangerous that way." "Wait-" Bill stammered. "You're not coming with us?" "Nope," Heckroth said. "You won't be taking your ship." "Well, just a minute-" Valentina began. "It's for your own safety. The IA's got radar all over this system. If they see you flying around, you'll get captured before you can say 'busted.' You'll be taking a four-seat Papaya lander." Jeb nodded. "Smart. I never would have thought of that, after all of the time we spent between planets where the IA couldn't get to us." "I knew you'd come along eventually." Heckroth smiled. "Let's get to your ship. Time's wasting." Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Valentina walked to the spaceport and climbed into a sleek spaceplane with two swept-back wings and a minimal cockpit. "It's not roomy," Heckroth said, "but it'll do. Good luck!" She waved as the Papaya's engines spooled up and Jeb guided the aircraft down the runway and into the black. They arrived at a rebel-controlled fuel base around Tylo two days later. Valentina took the controls and backed the docking port on top of the fuselage against the capture ring on the station- one that, Jeb noted, was so much newer than the long-forgotten Station One. They all ordered ales from the brewery over the radio before they even opened the hatch, and a friendly kerbal on the other end told them their drinks would be waiting. They asked for a fuel transfer over the radio, and a friendly kerbal on the other end told them they'd be ready to disembark in three hours. They reserved rooms at the station's motel over the radio and a friendly kerbal on the other end told them their beds would be made when they walked in. Then they opened the hatch, and a very unfriendly kerbal grabbed Jeb's left arm and said, "Bryce Kerman, Interplanetary Authority. You're under arrest."
  2. Docking orientation problem

    I took a look and I think the docking ports are the same size. I don't see any form of control, or any anything on the target except a hitchhiker, antenna, docking port, and decoupler.
  3. Suspiciously Affirm Your Status As A Human

    100000000000000000000000000000000/10 You are not only the perfect embodiment of today's humans, but the year 2015. (For reference, the perfect embodiment of 2016 is a kid using a hoverboard to hunt Pokémon.) Now it's my turn, and to demonstrate my humanity I'll count to ten: 3, 95, 98, ME, XP, Vista, 7, 8*, 10. *Denotes cursed number. Avoid at all costs.
  4. Really Really Really Tall Building

    1993: You walk through a room filled with MTV cameras and accidentally trip over an electric guitar plug, pulling it out of the wall. You walk over to the staircase before anyone sees you.
  5. Rate the location....

    7/10 Somewhere in western Kentucky, I think?
  6. Really Really Really Tall Building

    1986: This floor features an SRB firing into a nuclear reactor. As you hurry past them, you see hundreds of documentaries being made.
  7. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for possessing banned band books.
  8. I see we have entered the stage of Endless Stretching and Double-Deckering of Fuselages*. Eventually, one of you will reach upper capacity... and then the other will add a Mk1 passenger cabin. *Also known as Total, Extreme Bankruptcy Madness.
  9. Goat

    I think we might just have a "Don't Click This" replacement thread... In Memorium: Don't Click This. 2013-2017. RIP in Peace.
  10. Garble the post above you!

    August did.
  11. Making a Dollar or Two

    Actually, @KSK was more or less right. I didn't intend for the title to reference the Traveling Wilburys, but it does work quite well that way. "Well, it's all right- even if you're old and grey. Well, it's all right- you still got something to say! Well, it's all right- remember to live and let live. Well, it's all right- the best you can do is forgive!"
  12. Suspiciously Affirm Your Status As A Human

    10/10 Everybody knows that Google is just a figment of our imaginations. Computers cannot see it. I am human because of empty brains and full stomachs.
  13. That shock cone intake... is beyond words.
  14. Ban the user above you!

    Banned for Confucius.
  15. So what song is stuck in your head today?