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  1. The "You know you're playing a lot of KSP when..." thread

    When you're playing the game and you alt-tab without realizing it and you now have a Word document that looks like this: zt wwwwwdawwwwwwwwwwqqe qeewwwwwwwwwsssswsx zqqewwwwwwwwwwssf....,,,,z xm....,,,,zxmrhhhllliiiikimr wwwwwwwrhhhhhhhnnnnnllinnn rnnnnnnnnnnnnwwwwwwwwwqqqqqqqqqqeee1 (not shown: the abort command, because it's a backspace)
  2. Rate the above user's avatar!

    7/10: That octopus is still wearing a Santa hat, but in a new Scott Manley video I could see a Christmas tree in the background, so I won't' judge (too much).
  3. Reasons to lock this thread.

    49. Because I turned this into another "Don't Click This." 50. Click. 51. Because Vanamonde has a new profile picture, but this thread still thinks it's the old one.
  4. Big wings

    If autostrut is set to "root part" or "heaviest part" in the right-click menu that should keep your wings in their proper place.
  5. KSP memes Megathread

    "But what if we used 'time zones' in a way that-" (Batman pulls out a pistol)
  6. So what song is stuck in your head today?

    The four-day weekend means I have a whole day after this to click on this in my YouTube history every half hour (too bad tomorrow's also the only time this whole winter it looks like we'll have a snow day for the public schools, who had Friday off instead of tomorrow):
  7. OtherwordlyFanart: Planting a flag on Gilly!

    Nice pixels in that drawing. Eve is fantastic- it looks like the bowling ball you get in Wii Bowling after you reach 1,000 XP.
  8. Thread to complain bout stuff

    High school? There was a car that would to this every day during lunch at my elementary school. I think it had something to do with the fact that the school was right next to four chop shops (two of which were boarded up) and a convenience store whose main business was renting moving vans they'd stolen from the U-Haul company. The really weird part is that if you keep going another two kilometers up that street you'd get to prime real estate in the foothills. I saw one of those cars once, and the trunk was flexing up and down. I imagine they went through several normal auto batteries just parked at a red light. Ours unfortunately has the words, "Red and black unite you and me, we'll follow the path leave our legacy." (That last part is at least two octaves above what anyone at school can reach.) I had to perform it as part of a mariachi concert a few weeks ago. Deliberately messing that up was one of the great joys of my life, and I could get away with it because I was one of four acoustic guitars playing for 2,000 people crammed into one gym.
  9. Back when I was a kid

    Back when I was a kid, we had nine planets. And I still believe, as a scientific person, that the correct number is eight. As a person, I have sympathy for Pluto.
  10. The Loophole Test!

    Answer: Obviously, chronological order is all of the letters in the question backwards. If raptors can run at 10 m/s, and you are in the center of an equilateral triangle with side lengths of ten meters and the raptor at the top has a top speed 75% of normal, at what angle should you run to maximize your lifespan?
  11. How famous are you?

    7/10 The new profile pic threw me off for a second, but I see you 'round. Besides, I also like my new look.
  12. Making a Dollar or Two- BOOK TWO

    Part 2- The Plural of Paradox is Paradi, Right? The five kerbals sat at a table next to a fireplace that had never been lit. "Here, it's freshly brewed," Gene said as he handed out four glasses of lemonade and kept the fifth for himself. He watched as the strangers greedily downed their shares and sighed. "It's not my business to ask you why you happened to come around these parts, but if you want to tell me, that's your decision." Valentina glanced at her shipmates. "I don't think you'd believe us. Maybe someday we can tell you." Gene nodded. "I understand. How long did it take you to build The Bomb?" "That's not it at all, sir." "Call me Gene- and if you're trying to tell me you were working on something worse than The Bomb, I don't want to hear it." Jeb spoke up. "Well, we are pilots. But the enemy captured us. We walked thousands of kilometers to the ocean and months later we washed up on the beach just north of here. If the government knew we didn't kill ourselves when we were shot down, they'd never let us hear the end of it. So we're more than happy to stay here and help you with your project, whatever it is." Gene looked around. "Follow me," he said. He led the kerbals out the door and to a shed behind the cabin. Bob noticed with some unease that he had grabbed an extra case of shotgun shells. "In here," he said, holding a heavy metal door open as the Jeb, Bill, Bob, and Val stepped into a pitch-black room. Gene closed the door after them. "Get ready..." He turned on the lights. A primitive jet aircraft stood in front of Jeb. To him it looked like the mutant child of a Kessna and a slug. "I don't get what all of this fuss is about," he muttered. "Can't you see?" Gene shouted. "There's no propeller. That's what makes this plane different from every other one ever built." The blood drained from Valentina's face. "...And we need your help," finished Gene. "Wait. 'We?'" Valentina stammered. "Who's-" Bob heard the sound of a truck pulling up to the shed and turned around just as the door flew open. "Gene, what are you doing with all of these people in here?" huffed a middle-aged kerbal with a thick mustache and thicker glasses. A slide rule stuck out of his shirt pocket. "This is the world's best kept secret." Gene turned to him. "Wernher, these kerbals are defectors from our Air Force. They want to help us with this project here." Wernher regarded them coolly. "Gene, what's this one's name?" "That's Bill, Wernher." "So, Bill, what do you know about jet propulsion?" Bill thought for a minute about just how smart he should sound in his answer. "Well, instead of using propellers to push the air, you suck in air and burn it in a combustion chamber to make power and thrust." Wernher whistled. "I'm surprised the Air Force taught you all that about something so secret, especially after they laughed at us when we asked for funding. But I know better than to look a gift horse in the mouth. Tomorrow we all will take a look at it together and see what keeps it from flying. Tonight, you all look like you could use a soft bed. But first, I will cook for you a hearty dinner to welcome you to our club." He smiled. "And Gene will do the dishes."
  13. The Ctrl+V thread!

    “Neither do I, but remember that the elves work for the state and without them it doesn’t work anymore.” I smiled. “In America we call that a government shutdown.”
  14. Don't Click This

    It's just a social clique- don't click!
  15. The Ctrl+V thread!

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