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  1. I believe that's what Geonovast was saying, no? "Direct antennas ... can only talk to relay antennas or dishes at the KSC." Unless omnidirectionals antenna are something I'm not aware of, but I always just assumed that was another name for direct antennas, popularized by RemoteTech.
  2. That would do it! I'm actually pretty familiar with the CommNet system, I somehow just assumed that the DTS-M1 was a Relay antenna, which was pretty silly in retrospect. Thanks for clearing things up.
  3. I have a vessel with a Communotron 16 in LKO, and another vessel with a DTS-M1 in KEO. But my vessel in LKO is failing to connect to the relay: https://imgur.com/a/q67uewV My calculation tells me that they should connect: sqrt(500K*2G) = ~31M, more than 10x what is required. What am I doing wrong? I initially suspected my mods were to blame, but to my surprise, upon uninstalling them and starting a fresh save, the problem has persisted.
  4. Now that you mention it, my graphics card is very outdated as well (Radeon HD 6770) with only 1 GB of VRAM, but I didn't put it in my post because it didn't seem relevant. Even with my crappy video card, I keep all my graphics settings on max and this is the first time I have experienced any type of slowdown in KSP (been playing since version 1.0.2, and been modding since 1.0.4). I never experienced anything like this with ScienceAlert hope that doesn't come across as snide, I am certainly appreciative of your work and the extra features this has over the old ScienceAlert.
  5. I'm not so sure this is the the problem. I have a quite fast 8-core CPU and 24 GB ram and experience the same framerate stuttering others have described. The only real limiting factor in my machine is the lack of an SSD. However, I used Windows 7's resource monitor to check for spikes in CPU or HDD usage during the framerate stutter, and saw none.