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  1. Yeah, i checked the existing articles and though it had been lost but the that was the one, "A rant about development asymptotes". Thankyou for steering me in the right direction, luckily Wayback machine had a copy: Cheers
  2. Hi, I'm looking for an old Devblog Harvester wrote outlining some of the difficulties of Software Development as a project progresses, I remember it had a great example/analogy using a diagram of a bowl. Does anyone else recall it or do you have a copy of it? I'd love to see it again for a presentation I'm doing on Development.
  3. Your control law is so good that I don't need the engines gimballing anyhow! I don't think it can be understated how well this system works compared to others! I've never had this level of control in KSP! Top work....
  4. Been out of this for a while, Does FAR's new Aerodynamics methods also have an effect on the Center of Lift marker in the hanger. I seem to have real trouble getting the CoL to move rearwards even with a stack of wings towards the back of my planes these days. Mainly using the B9 Proc wings.
  5. Just anecdotally, It seems I run out of memory quicker if I'm using the slider bars as opposed to the buttons for resizing, Maybe its the in between rescaling/reloading?
  6. I've started rebuilding my modlist with a new install, Using Curseforge as a source, most mods download and add without fuss when I click on the "Download" button however I've come across a few that just come up as "Download Failed!" (see status down the bottom) I can't see why as if I launch to the same URL in my browser the download works as it should.
  7. I've noticed lately that Mechjeb launch AP no longer throttles back to maintain terminal velocity or a set acceleration. I'm using FAR but it used to work. Is it just me or is this not working in the latest builds?
  8. Those "Empujador's" Look great, Keep up the good work PDCWolf!
  9. Very nice PDCWolf, Could you please make a Perfectron variant that fires straight out? Kinda like this:
  10. Just wanted to say thanks for the awesome work on this mod guys, Finally have a reusable spaceplane that is an absolute pleasure to fly
  11. I've noticed in the new version that lighting isn't affecting the Lazor modules, Was it always like that?
  12. Would love to be able to chuck some of my own files in a folder and have KSP them play them at all the right times... I remember the dev's mentioning that once the new Game DB was in place that we would be able to do this.
  13. The 859° thing resets after you go for a flight. I saw it on first load but once I flew it was back to correct readings