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  1. heres an alternate you can use. simple repaint (you would need to remove turd to use it on all parts)
  2. this mod was made way before the hitpoint system was implemented. it haven't been updated for a very long time. it will likely need to be overhauled to get it to work again
  3. i shall watch for your mods with great interest! seriously these two mods of you are pretty good and your kerbalx is impressive
  4. is anyone having an issue where main menu button wont register. its only happening with the current bda+
  5. oh i didnt mean the explosive range i meant the travel range
  6. doubt it its being used in the fighter jet round table currently
  7. you can build any fighter jet you would want. be it replica, concept or original content. you can make stock and/or modded. requirements: 1. able to have enough fuel for long range engagement. (the other side of the ksc continent is a good range point. 2. must have the ability to combat air or ground forces. 3, can be piloted or uav 4. post you plane and hype it up but if someone challenges you try to make video with your plane fighting the challenger if you can 5. (optional ) send the plane to me and ill try to make a video of the fight on my youtube channel 6. list the kerbalx or send the craft files with a list of mods remember the forums rules still apply here below is my example/submission: https://kerbalx.com/callsignblaze/FAF-VEF-15
  8. id have to build one i gave up on using the part
  9. ive yet to find a drop time that works it just stays in the bay then detonates
  10. im having slight issue where 22 bombay cuases internal explosions when firing side missiles any know cuases?
  11. im not making a suggestion for what you should make just a show you may enjoy its called battle faery yukikaze great air combat anime
  12. Please tell me this is on kerbalx i want it so bad!
  13. ksp dogfight master? have you fought in the fighter jet round table yet?
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