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  1. My jaw was on the ground watching that trailer, and then a tear of joy came when I saw the PS4 and Xbox logo’s at the end confirming its coming to consoles!
  2. I don’t think you can retrieve that save, but I may have a idea on how not to have it happen again. Not sure what game mode you are playing, I have a career game going and a science mode game. what I do when I start a new game is I name the save (ex. Career1). Then when ever I complete a mission or am back at the KSP and select save, I edit the name to Career 1 and overwrite it and that is always my fall back if I mess up a quick save. The only other time I save is mid missions with the “quick save” option. Either way I suggest when doing a regular save to always name it and not use the file name it defaults to. That way I never accidentally delete the persistent or my actual quick saves. Not sure if that made any sense. I’d have to load up the game and look at it to be more specific if I was too confusing.
  3. Considering Sony had Little Big Planet which was a game that was built on the premise of player built content, I doubt it has much to do with that then it probably is more of it being too big of an undertaking for them to actually build it and implement it. After all them getting the game to where it’s at on the consoles has been less then smooth to say the least.
  4. On PS4 you scroll the curser on the cargo doors, solar panel or ladders and press the Square button to bring up a window that has the options to toggle those actions. I would imagine it’s the equivalent button on the Xbox controller. Which I believe is the X button.
  5. When you finish warping (bringing it down to 1x) are you closing the warp action? When you stop warping you have to press circle (on PS4) to exit the warp action. You will know if you haven’t if the warp arrow box in upper left corner is surrounded by a green outline. A lot of functions will not work if you don’t.
  6. Do you put SAS on before you use jetpack? I use radial, but have had my Kerbal spin uncontrollably. I don’t remember exactly what I did, but I feel like it had to do with not having SAS on. Ever since then I always make sure to put it on and haven’t had the spinning issue again.
  7. Actually, I believe it was the last weekly update (or one before) where they mentioned there will be an option to toggle trim off! The only thing now, is when are we getting the patch???? “On top of that, and as suggested by the community, now you’ll be able to disable/enable trimming from your controls.”
  8. It doesn't mention space, but the important part is the ability to use physic warp from the radial menu (which was the issue) That indicates that you can now choose to use it in space because you now have the button mapping to do so like we did in the old version.
  9. They are adding so that you can now do it in space by actually allowing you to do it manually from the radial menu. As of now it automatically does it while in atmosphere with no way of choosing it over the other warp type while in space. It worked in the old version because we had a separate button command to apply physic warp in space which they left out in this version when making the new control schemes. This seems to rectify that.
  10. And to add to this if you do focus view on the mun, to focus back on your ship I believe you press on the left or right stick. I don’t remember which one.
  11. There isn’t a quick way to delete the saves, but you can keep them from building up. When ever you save just rename the save, and then every save just use the same save name and it will save over your previous one. This way you can control the amount of save files you have without having to delete so many.
  12. The move works fine for me. I use the radial control scheme on PS4. With radial you just select the part and use the left stick. I forget which directions you press for the movements, but if you hold the R1 on PS4 while using left stick there is the third axis or direction. You just have to get use to what direction to push the stick for your desired movement, but after that it feels fine. I haven't tried curser control at all because I like how radial worked out.
  13. I think I lasted about 5 minutes, then went got a drink and did a few things. Came back when there was about 2 minutes left. I can deal with 5-7 minute burns, but really once they're north of 10 minutes it's a bit much to sit and watch.
  14. It does run fine for me too. A few weird things happen that seem to fix themselves with a restart most of the time. Really right now my biggest issue is lack of physics warp while doing a burn in space. Went to Moho the other day for the first time and had a 16 minute burn. I left the game to do something else because it was brutal. It makes it extra frustrating that it was available in the original version.
  15. The last time they went dark we ended up with a new build a year and a half later. We know they aren’t doing another rebuild so it’s not very promising that they have said nothing about the console version for over a month. Especially considering the flood of info on the PC side. Extremely disappointing with how much I love this game.
  16. A semi solution to your issue might be what I tend to do when saving. I usually just overwrite my existing save. For instance I have career save that I named Career1 and every time I save after a mission I edit the save name to Career1 and just save over my previous save. Occasionally I have a second save that I'll use as a back up. Also when saving during a mission I just overwrite the quick save file as it always comes up as quicksave and doesn't create a new save file like when manually saving at space center. That way I only have 4 or 5 save files at anytime. One other thing, you should never delete the save file that is listed as "persistent". That is the auto save file that overwrites itself when auto saving. I've seen people post with saving issues that might have been related to deleting that file.
  17. I do hope so, and if does come will probably we a while away. To be honest if for some reason they can’t get the mission building to work, I would be happy if they sold all the new parts for a reasonable price.
  18. They haven’t even said it’s coming to consoles, never mind a release window.
  19. Not true. In the radial preset the undo last function is in the radial menu when you press triangle. To copy parts in the radial preset you have to highlight part then hold down Square and press X. Also those posts were from the original version back in 2016.
  20. What is strange is that in the original version you could physics warp during a burn in space and for some reason you now can’t in the enhanced edition. I don’t know if they simply forgot to add it to the new control schemes or for some other reason but it is a necessity for longer burns and traveling interplanetary and is a must fix.
  21. Has there been any word from Squad that they are aware this is an issue and have they said they are going to fix this?
  22. You can physics warp while in Kerbins atmosphere, but once you are in space and try to do it while executing a burn there is no way to do it. Making those longer burns tedious to wait out.
  23. Try changing the camera orientation mode. I don't remember which works best, but I think it was the "free" mode. I believe hitting R3 cycles through them.
  24. There has been no word on wether the DLC will come to the consoles. I'm sure they are just concerned with getting it to the PC right now as they continue to iron out the kinks in the console edition. They would probably like to get it to consoles, but seeing as we are still a few version behind PC I'm sure if it does come it won't be some time until after it release for PC. As far as revert focus back to vessel if you are using the radial controls scheme you press R3 or right stick on Xbox. For curser controls I haven't seen any body mention what it is.(though plenty have asked)
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