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  1. My big issue with this is if we start making Kerbals more unique and individualized we end up growing more attached to them, the more we get attached to them the more we want to ensure they stick around and don't go poof, and frankly designing my ships to be safe or not explode immediately upon testing is something that's way out of the budget my dude. Joking aside, I dig having some more variety of Kerbals and always welcome new dudes to add to my ever growing list of those lost in unfortunate unplanned aerospace-related incidents.
  2. Switch just doesn't have the same power behind it to handle a game like KSP unfortunately, could totally see a little 2D spin off type game though for it though.
  3. Other then the green skin that could possibly be indicative of chlorophyll I don't exactly see what really throws up definitive proof that they would fall in the planet category rather then animal. Heck there are even animals that are showed to possess chlorophyll such as certain species of sea slug and plankton or some animals that utilize a symbiotic relationship with algae within their skin. It's cool stuff and I always kinda head canon'd this was the case with Kerbals integrating colonies of algae into their skin to take advantage of photosynthesis thus their slight green hue. Only problem would be that given the limited surface area of a Kerbal that would be exposed to sunlight at all times and the fact that they're a rather complicated creature relying on photosynthesis exclusively is a bad idea since you're missing out on a whole crap ton of key nutrients you need as well as it just not delivering all that much energy to you. Might explain why Kerbals also take snacks with them, nutrition and more calories. Perhaps they can survive in a state of near stasis using photosynthesis? This is not even bringing up the problem with water. Plus like I said they are implied (indirectly at least ) to possess complicated organ systems that you would typically find on animals. Eyes, tongues, problem solving abilities, self-perception, emotional responses, and overall cognition implying the existence of a nervous system and brain. Teeth implying the existence of a skeletal structure or at least a jaw / skull for the teeth to actually set within. It's kinda implied Kerbals have lungs we see them talk, inhale through their mouth, yawn and gasp. They just seem to have way too many aspects that would make them seem like animals rather then plants.
  4. Kerbals are just stumpy little green people that can do people things but are slightly better then people because they come in a much more optimized compact size which is more suitable for transportation and hugging. Debris: I mean we do that sorta in game already with the original KSP. Parts across the KSP will be recovered and possibly either sold for scrap. Probably not a great idea to repurpose those parts as they might be structurally compromised but hey these are kerbals who know. Bodies: I mean Kerbals are organic. They have teeth, have organs capable of processing complex food and carbohydrates (they eat sandwiches), they have lungs as we see them speak and a rather cool complicated larynx at that. If they do end up getting injured they probably might end up turning into a fine red (or green, we don't know what Kerbal blood looks like) mist or pile of assorted viscera. We can't exactly show that though because the censors will break our legs again. I would totally be down seeing some sort of electronic marker to designate where a Kerbal died but most likely any remains would probably be cremated or even buried underground provided they're in an accessible area and it's viable enough to pick up their body. If they can't for whatever reason I'm sure they'll get upset over the fact just as we would in real life. Waste: Kerbals eat. Kerbals poop. As for showers, all creatures technically clean themselves and I know people have used the argument that Kerbals don't have noses so they don't have a reason to shower but come on do we really shower just to smell nice? Reproduction: Their are female Kerbals and are male Kerbals, biologically that means there is some form of interaction going on to produce a little Kerbling. It's probably the same way we do it just slightly goofier looking given the proportions. Maybe the difference between the Kerbal sexes are just skin deep and they're actually hermaphroditic or asexual and that whether you're male or female (as far as Kerbals go, we don't know if their are any cases of Non-Binary Kerbals) is just your preference although the different head shape might throw off that theory. Who knows man, just head canon it like everyone else has been doing up until this point. Define your own reality
  5. Depends on whether or not it lives up to everybody's expectations we have for it. I'm hoping that the reaction will be good but even still just a little worried
  6. I'm trying to get banned from a forum not be sent to the Hague. Even I'm not that depraved and morally bankrupt. yes.
  7. Think you answered your own question with that one my dude
  8. Frankly I do not trust the community with animation tools or a framework for making complex ones.
  9. Funny you should mention that cause I'm actually working on a a couple retextures of Tantares' and BDB's parts to better match a more cleaner (overly detailed) modern aesthetic that falls pretty closely in line with Nertea's restock so stay tuned for that my dude.
  10. Hiya dude, Been enjoying your mod to help pad out my parts list on my current career run as it really helps fit some niches I've been looking for. Only problem is I'm getting some lag using the parts more often then vanilla stock ones or ones added by other mods and load times when starting the game tends to hang up a bit more when loading your parts. I think this might be caused by them using .png rather then the more commonly used dds which has become the new standard since it's easier to load them by memory. There's some tools to convert them floating around the forums. Other then that hanks for this awesome mod. Definitely going to be one of my staples in most of my runs
  11. You could actually assemble one pretty quickly with the parts we already got right now my dude, gotta think with the lego framework here since so many existing parts can easily be reused in different designs. Here let me get a quick example EDIT: Scratch that, won't let me post images... rip
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