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  1. Depends on whether or not it lives up to everybody's expectations we have for it. I'm hoping that the reaction will be good but even still just a little worried
  2. I'm trying to get banned from a forum not be sent to the Hague. Even I'm not that depraved and morally bankrupt. yes.
  3. Think you answered your own question with that one my dude
  4. Frankly I do not trust the community with animation tools or a framework for making complex ones.
  5. Funny you should mention that cause I'm actually working on a a couple retextures of Tantares' and BDB's parts to better match a more cleaner (overly detailed) modern aesthetic that falls pretty closely in line with Nertea's restock so stay tuned for that my dude.
  6. Hiya dude, Been enjoying your mod to help pad out my parts list on my current career run as it really helps fit some niches I've been looking for. Only problem is I'm getting some lag using the parts more often then vanilla stock ones or ones added by other mods and load times when starting the game tends to hang up a bit more when loading your parts. I think this might be caused by them using .png rather then the more commonly used dds which has become the new standard since it's easier to load them by memory. There's some tools to convert them floating around the forums. Other then that
  7. You could actually assemble one pretty quickly with the parts we already got right now my dude, gotta think with the lego framework here since so many existing parts can easily be reused in different designs. Here let me get a quick example EDIT: Scratch that, won't let me post images... rip
  8. Would you be cool changing my name to ArtemisAZ? Bit of a dumb reference to something I'm working on that I just kinda like now that I'm looking at it Don't know what sort of broccoli you got access to but every broccoli I've ever had smells and tastes like vinegar and cigarette butts. Granted I live right right next to a steel mill and a disposal site for chemical waste so maybe that's the cause of it...
  9. I really hate the fact I unironically did this for my Minmus lander way back when and now I gotta go find the save where I built it cause oooh boy it's a... it's quite the thing.
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