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  1. Gosh darn it Nertea my jaw just started to recover from it's last impact with my floor. I'm forwarding the bill to you and I expect full reimbursement for the surgical costs to reattach it especially since this is such a repeat thing. Keep this up it's going to be a Forum-wide epidemic.
  2. It's alive?! IT'S ALIVE Don't think there's any words in the English language that can accurately summarize the emotion I'm feeling knowing this beautiful thing still exists. This transcends normal happiness We probably just found the world's most potent antidepressant, somebody find a way to bottle it
  3. Odd question? I don't know if I managed to bork the download or anything but I don't see anything different in the new release compared to the last one 0.5.1. Anybody else having this problem?
  4. Krulliam

    Volgdraigen Aerospace Catalogue 2017

    UPDATE 2: Added a new Attacker, you could probably assume where I stole it from took heavy design inspiration from.
  5. Krulliam

    Volgdraigen Aerospace Catalogue 2017

    NEW PROJECTS IN THE WORKS - once I get off my lazy cheeks that is Been drawing up some designs for new aircraft and what not and came up with a couple really neat concepts based off some design from a certain video game series. I'll post some images as soon as I can once my PC decides to cooperate with me but I really doubt that'll happen any time soon. Until then, Go Dance with the Angels.
  6. I can hear Pomp and Circumstance playing somewhere in the ethereal distance. Absolutely spectacular seeing the Black Arrow getting the love it so desperately deserves.
  7. Apologizes for improper grammar or "Weird style of writing", English is not my native language and I'm still learning the ropes with it For Years Kerbals have pondered the question "If I strapped enough thrusty-things to my back would I be able to go up?" Today Volgdraigen, a leading pioneer in Aircraft development and Toilet Paper Manufacturing, answers that question by completely disregarding the question and introducing the new "V Series" of Aircraft instead. The 2017 Catalogue VRA-01 "Dulstrog" High-Altitude Reconnaissance Aircraft VOkA-01 "Belguron" Omnirole Attacker Aircraft I'll be adding new aircraft periodically once I get some more free time on my hands.
  8. I intentionally for personal satisfaction by complete accident kraken'd some poor Kerbal across the observable universe when I was testing out a new Spaceplane. I can only imagine he slowly descended into complete insanity after being exposed to mind shredding existential dread knowing he's probably a few parsecs away from Kerbol with literally no possibility of ever being saved. He technically didn't die but hey, an eternity floating around in an empty black void with no ability to interact with anybody or anything for an eternity could be considered it's own form of death I guess.
  9. Хвала лепо! Thanks mate. Now I can go back to making unrealistic a n d a e s t h e t i c fighter aircraft. VFA-46K "Alkavolga" Air Superiority Fighter VUnAS-4L "Drekoviac" THEL equipped drone
  10. Nope mate, I'm using the texture switcher version. It's probably just an issue on my end because of mod bloat.
  11. Just started using this mod and made a sick replica of an SR-71 blackbird. Just what I needed to help fill in that niche when it comes to proper coloration. I did notice a small glitch where almost all elevons weren't turning color but otherwise everything has been A-okay. I know requests are usually really annoying but is it possible to include compatibility with Airplane Plus and Quiztech aerospace in the future?
  12. Krulliam

    Poll: Best fighter jet

    Oh come on people the answer is obvious; The Majestic MiG-21. It's the only only acceptable Planifu and all who disagree are capitalist pigs dirty liars. Also are jets that weren't rolled out into production allowed? The YF-23 deserves some love ya know.
  13. Krulliam

    A roleplaying question.

    Because people go overboard and don't know how to limit themselves when doing it. Trust me as a former moderator on a couple Forums, it's not exactly a pretty sight. There are some dedicated places for Roleplaying and associated activities, such as Facebook groups.