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  1. i Can guarantee this, I've obliterated 40% more Kerbals with 1.8 per hour compared to previous versions
  2. Yeah but it still be funny to know you just poisoned the KSC for about a month because some absolute putz of an "engineer" decided to pour liquid Kermonium into the tank full of Kitrogen.
  3. Ay now I see what you mean. I really can't wait to see what systems some people are going to integrate in KSP2. To be honest I just want to create real powerful chemical explosives and see what happens if I put Kerbals in close proximity to it.
  4. Any specific reason why not? I'm saying having this available as an option for players if they so choose as it creates a unique challenge that runs parallel to to the overall design aspect and making stuff that's viable at doing a job.
  5. As a lover of Chemical Warfare chemistry I was pondering up in my noggin that it would be mighty neato burrito if KSP2 will have or will at the very least consider adding the option to let players make their own fuel mixes to use in spacecraft. There's been mods in the past that simulated this by adding various types of fuel that you can stick into your rocket and watch it go. While this is all fine, dandy and all that what I want to see is something a little more complex then that and giving players more control of the Boom-Juice and what types and ratios of fuel they can add each with unique effects that correspond to real life chemistry (provided in a Kerbalized fashion so more fictional parody chemicals then actual ones). For example let's say you accidentally swapped out the tank of Kerbalox for a tank of unstable Keranium and added it into the fuel mixture that would be on your rocket, instead of causing the rocket to blast off high into the heavens it instead does the same thing only in very small pieces. Having the ability to experiment with this sort of stuff would be great fun and could probably get the kiddos that will eventually play KSP2 through High School chemistry. cause trust me that Chemistry was hell beyond compare and I will never forgive Ms.Johnson for taking away my gameboy >:(
  6. Gotta admit that did tickle my sides a bit. Fairly certain KSP has been around since the beginning of when humanity understood that if you throw a rock, it goes somewhere else. He's a sentient banana man, man. You try living in that sort of state and not feeling inclined to destroy any joy that materializes inside of you
  7. I never liked this stereotype logic of "9 Year Olds will ruin X because of Y reason and that they're young and therefor won't understand the niche". This hasn't happened on regular ol KSP and I very much doubt it will change with KSP2 even if they take a much more harder approach to advertising the game, hell I encourage younger generations of potential Kaboom Enthusiasts Junior Aerospace Engineers to help jump aboard the giant boat we strapped SRB's to. Even if they don't get a lot of the core physics there's still a lot of potential to learn and set them on the path to wanting to figure this all out. Plus you don't have to be a rocket scientist to enjoy KSP for what it is, I was enjoying this game since I was a wee 11 year old ingesting large amounts of glue and putting crayons up my nose and I still thought KSP was the coolest thing ever despite not understanding 0.00001% of it and I just enjoyed making things go boom because suppressed pyromania or something. Just have faith in those darn kids these days with their fartknights After all - How hard can Rocket Science be anyways?
  8. Given the sheer scope of KSP2 and all the systems they're going to be adding, would the Unity engine hold the game back in some way? It's a great engine don't get me wrong but I feel like compared to other contemporary engines available Unity just seems like an odd choice and that it lacks the "Under The Hood" capabilities of others. Of course my knowledge on the actual deeper workings of these engines are as non-existent at best so I'm probably making a huge generalization. I just don't want to go another sleepless week worrying about KSP2 not living up my level of internalized Hyper-Hype because of engine issues.
  9. I don't exactly trust myself or the KSP community at large with having access to nukes. In the words of General Tsing Shi Tao "The Glow! The Wonderful Glow!"
  10. I'm not liking the fact this is subtly implying KSP is capable of dying. Was KSP ever alive? Is KSP sentient to some degree? Does it have freewill and is aware of it's own existence? Does it want to scream but doesn't have access to a mouth? Am I legally allowed to marry it in the State of Kalifornia? Why does it burn when I pee? The world may never know the answer.
  11. If we're being technical - sorta almost kinda not really... A Mass Driver except instead of using electromagnetic rails to accelerate a payload it's more equivalent to a scaled up old school Musket except instead of gunpowder you have a nuke and instead of a bullet you got a small spacecraft.
  12. Nah I don't mean for military purposes or violence, I mean integration of a way for us to essentially Shoot spacecraft rather then sending them up via rocket.
  13. Eh I wouldn't worry too much my lad mcdudebro guy person thing. Kerbal Space Program will always still be around and there will always be a niche part of the community that will prefer the first KSP compared the second, such as me for example but that's more related to the fact I'm a pretentious contrarian with my head so far up my bum that when I fart I yodel. A game never truly dies out man and given the impact KSP has made on the gaming scene as a whole there's not a lot that can ruin what it has cemented. If you want a good example of this my dude look at the og Doom and all the sequels of it, it's still loved, played, and cherished even if it is not shiny and has a bunch of bells and whistles all over the place. These magnificent little bug eyed green midgets and their flying machine ain't going away until universal heat death finally sets in and that's like only 20 years or so from now so there ain't nothing stopping you from enjoying KSP, sequel or not.