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  1. The music that I listen to while playing KSP isn't really correlated to the game, rather, it's just stuff I enjoy (mostly 70s-80s punk and 90s rock). I suggest just listening to whatever makes you happy while you play!
  2. Kerbals left on surface or orbiting bases must eventually receive a crew change. The sole exception is crews of 3 or more, as I classify them as a "family" of sorts. This may change sometime though, as I'm only just now flying ships to Eve.
  3. Controls will take a long time to figure out, and this is coming from someone who has ONLY played on console (no PC). Performance may be better or worse, but if you're playing it on a tv, the experience will be so much cooler! The community hopes you'll enjoy it.
  4. In the new console update, I cannot seem to find any way to deploy the landing gear other than using the curser and clicking manually, which cannot easily be done during the care-needing procedure of takeoff or landing. Does anyone have any solutions, for any control scheme?
  5. (As a preface, I'm unsure of whether this should be in the Xbox or questions section, so moderators, please adjust my post location if necessary) This is just a simple question. I wish to know how to raise and lower my landing gear on the latest Xbox version of KSP. Any control scheme will work. Thanks in advance.
  6. So I'm disqualified. Whatever, I enjoyed making my entry anyway. Because that's what we bought KSP for: enjoyment!
  7. We thought my mother had a dangerous blood clot in her leg. At least I had my iPod to keep me entertained. Thankfully she was fine, and I was able to get the video up a few days later.
  8. I heard somewhere that one can download one-version-old versions (like 1.1 or 1.2) from Steam for free. If this is true, it could substitute consoles for free. However, I don't know whether they require you to own the new version first.
  9. I personally hope that some mods are integrated into stock. Either that or allowing mods to come to Xbox.
  10. From my experience, with enough offset and rotation, ANYTHING can work in stock!
  11. Thanks for the tips everyone! I can't do mods, due to the fact that I'm a console player, but you all make great points!
  12. So, I've been designing a station, and I've been awfully curious about these two crew cabins. They both hold 4. The mk2 is thinner and lighter, and only costs 200 funds more. So, what reasons are there to use the hitchhiker container, disregarding roleplaying (it does look better IMO)?
  13. I finally completed my "sequel" to Danny2462's Secret Agent Kirrim, after bypassing the date that I originally promised to upload on due to a hospital visit. Here's the video if you wanna watch it!
  14. Interplanetary travel is where my troubles are. Just like Allocthonous, I have yet to master the art of finding a good transfer window.
  15. I built a space station to house the cast of a "Secret Agent Kirrim" successor for my Youtube channel. One docking port is connected to my first space shuttle clone. It would have been finished today, but I had to go to the hospital. Expect the video here tomorow. Or don't. I don't care.