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  1. @rockets-don't-make-toast hover or hovercraft for short i added an example in the post
  2. Give me a few seconds let me get a picture of an example and or update a few more things
  3. Hello people of the world Turbofreak88884444 here with a challenge for you guys. and yes this is another circle around kerbin but with a few twist you can only use hovers as your mode of trasportation (im my defination of hovers is a mix of plane and rover) with that in mind lets continue, and before you get nit picky with me on how your going to propell yourselfs around the world on hovers I got that coverd in the rules below. Your mission: is to build and find the fastest and fuel efficnent route around kerbal weither it be by land or sea or the mix of both terrains. This is also a
  4. Ok cool then i present to you the deep exploration sub Just as a note though if you want to maintain balance you can trasnfer fuel from the outer colums to the main body The whole craft is STOCK to and if you want ive also added a shielded docking port to this as well so you can connect the craft to somthing much bigger or somtheing like that Download link for craft : https://www.dropbox.com/s/5v2rda1k7n1raz1/Heavy Deep exporation sub.craft?dl=0 there is also a passenger sub for tours and stuff heres the optional link to that Passenger craft link: h
  5. yes i was refering your boat mod that was created in 0.21 version of Kerbal space program
  6. XD i remember the onlder version of this mod and i took 2 nuclear engines and put them on a plane and flew it to the mun and back XD
  7. im very interesed in doing somthing for this series but instead fo building planes would Submarines also work for this series??
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