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  1. Can I ask what model/year you're using? I'm wondering if this is video card specific, since Macs are so standardized .... And that is exactly the crespulent lighting that makes this mod so wonderful.
  2. This seems to be a problem for us Mac users - the way I got around it (and I feel bad for forgetting who here told me to do this) was to use an older version of scatterer - version 0.0300 on SpaceDock (in the change log). so far, no negative effects from using the older build ... (PS - it was @Epoxid, as he indices below) (PPS - oh, yah, the tiles. Also forgot to mention the tiles).
  3. Hey Rodger - Thanks for the suggestion - I appreciate your willingness to share this, and I'm happy that it's working for you. Unfortunately, when I did this, I got still got rings; what spqr setting did you use? Also, did you do this on a Mac? Best, JBORE
  4. Thanks for the update, and the suggestion! Unfortunately, when I followed the same steps, the halo still exists for me - even after toggling the alternate SQRT (I'm also running OS X, on a pretty new Mac, so I don't think it's a. hardware issue). http://imgur.com/a/Nmjn1
  5. As I think I mentioned earlier - I'm having the same problem; since I switched to 1.3 & ran the updated scatterer with it, I always have the rainbow. I'm trying to figure out how to get a log to help, as soon as I can, I'll post it.
  6. Thanks for thinking it through - it looks like this halo/ring can't be fixed simply by tweaking the mod ecology. Odd that others aren't reporting this as well; this maybe an apple thing. If there's any more information I can share with anyone (blackjack?) that might help, let me know and I'll get it to that person. Appreciatively, Jon
  7. Later on in the evening, I stripped the game data of anything but scatterer & the squad file (including caches) ... and still got the halo.
  8. Thanks for the suggestion; I appreciate it a great deal However, it didn't work - I shut down ksp, removed SVE, and restarted, and the halo was still there; did this both with and without the alternate SPQR (tried it twice with the alternate SPQR, shutting down and restarting, just in case it took a restart for the setting to take). Pretty sure that SVE was properly removed - it was a very clear day on Kerbin.
  9. First, I want to express my respect and gratitude for all the people who have had a role in making this mod; it's really great. However, I'm having an odd problem - the ring/halo came back when I upgraded to 1.3. In addition to using scatterer 0,0320b, I'm also using SVE v.1.2.5b and EVE. This also happened with the earlier version of SVE. I've deleted my old copy of scatterer, and downloaded a fresh one ... and the halo is there. I've also tried it with and without the alternate SPQR button clicked on the app's menu. I also wiped the mod manager cache, too. I'm using a Mac 2017, with a with a Radeon Pro 555 2048 MB GPU, and the OS is up to date, so I assume the drivers are too. It might be a Mac thing, but might not, because the various 1.2 versions of KSP didn't have the halo/ring. Any suggestions? Sorry if this is a repeat post - I saw a posting on Halo/Rings earlier, but the response was simply to use the alternate SPQR, which I already did. Thanks.
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