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  1. Thank you. Coming from you, that means alot to me. I've since tweaked the rig so the tips of the foot track with the bottom position of the wheel collider almost perfectly. Difficult to see the floating and clipping in the initial video since i kept moving the 'legs'. I'm currently studying and old @lo-fivideo where he demonstrated how to get the tread skin to deform around the inner tread wheels. This is going to blow my rig ideas out of orbit The legs in the video are fairly simple. Attach objects to the kspwheelrotate variable at a distance and that will be the radius, have
  2. @Shadowmage you did say my imagination was the limit to wheel rigs lol just to give you some context of why i was asking to alternate wheel rotation positions earlier. quite self explanatory from the rig. i realised during testing that steering changes the esthetic rpm so just turning the wheel changed its' rotational position to make the rig more believable. God damn i love KSPwheel.
  3. Hey @Shadowmage, Sorry to bother you cause i know you're super busy. Just wanted some tips on an issue I have an idea to create a special type of wheel but it would only work if the kspwheelrotation module can start at different angles. for example : MODULE { name = KSPWheelRotation wheelMeshName = WheelRim rotationAxis = 1, 0, 0 randomStartPosition = true //just an idea } To rotate the wheelMeshName passed variable by a random degree between 0 - 360 before loading. Could you give me some tips on how i would code this in? is this d
  4. You could shift the vertices of the cylinder edge with snap on from an orthogonal angle to make sure the end of the cylinder stops flush with the surface of that cube. No clipping. No overhead. No unnecessary ngons.
  5. I was wondering if the number of vertices used in a part model is directly proportional to the size of its' mu file. What would be a decent vertex count/ face count for a complex ksp part? I mean, how much is too much? I noticed the mu file for the stock ruggedized wheel is pretty large compared to a wheel part i made with about 500 faces.
  6. Thanks for the info. I'll definitely look into this. Very interested in custom ingame interiors using structural parts with robotic parts but keeping internal components of the hull/shell away from atmospheric drag as you'd expect if you closed something up inside an exterior cover. Awesome stuff dude. Keep up the good work.
  7. Hi @dkavolis, i wanted to create a set of custom parts to complement custom bays/fairings and what not. I was wanting to clarify if the voxel model used by FAR calculates the shape of the collider mesh of parts to accomplish this feature. This is so i can design and implement the mesh shape and orientation of said custom parts to function well with FAR. Thanks for keeping FAR alive. This mod is life.
  8. Thanks dude. I actually learned quite a bit from sifting through a few of your and @Shadowmage old threads. Came across a topic where @lo-fi was showcasing and sharing config code simulating curved suspension arc from 2014. Much easier to implement now with KSPwheels flexible constraints. You guys are crazy
  9. Much gratitude for the imparted wisdom and even more so for KSPwheel. I imagine this would be impossible to pull off with the stock wheel module. Also because of KSPwheel, LOOKLOCK can be set to track in all axes which was vital for this rigs Steering hydraulics and CV joint.
  10. Thank you. The KSPwheel plugin allows multiple calls of certain modules. The wheel turning module is called three times in this rig. One to spin the wheel and two others to spin the 2 CV arms.
  11. Made using KSPWheel. Double Wishbone suspension with hydraulic steering and constant velocity joint aesthetics.
  12. Hi @Shadowmage . Huge fan of the KSPwheel plugin. I especially enjoy the fact that constraint axis are variable and not fixed to x and y like the stock wheel module. 

    I'd like to pick your brain for a second please. I wanted to ask you about the KSPWheelConstraints function and the different sub functions. At the moment I know of LOOKLOCK, ROTATION and LOCATION. 

    I'm currently working on a rig that uses the advantages of KSPwheel to implement aesthetics for a steering rod, proper suspension arc (used tips from an old @lo-fi video) and a visible CV joint. Managed to get everything working so far except for the CV joint. The problem is the CV joint has 2 pieces so it looks more realistic. I can easily remedy this by making the CV joint 1 piece but that looks less pleasing. lol 

    I was wondering if there were other functions of the KSPWheelConstraint that I could utilize to figure this out. Thanks for the great plugin. I can send a video of the rig if you're interested. 

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    2. Dundrogen


      Cheers to the art of deception comrade. Thank you for KSPWheel. Truly awesome.

      	name = KSPWheelRotation
      	wheelMeshName = WheelRim
      	rotationAxis = 1, 0, 0
      	name = KSPWheelRotation
      	wheelMeshName = CVSteerRot
      	rotationAxis = 1,0,0
      	name = KSPWheelRotation
      	wheelMeshName = CVBaseRot
      	rotationAxis = 1,0,0 


    3. Shadowmage


      Glad you got it sorted out and working to an acceptable level for you.  Certainly is fun when it all works out :)

      Now to put some textures and depth onto the piece....  (I have mods for that too, if you are interested in PBR texturing -- look for Textures Unlimited)

    4. Dundrogen


      I'll definitely check that out. Will need to learn how to texture. UV mapping this thing is going to be a nightmare for me ;.;. Also managed to get the CV ends to track alot smoother by shifting the target points around. 

  13. Ever since restock and restock+ were released, I can't play ksp without them. Absolutely amazing work. Suberb job by the restock team! Looking forward to trying the updated versions for 1.8.1
  14. Hi Ferram dudes, With the new 'same vessel interaction setting', would parts having their collider meshs squished together protect the internal components of said parts from aerodynamic forces? For example. Using a hydraulic press to shut the 1.25m nose cone onto the 1.25 meter hollow structural tube.
  15. Ah yes! Shadowmage's KSPWheel. I came across this while looking around. This is the Kerbal Foundries author if I'm not mistaken. Awesome stuff I'll look into this. Thanks
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