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  1. The Jeb's Junkyard Challenge

    will have to try
  2. Laythe Map

    Multi Overlays of Earth maps, Europe, Asia, New Zealand rotated 90deg. Most different sizes. Reusing models at it's best! And why I Love Seeing Reusing Parts! Rotate, Change Textures, Resize, invert and flip!
  3. XLjedi??? but if you are a Kerbal, that should be XS(mall)Jedi?


    1. XLjedi


      Hah!  yeah...  I've used the name for years.  It made more sense when I used it on certain spreadsheet/finance forums.

    2. Robert Lowsea
  4. So you grabbed Trebor 1st! :P

  5. Have you posted any pictures or maps of Laythe?

  6. Laythe Map Laythe
  7. Tracking Computer

    Old Tracking Computer Recovered, Scrapped???
  8. Hello and Welcome!

    try watching the utube videos by scott manley, best tutorial on building.
  9. What did you do in KSP today?

    try solid boosters instead