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  1. you need a better calvin & hobbes

  2. Keeping As Much Support as possible on Older Systems and Very Low-Entry Systems is one of the best ways to Keep KSP Running in the Public I Hate the Idea of Abandoning Legacy software and hardware, Most of the People in the World do not have Access to or the Funds to Afford the Latest and Greatest Systems. New Systems will continue to Get Faster and Better, that is just simple Progress, but Keeping a Public Access Archive of Old Legacy Software costs Next to Nothing! What the Hell Do You think Wikipedia Does!?! Bethesda, MS, Take 2, IBM, and Apple...All want to Sell the Latest and Greatest $h!
  3. If you have graphic files to be cleaned up or edited please share

  4. for future reference does anyone know of an archive of past part textures? free download and editable a bonus!
  5. linuxgurugamer: Thank you so much for your time and effort! That you have put into making and updating so many mods.
  6. Multi Overlays of Earth maps, Europe, Asia, New Zealand rotated 90deg. Most different sizes. Reusing models at it's best! And why I Love Seeing Reusing Parts! Rotate, Change Textures, Resize, invert and flip!
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