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  1. it's actually just a recolor of an existing camo, the moon pattern is from indonesian Strategic Reserve Cavalry splinter camo from the 60s, grayscaled and adjusted a bit (inspired by the movie Ad Astra, except they use grayscale version of german Splittertarnmuster), and the earth camo is a russian Flora (VSR) recolored with JSDF type 3 colors
  2. fixed the moon camo, added new earth variant screencaps down here testing camo effectiveness on plains bonus pic
  3. it actually stands for 1969, the time when the bois lands on the moon the flag was inspired by someone on a touhou discord server for the Lunar Kingdom in his HOI4 mod, and the camo itself was my rendition of the spacesuits used by the lunar military from the touhou series i'm gonna make the earth camo version and some character inspired suits
  4. actually completed the suit, but needs a bit more tweak, misplaced the flag patch, shoulda put it in the arm pocket here's screencaps, i call it Type 69 Pressurized Combat Suit
  5. oh sorry anyway https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kjSc96FZRSu4QXnCR-1m9pFuKHcv82eU/view?usp=sharing
  6. uhh no, i'm talking about any completed suit texture, so i can use it as reference to see the orientation of the designs when applied to the model
  7. i'm in 1.11.0 and i get the same problem getting stuck in loading screen, had other mods but removed them for testing if this one would work without them, still not log file here [snip] if tl;dr, the end of it says SoundtrackEditorForked.dll is broken where i stuck
  8. is there a place where the stock suits located? or any stockalike suits available to download? i need some references, making my own design rn
  9. part counts for spaceships, they tend to lag over 200 parts although i have 6gigs of ram
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