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  1. part counts for spaceships, they tend to lag over 200 parts although i have 6gigs of ram
  2. i'd like to change my name to Dimas152 thancc
  3. finally return here after months i know it's not currently updated for 1.6.1, but does someone tried it?
  4. nice idea, but keep the slanted nose alone maybe? just use the partvariant only on round noses
  5. since the first time i installed this on 1.3.1, i always wonder how do i turn off the descent alarm
  6. uuuuhhh death star? btw the bunker on the lv. 1 launchpad seems nice too
  7. actually sxt had a folding wing idk if it's re-entry proof
  8. tfw ppls start making mini drones with cockpits made out of solar panels and mini fuel tanks instead of manned fighters
  9. so this thing came past my mind, idk if anyone here thought the same what if... we have roll l/r, pitch u/d, yaw l/r as action group? also an option to make action grouping assymetric even if the part attached with "mirror" symmetry option? should b gud tho
  10. the KV-2 turret seems bugged, when i fire it it just rapidfires, depleting all the ammos in seconds without firing any projectiles
  11. i have this problem since 1.3.x everytime i load AP+ parts with this mod installed, some of them lost their textures and turned white at "stock", when i checked into the files, they got replaced into the wrong folder replacing them again in the right folder fixes this, but some parts that use textures from Squad folder can't be fixed
  12. this idea reminds me of Nassault's Voyager a human probe crash landed on Kerbin, while three kerbals landed their warpship on Earth
  13. a simple suggestion International airport in region O island, two runways, name it "Soekerman-Gatta Intl", runway pointing 25 and 7 deg
  14. uuuhhh how bout the Modular Launch Pad mod parts equipped with the stock large wheels that we never use?
  15. i have an idea parts with missile-unguided module (like unguided bombs and rockets) should have a really high impact tolerance, and a tweakable timed fuze, so the part explodes upon the time set on it after impact with ground/other vessel
  16. there's one, you'll need contract configurator, it's called Kerbal Academy
  17. why don't you ask this on add-on discussion? wait this reminds me of the smol rover that accompanied jeb in the loud and clear trailer...
  18. how about building a harbor with KK somewhere else a little bit north so we can cut up the time? (if only someone have it) and yeah that carrier idea seems nice, or maybe just a coast guard ship with a heli that carries a mini sub?