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  1. Naval Battles!

    it's included in the 1.4.2 update
  2. so we have this most popular and the largest mod in KSP with so many add-ons thanks to @Papa_Joe, @SpannerMonkey(smce) and @DoctorDavinci for continuing the development so here's the list i could find in the forums, ask me for more i'll try to update this if necessary
  3. [1.02] Spin-o-Tron Motors (FINALLY UPDATED)

    UUHHHH BUMPER NUUUUUHHH it's an VERY old mod, designed for 1.0.5, not for 1.3.1 yeah btw great mod, hope someone like LGG revives this
  5. Air Superiority Fighter Competition Continued

  6. yep, it's the new An-2, i was quite surprised when seeing it on youtube yes i've seen that mod, but i think 1.25 is too smol for this plane, SXT also have a An-2-ish cockpit, but it's in 2.5, too big for this plane too u can make it with the airbuscockpit, like this i also built the gunship version with this
  7. Forum Memes

    found randomly on the internet
  8. aside of 1.875 modern airliner parts, what if we also make the 1.875 old plane parts like the An-2?we can make them with the available engines and wings like this
  9. Mod ideas (I need IDEAS)

    press X
  10. KSP lore?

    never heard that, how's it?
  11. JoolTube: Space Elevator !

    looks like it's from kerbal konstructs
  12. KIS jet pack addon

    BDAc in 1.4? yaaaaaaaaaaaa
  13. KSP lore?

    how about an ARG that requires us to explore the system and finding more clues through the internet before a major update announcement?
  14. Guess Who Will Reply Next?

    uummmm @Earthlinger?
  15. Forum Memes

    needs more salt