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  1. I'm so stupid I didn't notice the names were given following the alphabetic order, and at the time being we're still at "L" We'll have a few updates until the "Whitcomb" one comes over...
  2. I can't wait until a 1.4.5 Update! I also think you could name it "Whitcomb" Oh, I didn't notice there actually was an update for 1.4.5
  3. If you have seen my Imgur post, you noticed my testbed (I also gave some x-axis moments to distribute lift away from the fuselage) should have its structural integrity compromised. But wings remained in their perfectly 0° dihedral angle. It probably is to be considered as irrealistic.
  4. P.S. : Flutter definitely doesn't work. I've made a fixed wing aerodyne just to experiment flutter, which should obviousely happen https://imgur.com/gallery/tc0lDRR (This is obviously not the airliner I talked about earlier.)
  5. Hello! I use KSP 1.3.1 with RSS, FAR and KJR and a few other mods. I want my game to be as realistic as possible. I don't use Realism Overhaul because it doesn't support every mod I have. I've made an airliner that is a little smaller than the Airbus A318. I tweaked Squad engines to get rid of fuel and use Electric Charge instead. It uses SXT and some other mods. I just want to have flutter to make it even more realistic. I disabled autostrut and rigid attachment on the wings and there's still no flutter. I'm pretty sure it's because of KJR. I'm not sure it is a good idea to uninstall KJR because I'm afraid structural failures will happen. Is it a good idea to uninstall KJR? How can I get realistic flutter on my wings? Thanks
  6. Hello, I am using KSP with FAR, RSS/RO/RP-0 Procedural Parts and B9 Procedural wings. I make all my crafts with procedural things actually. I already thought that procedural crewed parts could be great. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/174118-procedural-crewed-parts/ But I know that the add-on designing process may be extremely hard and complex. Then I thought procedural intakes will be also useful and easier to create! We will choose the most adapted shape, the intake area percent and if there is a shock cone or not, for example. It would make aircraft conception much better!
  7. Well, I do want this mod because I create supersonic airliners. In the 50's, R. T. Whitcomb, an aircraft engineer that worked for NACA has attested that, on a supersonic aircraft, the sectional area of the fuselage AND the wings should be equal to the sectional area of the fuselage only on another point on the longitudinal dimension. It is called the "area rule". That means that the fuselage should have a different diameter following if wings are present or not. That's why I need such a mod.
  8. Hello! I just had an idea recently : I use KSP with FAR, procedural parts and procedural B9 wings. What if, instead of using stock cockpits and cabins etc. , we use to design aircraft with our own cockpits and cabins? We choose the shape, the diameter, the length, the texture and eventually the resources of the procedural part. The program calculates crew and resources capacities following the dimensions. Maybe even choose between a general aviation, an airliner, or spaceship IVA? While asking about such a thing, why not a procedural unmanned pod? Oh, my God, I am so excited about this! I know it could be VERY, VERY hard to create such a mod, though.
  9. I solved my own matter by getting rid of fuel, modifying the engines config setting them electrical. It made my craft a lot lighter. Thanks guys for your support!
  10. I've did a few changes on my craft since the shots were taken, such as a diabolo landing gear between my main laning gear, and a some more struts. This time, instead of exploding immediately, it explodes on the runway, with "loading preset default" on top of the screen. But until then, I send you my shots. https://imgur.com/a/hn44J
  11. Sure I could do it! In the SPH. As soon as the physics are applied, my plane goes to heck. The wings are ripped off my plane. Even if I add a few SN struts (from B9) on the wings, still, they fall off. Even if I modify the .cfg file of the SN strut by setting angular and straight strength to 5*10e81 (yes, that's a lot). Still not enough. What could I do? But well, I think the design is fine, though. https://imgur.com/gallery/R0zHY
  12. Hi guys! I have an issue on KSP. With some of my planes, I can't launch without having my wings teared off. I have KJR installed, but it doesn't change anything. Can you guys help me, please?
  13. What about a Pilot assistant/Atmosphere Autopilot combination?
  14. I mean, I want it to do level flight, automatic flight and ILS landings. If it is not the good mod, can you tell me which is the good one? It will be essential for me because I am an horrible pilot. I killed Jeb a lot of times.
  15. I hope this helps. I've found it in the LauncherData folder. https://www.dropbox.com/s/0zic86c2xce72zq/output_log.txt?dl=0
  16. It wasn't a crash. I can't find any .log file.
  17. I've forgot to say that I tried to use it on KSP 1.2.2. What can we do to fix it?
  18. I have an issue with Real Solar system. I have downloaded it, with textures and everything, but after loading, it doesn't show Earth, but Kerbin instead. Why does this happens?
  19. For some reason, it caused my game to crash on loading.
  20. I've downloaded Atmosphere Autopilot. For some reason, it makes my game crash on loading. So I will try Mechjeb
  21. Hello! I want to install MechJeb to KSP 1.2.2. I want to use it for jetliners. Can you guys tell me if it is relevant for what I want?
  22. I really want to keep these engines. But which atmosphere curve can I write?
  23. Hello! I have installed Prakasa aeroworks on KSP 1.2.2. The problem is when I try to ignite Chikna engine, it tells me air combustion failed. I think it might something missed in the .cfg file. http://imgur.com/gallery/FhAeR
  24. Hi guys! I have an issue with the Chikna engine. It doesn't work. When I ignite them, it shows air combustion failed. http://imgur.com/gallery/FhAeR
  25. Thanks guys. My matter has been solved. I just had to add a small hollow fuselage.
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