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  1. I agree. Competition doesn't matter as long as you have fun.
  2. A kerbal in or out of a command seat weighs 0.09375 Tonnes (93.75 kg) For 15 kerbals that's 1.40625 t. And that means since you left out those other 14 kerbals you flew with 1.3125 tonnes less than you would have done with the kerbals. (That's a 93.33% Kerbal mass decrease.)
  3. The oldest place i can find this posted is on this site http://www.aplusphysics.com/projects/kerbal.html At the bottom it has a link saying "Kerbin System Delta-Vee Map" which takes you to the image. That was posted on Dec 01, 2013.
  4. Oh yeah i forgot about the clock, and thanks i never knew about the showing of yellow/ red to indicate the game's slowing down. Thanks for the help.
  5. Good idea. It would be quite simple yeah. Example: Just level the plane and go at for instance 60 m/s travel for 30 seconds and i should go 1800 metres. But if for instance i go 1000 metres i know time is weird. So i work out the difference: 1-((1800 - 1000) / 1800) So i now know that 1 second real life is 0.55555555555555555555555555555556 seconds in game. (Though that was just an example of calculation and i'd need to test it later to get actual results) I'll have ago at giving the game a test at some point as it would be interesting for many applications.
  6. That's what i was thinking. But it'd be a bit crap if the stats that they show are only accurate at 60 FPS or something similar.
  7. My plane was doing 0.13 fuel units per second, so i figured i'd time how long it takes to expend a unit of fuel, it took 23.56 seconds. But my calculations predicted far different from that result. My calculations are bellow. 0.13 units/s 1/.13 = 7.6923076923076923076923076923077 (seconds delay between each unit use) As you can see i predicted ~7.69 seconds, but i expirienced 23.56 seconds. A ~206.37% increase. I've added a screen-shot i took around the time of calculations in-case it helps. Can anyone tell me where i went wrong in calculations or if something like my frame rate is causing odd updates or something? (I had on average 11 FPS, and i timed the fuel expenditure with a stopwatch with 1/100 second accuracy. Also note that in the screen shot it has .09 but at the time of calculation it had .13)
  8. Thanks, i'll check this out when i have the time.
  9. can someone please help me. I can only find the fuel controller and none of the other parts. I've added a screen-shot. https://gyazo.com/013382e726b4ef6e7d864fefcfd3038f
  10. My rover tends to average 30 m/s whilst it's being controlled by mechjeb, because i set it to that because i don't trust it with grater speeds. I've not tested if that speed can rip them off but the problem is that with quick inclinations and other things on the terrain it can raise the g force which i know for a fact is enough to rip them right off.
  11. Yeah that sounds like a great idea. I'm pretty sure i'll get around to trying that. I've only looked at the making of mods in ksp a little bit though. And though i do mod in other games quite a bit i've still got a bit to learn about making mods in ksp before i can make it work a nice and things.
  12. Thanks i'll edit the origional post in a sec. And yeah i'm sure that there's some mod out there that's just hard to find that already does this. I'm almost considering doing it myself.
  13. Yes non-deployables would work. But mechjeb doesn't stop time warping untill the next day, and hopfully any mod or kOS or whatever i used to auto deploy the panels would also be able to retract them afterwards.
  14. Well what happens is that as power lowers the rover's speed lowers so at that point i could set the solar panels to deploy and then electric would run out and mechjeb would warp you can see the option in the image: https://gyazo.com/d2cd12456fd330b94540b27a554fa2b3
  15. No because mechjeb has a feature that it warps to the next day if you run out of electric charge, but there is a delay so there'd be time to auto deploy the solar panel. I've heard of kOS but not yet dabbled with it.
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