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  1. I hit the same bug and on another thread someone (Vandest) posted a work-around. We are already working on a fix but in the meantime the work around for this issue is changing your Regional Format to English (US). Hopefully this helps.
  2. Thanks for this. I was slowly losing my mind trying to find from which Kraken-infested hole the settings were pulled out. P.S. This should not happen in released software, but this is KSP so I'm learning of weird new ways for software to fail as well as about orbital mechanics.
  3. No more frantic switching between cockpit and exterior cam while landing? SAD.
  4. Now we have brand new one-way transparent parachutes, so Jeb can admire the sky without any obstructions.
  5. I thought it was either the hob or the microwave. Popcorn per topic.
  6. Oh, the Kerbality. Before this update news a long term wrangling over delta-v display. Now we have moved to arguing when the display should be visible. But I have to agree with @5thHorseman that default new game should select science mode. Next argument: Delta-v maps in KSPedia or not?
  7. Any idea how to go about patching the small "Cub"-vernier engine to dual mode? What should the ISP and thrust be with LH2/Ox? Any other engine to rip-off the stats or to use as template?
  8. Oh yes, now I can use the monoprop engine outside the map mode :). Excellent work, Thank you.
  9. Hi, Thanks for the 1.5 update. After playing for a while I've noticed couple of things: -All the engines have humongous flames. Not a real problem, but visually annoying. -Survey module SCANsat integration seems to be missing couple of lines: Otherwise splendid mod, makes run-of-the-mill satellites and probes far easier to design.
  10. Hello, I have something very wonky going on with Deployable Engines. If I build a craft with octo-2, EP-18 engine plate from expansion and a launch clamp, when released the engine plate will slowly rotate in air. I have tested this on a stripped down installation with CryoEngines, KerbalAtomics, B9PartSwitch and DeployableEngines installed. When I removed CE and KA the problem disappeared. Also sometimes other coupling parts (for example, Hydraulic Detachment Manifold) seem to cause the effect, but in orbit. Vessel will be stuck to the orbit it had when ?mystery? happens. Engines produce thrust but no change in velocity. Output log and save with vessel on launchpad: Didn't see anything in logs but... Thank you.
  11. Did a minimal test with only Cryogenic Engines 0.6.2 from SpaceDock, same result. Also alt+click copy spawns new tank under the VAB floor. Problem could be with B9PartSwitch, posted also there. Log:
  12. Not sure if this is related to B9PartSwitch or Nertea's CryoTanks, but in my minimal test (just CryoEngines 0.6.2 and dependencies from spacedock) using three-way or more symmetry is broken. Also alt+click copy is weird as tank appears below the VAB floor. Log:
  13. Not EEX, I had the same problem with no EEX. What i remember I had debug log full of "ArgumentOutOfRangeException: parameter name index" or something in that style. These occurred near B9PartSwitch LF/O configs. After removing semi-random mods and re-installing CryoTanks via CKAN, problem has disappeared. Now the B9PartSwitch is not working or something, Cryotanks are rendered with both foil and icosahedra and fuel tanks have no fuel sliders. Log: Edit: After manually re-installing B9PartSwitch, the problem came back. Log:
  14. Has it happened to anyone else that when you revert to VAB the second smallest 1.25m tanks go back to old model? If I add new tanks they have new skins but the previously added have the old model, no option to change the skin.
  15. As an emergency fix you can open GameData\NearFutureConstruction\Parts\Truss\truss-spinal\truss-spinal-01.cfg and add name attribute to endcap variants. That solved the problem for me.
  16. Hello! It seems that MM update 3.0 disables the EVA/crew report switch. I haven't looked at configs or logs so no idea what is going on, just popping this here before going to sleep. Thank you for your mod.
  17. Has anyone else had any problems with OKEB-75 blanket array and Ferram? I decided to update my tourist boat, and suddenly it became almost impossible to manage. After second spinning re-entry I decide to look at FAR debugging voxels and whole VAB lit up. Without blanket array fairing was the outer surface, with OKEB-75, madness. No wonder I lost about 200 m/s delta-v on launch and spun at ridiculous speeds on re-entry. If known issue, sorry, but I couldn't find any posts.