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  1. The new Swivel and Reliant engines are new parts with different names, so the patches that apply the effects do not make the changes to the new parts. I'm sure the mod devs are aware of this and I imagine there will be new patches for the new parts.
  2. Randall Munroe. Saw it mentioned enough in xkcd to look it up, saw it had a native Linux version, and immediately bought it. Edit: Version 1.3 at the time.
  3. Let's find out. I unlocked it, compose a post, then I can lock it, and you can try posting. edit: Quick test shows that no, it cannot.
  4. Moved to Tech Support: PC Unmodded. The Xbox and Playstation subforum is for users who are playing on the Xbox and Playstation game consoles, as technical issues on those platforms tend to be significantly different from those playing on a computer. To verify your files, Open Steam. Click on the LIBRARY tab at the top. Right-click on Kerbal Space Program, and click on Properties. This will open up a new window. On the left side of that panel, click on LOCAL FILES On the right side, press Verify integrity of game files. This can take a couple minutes and won't be very obvious of its progress. If it takes long than 10 minutes, it may have gotten stuck. If that happens, close the window and try again. I have to do this... frequently.
  5. Moved to The Lounge since it's not about KSP.
  6. That engine doesn't actually have any gimbal, so your control on the way up isn't actually from the engine firing. Your control authority comes from the insanely overpowered reaction wheels inside the command pod. So with that pod (and most other pods) you will have some orientation control as long as you have EC (electricity). In this situation, just turning on the SAS function (button on the top right of the navball, or toggle by pressing 'T') will put the ship into a mode that does what it can to keep pointing the same direction, so you wouldn't even need to try to keep orientation manually with WASD.
  7. Apparently we had two X-37B threads. Now we have one. Unless there's more hiding somewhere, in which case I will make it one again.
  8. The no AP/PE markers with an un-upgraded tracking station appears to be some kind of bug with 1.12.0. I doubt it's intentional as the information is still available by pressing the purple maneuver button. They should re-appear after upgrading the station, however I believe this is not possible for this challenge. Hopefully it will be fixed in 1.12.1.
  9. Also, those boosters look really close to the center core. It can sometimes be tricky to get them to attach to the decouplers. They like to stick to the center core instead of the decouplers, then when you try to get rid of them, they don't go any where.
  10. Ah, right. So in the VAB, when you click on the Crew button, you have the two columns, as you saw. Left column is any crews loaded into the craft, right column is available crew. As you figured out, if you have none available, you go to the Astronaut complex and hire more kerbals. You can hire the applicants by hovering over them and clicking on the green checkmark button. The only information you need to care about is their specialty. Pilot, Engineer, or Scientist. Everything else is randomized. The Courage and Stupidity settings only affect their facial reactions during flight. It has no bearing on their ability or gameplay itself. The Available tab will be the same right the right column in the VAB. Assigned means that they are on board a ship already in flight. Lost means that they're MIA. This could mean that they've gone missing or they're dead. AFAIK, and someone may correct me on this, but: Lost means that they were on board a ship that was deleted while running in the background. Really the only way this will happen is if you had a ship on a suborbital path when you left it and it got auto-deleted while you were away. Killed means that you had their ship in focus when they died. Lost ones can respawn and Killed cannot, depending on your difficulty settings.
  11. There's 5 buttons on the upper left. From left to right: Build: Creating and modifying the craft Actions: Adding stuff to action groups. You can use the action groups to trigger certain events (open antennas/solar panels, disable engines, activate decouplers) by pressing the 1-0 keys on the top of your keyboard. Crew: Load crew into the parts of your craft that support crew Cargo: Load parts into the cargo holds on your craft Switch Editor: Switches between the VAB and SPH without going out to the KSC first.
  12. They do in the animation in the new transfer window planner thing. Just makes it look weird, shouldn't actually affect gameplay at all.
  13. It allows you to change the root part of the craft. The craft files are organized in a tree structure. By default, your root part will be the first one you select when starting to build a new craft. As you attach more parts, they will be added to the tree. Each part will have exactly one part above it (except the root part) called the parent, and can have any number of parts below it (called children). This is why, when you grab a part in the middle of your craft and pull it off to the side, more than just the one part is moved. All the parts that are under that one in the tree go with it. The re-root tool allows you to change which part is the root. This is typically used when dealing with subassemblies and merging crafts and not needed when building a one-off rocket or using the stock crafts.
  14. One of the tools will always be active, so to disengage one of them you will just need to click on another. Place is just the mode to grab more parts from the left side of the screen and place them onto your ship. If you have Rotate or Move selected, you can also go back to Place by just grabbing another part to put on the craft.
  15. Alright, I fired up the game to look. They are definitely spinning the wrong way. It's not terribly obvious on Duna, but it is with Kerbin. Definitely a bug, but it shouldn't actually affect anything.
  16. I think I see the problem. The tool isn't showing the planets from a perspective of looking down on the north pole, it's showing it as if you're in a perfectly equatorial orbit... the white spots on Duna are the poles. Seems it's just to show you what planet it is and not supposed to be representative of the planet's actual orientation.
  17. Moved to Gameplay Questions since it's about the game and not real orbits. Looking down on the north poles, all planets in the Kerbol system do rotate counter clockwise around the sun. I haven't used that particular new feature yet, do you have a picture of what you mean?
  18. Ah, then yes Mirror would help. There is another way to do that, though, and it's a neat trick that can also get you 5x or 7x symmetry if you ever need it. You could place the antennas in 3x symmetry. This will put them on 120 degrees apart. Then right click on the one you don't want, click the "Remove from symmetry" button, then remove it. The other two will stay put. (However they'll snap to 180 degrees apart again if you try to move them.) That is, however, how you can get the normally not selectable modes. Place something in 6x symmetry, will be placed 60 degrees apart. "Remove from symmetry" on one of them, remove it from the craft, then grab one of the remaining 5. They will then snap to 72 degrees apart, or 5x symmetry.
  19. There's two buttons in the bottom left that control symmetry settings. The one on the left (red arrow) controls two things. Radial/Mirror, and 1,2,3,4,6 or 8x symmetry. The one on the right (green arrow) toggles between angle snap and no angle snap. You can switch between symmetry type by clicking on the left one with the middle mouse button, or by pressing 'R'. You can toggle between 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8x modes by left clicking on it, or by pressing 'X'. When it's a dot (like in the picture) that means you're in radial in 1x mode. So, a single part. Higher modes will have pie slices around the dot showing you which mode you're in. If it's a square instead of a dot, you're in mirror mode. You can do either 1 or 2x in mirror mode. (Mostly used in the SPH for building planes) The right button can be toggled between angle snap and no angle snap either by left-clicking on the button or by pressing 'C'. If it's a circle around the dot, you are in "no angle snap". A hexagon, as shown, is angle snap. Personally I find it best to be in angle snap most of the time unless you're adjusting something's position by very small amounts. Placing stuff in symmetry without angle snap being on puts it on at an off angle. Even though you only want to place two, you likely still want to use radial symmetry instead of mirror. Switch between mirror and radial and move the part around a bit and you'll see a difference in behavior with the part that's not attached to your mouse.
  20. This appears to be a bug, and only affecting career games with an unupgraded tracking station. I tested it and had the same result. Hopefully it'll be fixed in 1.12.1. The markers come back when you've upgraded your tracking station. I hope this wasn't an added early game difficulty "feature"
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