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  1. Refreshed YouTube, saw the live stream. "Oh yeah, there was a launch this morning". Click on it. T-0:10 "Woot!" Perfect timing. T-0:02 Abort Abort Abort. Aw.
  2. Moved from S&S to KSP 1 Discussion (I'm assuming KSP 1)
  3. I'm just now able to start watching, how long's the window?
  4. The engine plates don't appear to have nodes. It looks like the engines will all surface attach, so the nodes aren't needed, would be my guess.
  5. I've been playing with it a bit and I found a way to run the game in Proton 7.0-6 and without the WINED3D launch option. I went to Games->Add a Non-Steam Game, and pointed it to the KSP2_x64.exe file. Ran just fine without switching to Experimental or adding the PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 option. Skips the launcher and ran better. Slightly smoother (at least less stuttery), and the planet's no longer disappearing when I launch.
  6. I've run into this issue with a lot of games, even running multiple monitors. Try going into the graphics settings and switching it from Fullscreen to Borderless Fullscreen (or whatever it's called.)
  7. Having similar issues. Haven't tried any planes yet, but going to space causes some pretty funny issues.
  8. Thought I'd create a specific place for my fellow Linux users to share their issues with proton and what/if they did any tweaking to get it running. To my surprise, it didn't just run out of the box. I appear to have gotten it working after some small tweaks. If you're running the game in Steam's Proton, feel free to share your system specs, proton version, and any tweaks you might have had to do? Ryzen 7 5800X 64 GB DDR4-3600 AMD RX6700XT Linux Mint 20.3 MATE Proton Experimental Launch Options: PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command% Experimental would get the launcher to.. launch, but when I clicked play I got an error saying it couldn't initialize graphics. The WINED3D option seems to have fixed that. I'll report back if I have to make any more adjustments.
  9. Steak knives down, everything else up. But I have a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad tabletop dishwasher....
  10. Please stay on topic. Suggestions, concerns, grievances, etc, can be taken to the appropriate places in other threads.
  11. Some content has been removed. Please stay on topic, which is what you're excited for in the game. This is not a complaint thread. Remember, one entry per person!
  12. I haven't gotten them to work with stock fairing, but I did just do a test with Simple Adjustable Fairings, and you can get them to work. They won't attach directly to the fairings itself, but if you attach the decal to the base and then use the offset tool to move it to the fairing, it seems to work as expected.
  13. No Windows at all. Running Linux shouldn't prevent you from playing KSP2 at all unless you refuse to use a compatibility layer. (This is an educated guess, I'm not exaggerating that I would be shocked if KSP2 doesn't work in it). Steam also has a < 2 hours played, < 2 weeks owned no questions asked return policy. If it doesn't run or doesn't run to your satisfaction, you can just return it.
  14. To my knowledge it has never required that. Proton is built into steam, and in my experience recently is essentially plug and play. I don't even bother to check if games on steam are Windows only or not anymore. If I want them I buy them. I can't even recall the last time a Windows only game didn't work in Proton. I don't have much recent experience running WINE separately since I buy all my games through Steam now... which steam will also let you add external games and run them with proton. Valve has been dumping a ton of development into Proton, probably because of the Steamdeck and it's actually profitable to do so now. The worst thing I've had to do lately is try 2 or 3 different proton versions to get a game to run / run better, and maybe a launch option or two as suggested on protondb.
  15. I will be utterly shocked if KSP2 doesn't work perfectly in Proton/Wine.
  16. Yeah, that's how it works. Each like has its own 24 hour timer, essentially.
  17. We have a whole thread for that exact question.
  18. My plan is to wait until 1.0, or at least until the beta is stable. However I imagine everyone that knows me fairly well is assuming that's a lie and I'll be buying it on day zero. They're probably right.
  19. I think we've all found ourselves in a situation like this. Either no engines or no fuel. One thing you can do, if you have the ability to go on an EVA, is use the Get Out And Push procedure. Have a kerbal go on EVA, and use their jetpack to push the capsule retrograde until you get your PE under 70km. EVA propellant is effectively infinite, as it is refilled when you get in the pod. Just don't let the kerbal run out while you're out there! I usually push until the kerbal is down to one unit left (out of 5, IIRC), then get in the pod and back out again to refill the jetpack. Anything under 70km will eventually bring you back down, but the lower you get it, the faster you'll deorbit. Pushing will be most effective at your AP.
  20. I wouldn't mind the patter if they talked about the hardware instead of spending 75% of their time acknowledging chat donations.
  21. Your underscores have no power here, @Vanamonde
  22. Looks to me like the contract has completed. Finish your flight, and you'll get the payout from the contract.
  23. Upper left. Make sure you're in build mode, and there will be 4 smaller tool buttons underneath it. The offset tool is the second one (from the left)
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