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  1. The rare move from The Lounge to KSP Discussion.
  2. I don't think it really matters... but if you need a cut and dry, objective reason to pick one or the other... Type https://forums.kerbalspaceprogram.com into your address bar and lemme know how far you get.
  3. Yup, everything that's not replaceable will be inside that folder.
  4. Since none of ours go outside, dead birds, strays, and coyotes aren't much of a problem. Well, I guess strays are as I have a tendency to.. you know, bring them inside, which irritates the other ones for awhile. Of the 5 only one was actually on purpose.
  5. Hello, @gaetansffdsfsdqsf, and welcome to the forum! I have added an English translation to your post. One of our forum guidelines is that all posts outside the International section to be posted in English or have an English translation. You can use something such as Google Translate if you'd like. Also I've moved your question to our Development discussion subforum. <Translation via Google translate / Traduction via Google Translate> Bonjour @gaetansffdsfsdqsf, et bienvenue sur le forum! J'ai ajouté une traduction en anglais à votre message. L'une de n
  6. I don't understand how some of you guys can only have one cat. I've seen an orange and white one running around outside occasionally, and while I haven't made contact yet, I affectionately refer to it as "Number 6"
  7. Hello, and welcome to the forum @Skitskraj! I have removed the log file from your post. Log files like that are huge and take up quite a bit of screen space. They can also cause page load errors for some users. Please upload your log file to a file sharing site, such as Google drive or Dropbox, set the permissions to public and share the link here. Thank you!
  8. The types of errors you saw aren't terribly uncommon, unfortunately. We don't know the cause and probably never will. Rest assured though that it usually very brief and generally all you have to do is refresh or wait a couple minutes.
  9. Oh, this is an easy one. Do both. You can have multiple KSP installs, just put them in different folders. I personally have at least 25 separate installs over several computers of different KSP versions and installed mods.
  10. It was already in space when I was born. I remember it coming down, though. I was 13 at the time and didn't really pay much attention to real space stuff at that age. Pretty much everything I knew about Mir came from Armageddon. Which is.... not ideal.
  11. That song was stuck in my head quite a lot years ago when I got into Borderlands. I don't think I'd heard it before playing the game, and it's the song for the opening credits. Right now, though, it's this. I seem to just be cycling through Metric songs for current earworm. Not only is the song stuck in my head, but the video's pretty neat. I think it was actually done uncut.
  12. If you're on Linux, it's Right Shift + F12 Otherwise I've seen people complaining about some Nvidia program hijacking the F12 button.
  13. Some content has been removed for being off topic and some light backseating, as well as an image containing content that is against the forum guidelines. Cursing is not allowed, even if it is partially masked. Guys, if you see a post that contains content that you believe is not allowed, just file a report and let us take care of it. Do not address publicly it in the thread. Thank you.
  14. Figures, the first one in awhile that I miss watching live.... I feel somehow responsible for this.
  15. Moved to The Lounge. Happy Slightly-More-Chocolate-In-The-House-Than-Usual Day to you, too.
  16. Welcome to the forum, @K_mu! Without pictures, it's going to be hard to tell, but from your description I have two guesses that may both be true: 1. The initial reading of 1700 m/s may have been taking into account the fuel in the lander. 2. The lander's engine is still activated and presumably pointing the opposite direction as the orbiter's engine, so they would be pushing against each other. Screenshots would help a lot if you can get them.
  17. This is one option I've used in the past, and the primary reason it got annoying was this: The auto-staging algorithm and I do not get a long. Assembling ships from sub assemblies works, but you have to re-stage it every time, which can be quite annoying depending on size and complexity.... especially because the staging UI needs some love in itself. It also doesn't quite work with radially attached boosters and making sure they're all lined up as perfectly as I like. Also in this instance I have parts that have been offset after attaching with nodes, and that's something that's a hassle t
  18. I, like I'm sure many other people, have accidentally overwritten craft files. A lot. I'm currently working on a design that's fairly modular and has several options. Number of upper stage engines, fairing options, 1st stage boosters. Think Atlas V. The main craft file has every option included, then for launch you would simply remove what you don't want, and launch. This can cause issues as it's really easy to accidentally over-write the "master" craft after removing some options. Ideally this would be fixed by re-naming it, but that can also be troublesome if you don't want a
  19. Please upload the log to a file sharing site, such as Google Drive or Dropbox, make sure it has public permissions, and then post the link to it here. We prefer the logs to not be posted directly on the forum as large amounts of text can cause display issues, especially for mobile users.
  20. For that we have the mammoth. https://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/S3_KS-25x4_"Mammoth"_Liquid_Fuel_Engine
  21. You answered awful fast, you must be terrible at your job.
  22. It could be, but the biggest issue seems to be your control point. See how your navball is completely brown when you take off? That means that the control point, or the direction your craft is "looking" is pointing straight at the ground. Right click on the docking port on top and push the button for "Control From Here". The navball should turn mostly blue, then try again.
  23. The game really doesn't like massless parts. Try setting it to something extremely small instead of 0, like 0.001.
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