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  1. Except he's not indicating 0g very well.
  2. Ah yes, that can get you. And yes, you do need it for LF/OX. It's pretty vital for those switches to be there, otherwise you would be forced to empty an entire tank even if you just want to dump, say, the oxidizer. You could try the wiki. https://github.com/sarbian/ModuleManager/wiki/ (which is linked to in the MM thread's OP ) Although most of what I've learned about it came from looking at existing patches and then referencing what I saw with the documentation. I'm basically incapable of learning how to do things just from reading the directions, I have to see examples.
  3. The autostrut option needs Advanced Tweakables enabled to show up. The autostruts will also be locked until you unlock regular struts, and IIRC the fuel crossfeed becomes enabled when you unlock the fuel line hose.
  4. A simple ModuleManager patch will allow you to attach the drain valve (and any other radial mount parts, like batteries, antennas, solar panels) to the radial MP tanks. @PART[rcsTankRadialLong,radialRCSTank] { @attachRules = 0,1,0,1,1 } @Hotel26 I have a feeling any weirdness you're having is because you're doing it with save file editing, which is dodgy at best. I just tested the above patch and it works fine. And yes, the valve does work with ore (not that it has to - you could dump that already)
  5. Welcome, @SLS.stan! To switch the dV indicator to vacuum, click on the DeltaV button on the bottom right of your screen, on on that popup click on Vacuum near the top.
  6. Me: Watches a ton of Against The Current videos, constantly, over and over. YouTube: Hey I think you'll like Halflives. Well yes, YouTube. Yes I do. And now their entire discography has been stuck in my head for a good week now.
  7. I read that first sentence about 8 times (without the rest of it) before I realized that they weren't talking about vertical payload integration on Falcon 9.
  8. That could be. Did clear up awful fast. But I mean even before that. Just seemed like higher quality footage. Maybe I just haven't seen a bright daytime launch in awhile.
  9. Is it just me or does 1073 have a better camera than its older siblings?
  10. The .xcf file for GIMP is a project file, not an image file, like PSD for photoshop. It'll retain all your working settings like layers and whatnot. Any time you have a complex editor like that, you'll want to be looking for a button like 'Export' for making an actual working file. Online file conversion sites are extremely hit or miss on the sketchy scale, so it's best to avoid them unless you know for certain they're legit.
  11. Welcome aboard! Without getting into anything specifically with your craft (as we can't see it), here are a couple generic things you can do: Reduce parts (therefore mass). If you don't absolutely have to have it, get rid of it. I see a lot of new players carry extra parts like large batteries and reaction wheels that just aren't required. If you have a lot of fuel tanks, set up the priority to drain them in sets and stage away the empty ones. Use more efficient engines. But be careful with this, depending on the craft you can actually be better off with a slightly less efficient, but lighter, engine. This is heavily craft dependent and can go either way. Reduce the ablator on any heatshields to the minimum you need. You don't want to run out of ablator, especially if you're returning from Jool, but you probably don't need it all, either. If you don't need RCS, you can empty out all the mono-propellant from pods in the VAB. And, of course, bring more fuel. This is probably the hardest solution and a lot of times isn't the best, either.
  12. Welcome to the forum, @NathlessOne! I've snipped the file paths out of your post because we can't use that to see pictures on your computer. You'll need to upload those pictures to a file sharing site, like Imgur or Google drive, and share the links to those here.
  13. Moved to Add-On Development. In the future, please make sure your Add-On threads contain content that is accessible by the community and complies with our Add-On Posting rules. Thank you
  14. Thankfully, nope. Just allergies. TUBM knows the mixed blessing that is working from home.
  15. It was last night, but we were playing Blatherround and two turns in a row in the same round were guessed on the first try with only the initial clue. I thought it was hilarious. If you haven't played it, Blatherround is a very simple party game but man is it fun. It's great to finally find something to play with my near-teenager that isn't Minecraft.
  16. Can you link to what you were reading? The Wii, even when it was relevant, is very underpowered and not at all designed to handle the kinds of demands KSP would throw at it. Even if it was, they're not going to push out a new version of a game that's stopped development and onto a retired platform.
  17. Maybe it's going to the launch pad and then hop to the airport. Or maybe it's going to live at a farm up state.
  18. The local airport wanted one, right? Maybe it's on its way there.
  19. A bit of advice on that re-entry. I'm assuming it was fine because the stage you ejected was massive enough to fall faster than your pod. However this is a very easy way to get yourself killed on re-entry. That dropped bit could suddenly want to slow down faster than you, and run full-bore into your heatshield, likely exploding everything. A way to avoid this is when you're close to re-entering (say 80-100km), point your craft in a direction fairly off prograde/retrograde, stage, then turn back to retrograde. I tend to point it a little off normal/antinormal / and then kick the extra bits away. That way if it passes you or falls behind it's very unlikely to smack you.
  20. Update, 0.7 Added nodes for new parts in 1.12 Removed top node for RCS block due to the part variants having 5-way. This line is just commented out, uncomment to get the node back Reworked the Engine plate and tube patches to a much shorter wildcard based method Ugh, fine
  21. That's probably going to be fine. It looks like you have a terrier like my example above. If you switch the dV reading to vacuum, you'll see the dV of your upper stage with the capsule shoot up. You also might want to fire your core engine at launch and just leave the throttle down so you have some real pitch and yaw authority. Would make doing your gravity turn easier.
  22. Not specifically. If the total craft you have in the VAB is showing 3244 m/s, that's not going to be enough to get to Minmus from the pad. What Zhetaan is saying is you need to add another stage under what you have to get it into Kerbin orbit first. Another thing to consider when checking the dV in the VAB is whether or not you're looking at atmosphere dV or vacuum. Some engines are somewhat close. But if you're looking at a stage with, say, a Terrier, it's going to be _vastly_ different as the Terrier is a vacuum optimized engine. Its performance in thick air is terrible. Take this very basic craft I tossed together. At sea level the dV is 667. But in the vacuum of space, it's 2709. Much higher.
  23. I don't know if this still works or not, but it might help you out if it does.
  24. I've done some playing around and I think I have an idea on what's going on. The French version of the game behaves normally with an English keyboard layout. This makes sense, since I'm rather certain that the only difference is the localization file. I checked the keymaps in the French version and it shows [ . ] for Increase Time Warp, [ , ] for Decrease Time Warp, and [ / ] for Stop Time Warp just like the English version. The issue here is that on the French layout the [ . ] and [ / ] are shifted. I think that's what's causing the problem. Although I'm not sure why it's working for you sometimes. I couldn't get it to work at all. The only warp controls I got to work was Decrease Time Warp. I don't know what else to do from there. You could try remapping the warp keys (Main Menu -> Settings -> Input (on the left) -> Game (on the top) to something else and see if that fixes it for you.
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