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  1. Well after some digging, I found the problem. My computer is having some issues with my current amount of RAM , so I bought another 8gb and replaced the 6gb that was there, and that seemed to work, somewhat. However, the game froze on some of the mods, im supposing that the model of the part is not loading correctly. So I completely deleted all of the mods and used CKAN to mod the game for me. I appreciate the help anyways!
  2. I'm not sure why the log still reports 2017, since the folder is labeled with the 2018 timestamp, possibly an error caused by the crash ? Ill try and manually launch the 64x version and see what it does.
  3. So I do have 1.4.3, checked this by launching without mods. I checked the 1.4.3 log location to get the latest log, and I have three files, one of which is a dump file. I don't know which would be the most helpful so I'll just share them all: Download Crash Folder
  4. My KSP program has not been used since 1.2. So now I've come back to it and added my usual mods, and now the game continues to crash no matter what I do. I read the output of the crash file but can't seem to understand what is causing the game to crash. If any of you can help me with this it would be very appreciated! output log: Raw Pastebin
  5. Hello, I am having issues with some mods that shouldn't conflict with each other and yet some mods are not working properly. I have tried countless times to assemble a certain number of mods together and in one case it did work but ksp updated and now it's not working again. I understand that reproducing some mod content requires special permission from the mod creator, and I cant ask for a download, possibly an email would not violate their terms. I have the mod list below. If anyone can help thanks, BTW I just want a single gamedata folder. B9 Aerospace Community Category Kit Community Resource Pack Extraplanetary Launchpads Firespitter Interstellar Fuel Switch JSI KAS Kerbal Joint Reinforcement KerbetrotterLtd KIS KWRocketry Magic Smoke Industries (Infernal Robotics) Mechjeb2 Embedded Near Future Electrical Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar Near Future Spacecraft OPT Planetary Base Inc Planet Shine RCS Build Aid SCANsat Module Manager ASET