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  1. Hello again, Are there any mods which add gravity to asteroids? Thanks
  2. You guys are all awesome, thanks!
  3. Didn't know I could do that, thanks
  4. Hi there, Are there any alternatives to Better Time Warp that work with the latest version of KSP? Thanks
  5. Is this mod still active? ie. is there a version in development for the most recent version of KSP? Thanks
  6. I must echo this. I've used this mod since I started playing and I'm completely lost at docking without it. Mechjeb is an option but it takes the fun out of it, things have to be built just so, and it uses far too much fuel.
  7. Success. I switched my default monitor to one that was plugged into the 1070. This has convinced Windows to run KSP on the 1070. Windoze....
  8. Thanks all, still haven't sussed it. @DoctorDavinci The bios on the computer is really frustrating, I can't find anything on there relating to PCI. I think my next stop is asking on the ASUS forums and see what they can offer.
  9. Thanks guys, guess I'll have to suck it up and make BIOS/Hardware changes. I was hoping to avoid that. Some games let you select the graphics card in the settings. Eve Online for example lets you do this. The only reason I still have the old graphics card in is because I use 3 monitors and they use DVI/VGA and the 1080 only has one DVI slot and the rest HDMI (if memory serves) so it was a lazy way for me to plug them all in.
  10. Hi there, On my PC I have a GTX 670 and a GTX 1080. Obviously I want KSP to use the 1080 but I seem to be unable to make it use this graphics card, it always uses the 670. I've tried to force it with Nvidia settings and with the Windows settings, but it's not working. Any thoughts? Thanks
  11. Hi all, So I'm building some sort of mobile space station at the moment with detachable parts I can land etc etc. I'm only about half way into building it in orbit and the clock is yellow and moving about 1/3rd speed. I understand that there's a lot to calculate with currently 824 parts, but is there anything I can do to speed it up? A few more parts and I wont have the patience to fly it. Thanks
  12. I can almost see the puppet strings
  13. Thanks guys, very helpful. I decided to leave my cat alone and rebuild and that did the job. My wife may kick me instead though with the amount of time I've spent playing this game the last three days.
  14. Well I would swear but I'm not sure if it's allowed and a moderator still has to approve my posts Thanks for your reply, I'm off to kick my cat.
  15. Hi guys, I've been playing KSP for a few days. Totally hooked. Why can't I dock to my space station? I'm perfectly aligned, tried various speeds and I just bounce off the docking port. I'm pretty sure I have the ports the right way. I'm using the docking port sr and the shielded docking port, which is open. Screenshot to confirm I have the Sr docking port the correct way around Any ideas? Thanks