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  1. I had a Post in there, just figured I would check here as well and see if I might have posted in the wrong place. I am going to try and do the whole, Half and Half then Narrow it down from there
  2. That was my next path to take if one could not assist me in finding said issue with a glace at the logs and Data Folder haha, thank you for the advice <3
  3. So I will not fill this with much of the details yet, just in case this is not the place to leave it. If this is the case then Mods just delete the topic and let me know in a message so I know better in the future. It is just a simple crash log review haha. I am not positive where the issue is stemming from. I have installed the mods all by hand and I feel that I have followed the ReadMe.txt as I should have. I did post a topic in (Modded KSP Support) thread but I have not caught as simple as a whisper in there. Should there be somewhere else I need to place the assistance ask? Any
  4. Out Put Log .txt on Scribed The Logs also in downloadable format from Google Drive ;) I have done my best to trouble shoot this, I cannot find out what I have done wrong... sadly. So I have come here to seek wisdom and assistance. It keeps seeming to Crash on the K2 Command Pod, but the game looks to crash in the loader on the KSP Interstellar Fuel Switch Wrapper. So I am slightly lost... this most recent one was the loading after removing KSP-IFS.
  5. I figured this would be a best place if any to ask this question, I am coming from Kurrikane thread @linuxgurugamer. I was wondering; If I would like to keep kerbal's inside say, a Processing lab and let them research for science and be able to return to the KSC and not have them "MIA" on roster or "Recovered" once out of render distance by Stage Recovery. Would this work, FMRS? Or should I build additional Pylons? (Seek Answers Elsewhere.) Thanks for the time and much love on all the mods you upkeep, update, create, and manage <3 I will try to catch you on stream
  6. @blowfish no issues or complaints or anything in this post, just stopping by to give you a thank you high 5. I am off now to get this charity stream rolling <3 stay awesome mate
  7. I think that right there is my biggest problem, I need a better processor but I am gated and stuck with the AMD that is in it for now... -__-
  8. @allista I love this mod... I just wish I was not too stupid to run it hahaha. An example of that would be me trying to get the 'ToOrbit' function to work properly, now I did get it to work... but I would not say I did it 'Correctly'. For whatever reason when I enable smart engines and I let it launch, the engines will just 'Flame Out' after a second. It is even more hilarious if I have the 'SmartEngines' (##Smart Engines-This mode of operation is dedicated to orbital flight, so it is not recommended to enable it while flying on a planet, especially in VTOL-type ship.) on with 'AutoStage'
  9. I will be honest I was lazy and I did not read through the 11+ pages to see if this question has been asked, I tried a General Topic Search and I found 0 results...so with that said I will proceed to my question. I love the Idea of this mod, I downloaded it and I have yet to use it because I have yet to get a space-station in my stream series, but I honestly downloaded it to record missions that would Satisfy Contract Parameters. Those contracts were specifically, 'Tourism' contracts. However, it seems I cannot do what I was hopping I could do, either I cannot or user error means I am too
  10. Mine, just like my Username, is my Streaming personality Icon that I use across all of my social media accounts.
  11. Here be the Streamer and Youtuber that no one knows, this will be the only place where people can see his face. Special Occurrence Indeed.
  12. Landing on the Mun is making me beat my head against the wall... I am exhausted from my long Motorcycle ride today... Monday Nights KSP Modded Stream will probably be a Dumpster Fire.... hahaha Sigh
  13. okay so the simple fix to the Wild Blue Industries 'Research' on body/orbit 'X' would be to just install M.O.L.E. which I am A-Okay with thank @Angel-125
  14. So silly question, I am about knee deep into my career game one my stream and I have had a few people help me. I have the Buffalo installed as a mod because I love it. Sadly I never caught the M.O.L.E. to install and I am not against putting it into the game I am playing however, I am here about the Contracts that seem to be added by WBI. The research ones, it seems to point me to the M.O.L.E. but I was wondering if the BUFFALO was capable of doing them as well? Thanks everyone, also thanks @Angel-125 for some amazing stuff. Necro
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