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  1. Today I "experimeted" with the game to see what I can do to it before it stops working. Here's what I found. 1. Always have clean/stable gamedata folder as a backup. 2. DON'T try putting old mods to newer versions of a game. 3. Surprisingly, part mods that are meant for newer versions usually work just fine when used in old versions 3.5. You can completly replace the parts folder with newer ones (for example parts folder from 1.4 can be replaced with parts folder from 1.8) Now I can finally play my Gameslinx's Planet Overhaul (version 1.4) game with ReStock and new parts installed.
  2. Is this version compatibile with 1.6.1 or with 1.7.1 as the title says? The installation instructions say that they are for 1.6.1, so I'm a bit confused. Could it be theoretically compatibile with 1.6.1? And can you do the mineral sampling without the new DLC?
  3. Today I returned to KSP after some time, launched new expedition to the orbit of Ash. The station that I sent after the crew vehicle arrived to desired orbit around 1 hour earlier than the crew. While they were on their way (about a week or so) I managed to build first part of new surface base that was launched to Armstrong (not the astronaut, but moon of Kerbin from planet pack) the gravity is so low there which means the base can land only using large vernier thrusters. Entire 20t base landed using four RCS thrusters that had 12 kNs of thrust each. When the crew arrived at the Ash space station I checked on my SCANSAT satellite that wasn't working quite properly. *facepalm* its orbit is 10km higher than the point at which the scanning instrument stops working. After returning my crew from orbit of Ash I completed contract and got another one to explore Ash... landing on surface, and a splashdown in its seas. "We don't want vessels near Ash to start running hot. Splash one into ocean. We are pretty sure it isn't flammable." oh yeah, how could the ocean be flammable it is just a ocean of lava, it won't catch on fire any time soon. But how about the spacecraft? But hey, it provides quite a lot of money so why shouldn't I take it.
  4. Once I was messing around in Beyond Home planet pack, testing my new satellite launcher, and then I thought: "WHAT IF... I launched a satellite and then sent it on little stardive. The best thing about this was the fact that the star system has actually TWO stars (not counting Kerbol that is orbiting them) so you can set up gravity assist from one star that will send you on very close pass with the system barycentre (since KSP uses single body gravity calcultions it is actual body). What I didn't expect was that pass around the first star will be so easy, no unlimited heat resistance cheat needed, but after that things started to go werid. My ship started to slow down for no reason, only a few hundreds of Gs. And radiators working on 500% glowing white, and when I turned off the heat resistance cheat, you know what happened.
  5. I was just wondering if there is a way to make the lava lakes on Ash actually glow so they can be seen even on the dark side of the moon.
  6. I thought that the CleverSat agency logo could use a bit of improvement so I edited the old one to look like this: Feel free to use it (since it is your own image...)
  7. Good job, this mod is very well done and it shows how the KSP should really look like. I really like the small things like gas generator exhaust plume on Spark and other engines. Also the parachute rewamp is awesome. They finally fit onto the capsules
  8. I just wanted to ask this
  9. I use this quite simple strategy for docking. It goes as follows: Rendezvous - match inclination, then play with maneuvers to get the right intercept (you can use the + and - orbit buttons when right clicking the node to schedule this properly) Killing relative velocity when closest to target (distance from target is usually less than 1km) Burning towards target and stopping just next to it (around 100m) Targeting the actual docking port you want to use - if both vessels are small ships you can point them at each other and just burn towards it with one, your prograde marker on navball should be right on top of the target marker, if needed correct it using the I, J, K, L keys (this part may take some practise) With small ships the tutorial ends here, for bigger targets (ship to station etc.) follow me! Align the docking ports so they are like in the picture below: (parts next to the red lines are docking ports) Now use IJKL to align the centre point of navball to the target marker Burn towards the target and make sure your prograde marker, target marker and centre point of navball are all aligned, slowly approach the target You should now be docked! Congratulations! If not return to point 5 and try again Few last suggestions at the end: Actually have RCS controls on your ship, if you don't have RCS good luck with docking. Use LOCKED camera mode, you can switch between camera modes with V. Practise docking, it is the best way of improving in it Put docking ports on the Normal/Antinormal sides of the station, this will make the docking port alignment much easier (as shown in the picture) Anyways, I hope that this answer helped you in any way, shape or form.
  10. Today I tried to do a little stardiving, and one thing that I was quite surprised by was that getting Fate encounter is quite easy, and the heating recieved from very close flyby was fairly managable. However the one thing that I didn't expect occured when I was in very close orbit around Barycentre. My ship was somehow under acceleration which shouldn't be possible since I was way above the atmosphere of the Barycentre. Is it possible that Destiny's atmosphere extends beyond ist SOI? Is there a way to explain the acceleration? And yes being close to the Barycentre is very dangerous indeed (radiators working on 500%) Also doing this stardiving doesn't take as much dV as I expected from low Rhode orbit only something around 5000m/s without any gravity assists.
  11. You can use Better Time Warp to edit those settings
  12. Where is the Kraken? By the way very nice build with a lot of details.
  13. You're right, I would probably use LV-T30 for the boosters in normal game, but from "roleplaying as a real space company that actually makes rockets" point of view having the same design on both the main core and boosters makes more sense, because of simplifying development and manufacturing costs etc. This is the way I'm trying to play my career, just like real space companies, launch everything with as few rocket designs as possible. The number of designs is limited by space on my notice-board (for now), which can fit six 30×40cm papers, so this is my limit right now. One funny thing at the end: I don't know if any of my rockets are able to get off Kerbin, because I use Beyond Home planet pack and in it the home planet has smaller gravity than Kerbin (my "Io" design might have a real problem with this)
  14. Only time that I was in KSP today was when I was taking screenshots for this blueprint of my launch vehicle that I use in my career game. Its name is "Europa". For some reason I decided to name my rockets with names of Jovian moons, my next rocket that I'm working on now is named "Io". I have to say... making blueprints is time-consuming, each is about 3 hours of work in Photoshop (Yes, I'm very very slow). Also the .psd file i made the .png from had something like 250MB. I'm planning on printing them as decoration for my room. The mods used in this vehicle are ReStock, ReStock+ and Cryogenic Engines with LF/O plugin. I hope to release those rockets to KerbalX SoonTM.