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  1. Mission: climb the Olympus Kermons. Propably the highest point on Duna. general condition: Pics, or it didn´t happen! Launch, obviously. Separation and preparing vessel for "trans-dunian injection" maneuver. 105 days and finally! Duna! Aerocapture maneuver, altitude set to 30km. Well, still a bit high. Heatshield fairings decoupled. Starting our descent. Landing map with marked target destination. Landing capsule separation. Capsule descent. Parachutes opens 5000m above surface. Landed! Finally! Note Ike above the horizon Time for little snack, before starting the hike. Collecting science while climbing up is a matter of course. Mountain peak reached at 7226m! Read the plaque. Olympus Kermons, highest climbed peak on Duna, believed to be the highest overall. ..... few moments later ... Anybody solved our way back home already?
  2. Destination: Duna, Eastern Canyon.. or any canyon nearby.. or at least Duna. Vessel: Aquarius 1 - completely oxidizer free Final touch of the skilled technician... R&D Team just realised there are more landers than the probe can handle. At least safely After 140 days of deep space hibernation.. Red planet on sight. And Ike with its shaddow as well. Eastern Canyon landing site fly by. Distance: 77km ....... receiving transmission ...... What a panorama! ..... Aquarius 1 out.