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  1. My avatar is a triangle, the second strongest shape. I could protect people from Kombiez.
  2. Granted you now know you have no life and have become a machine. I wish I could go outside at 1AM
  3. Google
  4. YouTube
  5. Sun!
  6. @Ultimate Steve I am friends with @Monkey Taylor and he said he loved this, and that if he could go on the forums he would like these posts, so take the likes as his.
  7. Post whatever special moments you like, when you first landed on the Mun, when you first got into orbit, or landed on Duna! I will show my oldest screenshots my first orbit, in mid-2015; back then I loved the 1.25m parts and hated the 2.5m ones, it took me months to actually do it. [I had EVE and scatterer installed already].
  8. Well, I don't know why, but 1.3 is the least-laggy version I've played on this terrible computer! But I'm playing in 1.2.2 because of Mods. And it's in 64x; It lags substantially more in 1.2.2 .
  9. Unicorn
  10. Somfused Cientist.
  11. Granted, but the dragon gets killed by a volcano in Pompeii. I wish I could go to space.
  12. Non-existent creatures!
  13. Emm... H@$#^LLO