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  1. Post Something to do With It!

    Lysosomal Cans (Trash can)
  2. The Palaeobiology Thread:

    Everyone, say your favourite dino! (Mine: Sinosauropteryx Prima)
  3. The Palaeobiology Thread:

    I know, I know. I believe in that. Question: Do you hate it when people say that dinosaurs didn't have feathers 'cus they want their JP dinos back? 'cus I do. Also, with the T.rex skin thing - "Woohoo! T.rex didn't have feathers! Woo!" - When it was more like - "Okay, looks like T.rex did not have feathers in this location, so it was probably covered in feathers, still, but not there.".
  4. The Palaeobiology Thread:

  5. Huh, now I know what it's like to be a prokaryotic cell (a forum user that used the forums too much at one time, so he decides to come every few days instead of every hour like he used to).

    1. DeltaVerb


      I had cells on my mind since we had to do a report yesterday. :P



  6. Post Something to do With It!

    Catoon (cartoon spelled wrong or a Cat Harpoon, either's fine.)
  7. Auto-Rocket?

    You can't just select a planet with it can you?
  8. Auto-Rocket?

    Yes. But mostly you worry about the trip. But with this, you could put heart's content into making your rocket's aesthetics perfect. The game is a game. It can be whatever you think it is. #LamePepTalk
  9. Post Something to do With It!

    Minecraft (nether)
  10. Auto-Rocket?

    Yes, but this could add another experience. Try to build a rocket with good DeltaV, TWR, Etc...
  11. It would be cool if KSP added a part which auto-pilots a rocket. I know there's MecJeb, but I mean select body, select orbit height... etc. Also, there's a map after "select body" on which you can select landing spot and put "Orbit" or "Landing". What do you think?
  12. Post Something to do With It!

  13. :DSo, you live in the Kraken's Stomak.:P

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. KerBlitz Kerman

      KerBlitz Kerman

      Okay, okay no village just a community who offers to the Kraken in exchange for shelter and entertainment.... 

      You belong there...

      Come join us...

    3. DeltaVerb


      Entertainment how?

    4. KerBlitz Kerman

      KerBlitz Kerman

      By watching Danny2462, what else (besides KSP)?

      No the Kraken doesn't provide internet...

  14. Asteroid Belt

    I do agree, It would make the tracking station map look better, also, I feel the need for a Kuiper Belt, another gas giant, and, a comet. This could be a pack the developers make, so you can install it, for free, to get a better Kerbol System, with clouds etc.
  15. Hey! Glitchgamer12 here!

    I like to know things to get by... (same with me the returning from the Mun)