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  1. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today Ike-1 nearly crashed Landed on Ike, SAS was on Retrograde (when Touchdown with 25m/s) => Suicide Burn: CHECK In the VAB stand a Box texted with "RCS-Thrusters" no one knows for who they are, Jeb now knows where the RCS-Thrusters need to be He goes EVA to the other ship and control it to dock with the Ike-1T (Transfer).
  2. SwissSpace93

    Weird Shaking?

    Delete Physics range extender or get it lower than 200km or something (it says in the menu above 200km can cause glitch) This worked for me but i removed the mod because it makes problems with my Ships.
  3. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Gilly-1 Returned from the first Landings on Gilly. Undock from the Transferstage The first steps on Gilly The crew landed near the anomaly on Gilly, and the Scientisc is going to check it and take some probes of it. The KSC now needs to find out Who SQUAD is (and from which Galaxy they are) Sunflare and Eve Aerobrake at Kerbin
  4. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today i started playing around with kOS, to automate the ascent of my KSS-Shuttle Rocket. I want to make it 100% Automatic so i can run the script and the Rocket docks to the KSS (but first i want to get a Orbit script) the booster staging is working.
  5. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today Jeb Bill and Bob go to the KSS, Jeb broke a solar panel on the Rocket Stage that was staged for reentry. The Kerbals at the VAB had made some bad Staging for The Launch Escape System now they need to fix it. KSS-Shuttle landed just now :D
  6. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today i MapSat(ed) Gilly NASA Countdown Clock LKO: Eve: Gilly:
  7. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I see this and just think what i did: - i build a KerbalSpaceStation KSS - i landed on Mün and Minmus - i sent a rover to Duna - Explorer-1 is travelling to Plock / Karen - scanned some planets with satellites This means i recreated some real missions, but i dont really know that i just recreated Apollo 11 in KSP. When you ever landed on Mün you have recreated a Apollo mission ....
  8. I use Firespitter for 1.4.1 on 1.3.0 It looks good (the electric engine is that what i needed for A manned eve Mission.
  9. I try Firespitter and check if it works with my other mods.
  10. I‘m missing propeller engines in KSP to make some little planes with propellers. Or use solar powered Propellers to fly in Eve‘s atmosphere, because i want to land on Eve. But my Idea was to make a solar plane that flys up and take the Rocket with it so i can save fuel. And the Rocket will stage when it‘s in the higher Atmosphere and do there the Orbit burn. I see some thing that jet engines are blowing on parts and then the parts are rotating, but this uses fuel i need a electric propeller (i want to have a mod, or when there is no mod can i build a propeller with reaction wheels)?
  11. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Dres-1 landed on Kerbin: Explorer-1 did a 1hour Maneuver:
  12. SwissSpace93

    [1.4.x] Transfer Window Planner v1.6.3.0 (March 18)

    I use this mod to find my transferwindows for interplanetary flights, but it calculates wrong to bring back Jeb, Bill and Bob from their Dres-Adventure. The mod give me a return Travel thats 153days to early, to get back on Kerbin. But the dV calculation was not very high, i dont get back home with this dV because the rocket was to early at Kerbins Orbit. with slingshotter and maneuver i found the encounter 153days later. The UT is in year 51, is it possible that tolerances get wrong results, or is the problem just sitting at the computer?
  13. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Today i Landed Jeb, Bill and Bob on Dres Now they are waiting for the Return Transferwindow, before they can get home i change the KSS-Crew and refill the Life support. This time it looks good to return to Kerbin with 2100m/s dV (with Lander docked, but it left it in Dres Orbit) The Rockets at the KSC Jeb, Bill and Bob on Dres
  14. Ok good to know, i got the 1.4.3 and Mission Builder Expansion Pack. It looks nice when i finished my Dres Mission in 1.3.0 i‘m going to do some Missions in 1.4.3
  15. SwissSpace93

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Explorer-1 continued his journey to Plock (not optimal transfer) it tooks 133 years from now until it arrives at Plock. The Dres-1L (Lander) Rocket looks finished now, i need to check it with dV and RCS (i like to forget RCS and realise it in Orbit )