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  1. Hello Today i made a Special Tutorial about how you can get into LKO with MechJeb, the reason I did this isn't actually to show you how to deal with MechJeb. Tip: pay attention to the upper left corner, and to the music
  2. I tested the Extraplanetary Launchpads (i hyperedited it to Minmus in my KerbalTest Programm) and build my Moho-Lander rocket, with 14km/s DeltaV and tried to fly near the sun The Launchpad mod is very glitchy (KSP 1.3) i cant go to IVA and have no Kerbal Portraits shown, after this it gets down to 1FPS and then it crashed . Maybe i have done something forbidden so KSP stopped me from prooving that Kerbol is flat (even the "alt-F12" KSP-Cheats dont work).
  3. I tested it at my i7 6700K at 4GHz it takes 1:50min to load KSP at 4.5GHz it takes 1:38min to load the core amount makes the game faster a little bit, 1 Core at 4.5GHz the MET flashes green/yellow. At 4GHz and 1 Core the MET is yellow when i give all cores to KSP the MET is green. is there are option in 1.3.0 to show the FPS? I play this KSP-Version without steamoverlay, to prevent automatic updating.
  4. After Breaking Ground release, i found the Mod Surface Experiments Package. And get the half DLC for free, i dont need some new EVA-Suits. There are so many mods i dont have, so i can play with them for a very long time on 1.3. When a big change comes (much better performance, etc.) i think about to Update on that Version.
  5. I'm interested in how many people are already playing the latest version, or for what reason are still playing an older version? Tell it in this topic and choose the version you mainly play in the poll. Now to me: I play mainly on my modded KSP 1.3.0 because i dont used CKAN for the mods and i dont want to upgrade all these mods manually, i just stay on 1.3.0. When i finished the exploration of my OPM 1.3.0 i think to start something with another special Solarsystem-mod in the newer Versions this time only with CKAN.
  6. Today i doing science: I reserached the effects of FTL-Engines for the Kerbals and the Solar system Rayfel Kerman breaks the Speed record with 2'104'613'656'770'208 times the lightspeed. Now it is forbidden to do EVA's while a FTL-Engine is running (only allowed to break Rafel Kermans speedrecord) The FTL-engines bring many more problems with it, even when they travelling slower than light: Result: DO NOT USE A FTL-Engine! It breaks your KSP
  7. Story mode: This will be interesting but when it collides, the game will be over? Story mode is the best when there are ai Competitors in example on Laythe, they looking for Life in Space and when you upgrade your Tracking Station they detect Signals from Kerbin and check it out. And the first contact with you and the ai will define if you get friends and explore togeter or the ai will fight you (you can transmit Information and can get information from the AI Kerbals, but think what you transmit and what not). In Example: Landing on Laythe before you have contact wil be a invasion of Kerbin Kerbals, and the Laythe Kerbals will fight again the player. (I serached for a mod 1.3.0 that adds AI Kerbals on other planets, but i dont find anyone)
  8. I only have MH but i have not really played it (only 1-2hours) because i missing the 1.3.0 Mods there, so the DLC just was there and i dont use it. I think from the Videos that BG is the better one, but i dont like the new looking parts in the newer versions. I have 1.3.0 and i dont think about to update it (too many mods and no CKAN). I dont know why i should pay for a Breaking Ground DLC when i can download Surface Experiments Package for free in my favorite KSP Version 1.3.0, it's good that they make something for KSP. BUT i dont like that they just "copy" mods and make DLC's with it, in the worst case KSP will be locked for Modding and TakeTwo makes many DLC's for Money.
  9. I use OPM too and think the long travel times are not very bad, i use the Kerbal Alarm Clock mod to stop time warps when a other Mission needs me (fly a maneuver ..). I can do other missions at the same time i only send probes out there now the next will be some Kerballed Missions to Sarnus. When you use the Alarmclock-Mod: You can fly to Eve while the Plock-Crew is on their way, and you set a Alarm for the point where the Plock ship is going into Plocks SOI. So you cannot forget the Plock Encounter or prevent the Eve-Mission to burn in Eves atmosphere while warping for the Plock Mission.
  10. Today the Mün-2 Crew retuned to Kerbin The Engineers forget to add some RCS to the Lander, so they come up in LKO to add them. They have not much time and need to return after the Work is done. After the RCS is installed and the Engineers landed on Kerbin, the Mün-2 Crew prepares the Maneuver to Mün. Goodbye Kerbin. After 1 Kerbalday the Mün-2 arrives at the Mün, the Half full Kerbin rises above the Mün. They get a target crater to place the SEP-Station. The Landing was very critical at the last 1000 meters the Lander was to fast, the crew used RCS to brake more than the engine. The Lander has 540m/s dV left after it landed, but luckily the RCS is now installed. The SEP-Station is doing some science now, the Crew completed the Mission now they need to come back home. Start was successful with RCS the Mün-2 reached a stable Orbit arround the Mün, now it's time to Dock with the Orbiter. Kerbin is now about 90% full as they returned from Mün back to Kerbin. Back in Kerbins upper atmosphere it's Time to Burn Retrograde to slow down the Ship, at apoapsis they make a stable Orbit to get time for a Landing place (somewhere in the water) Reentry was successful after the Parachutes opened the Mission was a 100% Success, the SEP-Station is collection Science at the Mün and the Crew waits for the Rescue from the Kerbin Sea.
  11. Today Mün-2 started to the second Mission to the Mün in my KSP In LKO they realised that the RCS-Thrusters are not on the spaceship, they are in the Box at the VAB , so someone is going the get there and attach the RCS thrusters like the Kerbals at the Mission Control calculated it.
  12. In arround 50 Kerbal years i need to do this with my Explorer-1 to get into Plock orbit.
  13. Yesterday evening i tested my KSP Reentry, it was broken last week (dont know why). now it works again. Video of the Reentry
  14. Thatmo Probe has arrived at Thatmo and send some Data back to Kerbin. Thin Atmosphere and only 77.5 Kelvin
  15. It's interesting that this mod i just installed on my KSP 1.3.0 yesterday looks to 95% the same as the new Breaking Ground Surface Stations.