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  1. 137Years after Launch Explorer-1 arrived at the Plock-Karen System.
  2. I just decided to delete the file "terrain.dll" now it works the textures are back as they need to be.
  3. I use E.V.E on KSP 1.3.0 and now the texture of Mün is mixed with kerbins textures. And every other planet has the Mün Tetuxres on it. How i can fix this? I donwloaded the configs for but it dont fixed it (there is no terrain config file). Have someone a fixe terrain config?
  4. Hello i want to start a new career Mode, in a very new Version of KSP, that support some Mods: Realistic ASET Props Cockpits sounding rockets to reserach the atmosphere (like it was in real life done) Deadly reentry EVE Visual effects i Think about to get the Breaking Ground DLC for KSP Which Version do you use with Mods?
  5. Jool-1 returned from Bop & Pol Landings. Launching to the 6 Years Adventure: After the longest Transfer the Kerbals ever made, they arrived at Jool and Tylo helped the Jool-1 Crew to get into Orbit arroung Jool The Landing on Bop was very easy, Jeb looked for the anomaly but he dont find it and Jeb was too Lazy to find it the Satellite-cameras are broken and there was no Anomaly. Pol has one important job to do he destroyed the Empty Rocket stage, for that the Crew checked the status of the Atomic Engines (they wer
  6. Today i tried to break the KSP is was doing very important Science stuff:
  7. Today i launched al Jool-1 Rockets into LKO After this i get this nice Video about the four Rocket boosters, that dont want to fly to Jool
  8. Today i fixed my jool-1 Rockets (changed to Ion-Drive) After that i messed arround doing Sceince at the Kerbal test Program: 88 Ion-Engines have the power to light up Kerbins Surface The Kerbals are now blinded from the massive Engine light emissions (that probably can go through spaceship walls )
  9. Today i Launched the Empty Crew Stage for the Jool-1 Mission, the Crew arrive just before the transfer window to Jool opened. The Jool-Moon-Transfer-Stage is the next one that get into LKO, after it the two Landers are flying to LKO I checked in my Testworld how the Rocket does in LKO with 100% Fuel Why this Stupid Rocket has only 3.5km/s (The Return Stage has no fuel inside)
  10. Today The Jool-1 Transfer Module passed the Test at the KSC's Simulation Center, next step is to build the Big Rockets and Life Support Modules for 6-7 Years. The Jool-1 Mission bring the first Kerbals to Vall, Bop and Pol. It is the First time that Kerbals enter a Jool-Orbit
  11. I was testing some FTL-Egines (Stock mainsail Engine with thrust = 10000000000000000000000000000000000000) DO NOT go on EVA when travelling very fast and spinning arround, here's why You can do this without hack the Parts (Better Timewarp Mod needed): Activate Cheats (no Crash Damage, Ingore Max Temp..) Land on Jool Make a new physics warp (max. x1000 or higher) Physics warp when parachute is deployed (with the x1000 Warp) The Physics is still x4 but the Lander travells faster and can go underground the Cheats
  12. Today i tried to build a very big Rocket to transport the Jool-1 Bop Module into LKO After this the radial decouplers Broke and the inner part of the Rocket flies to LKO (more Modules and the crew are coming up there later)
  13. Hello Today i made a Special Tutorial about how you can get into LKO with MechJeb, the reason I did this isn't actually to show you how to deal with MechJeb. Tip: pay attention to the upper left corner, and to the music
  14. I tested the Extraplanetary Launchpads (i hyperedited it to Minmus in my KerbalTest Programm) and build my Moho-Lander rocket, with 14km/s DeltaV and tried to fly near the sun The Launchpad mod is very glitchy (KSP 1.3) i cant go to IVA and have no Kerbal Portraits shown, after this it gets down to 1FPS and then it crashed . Maybe i have done something forbidden so KSP stopped me from prooving that Kerbol is flat (even the "alt-F12" KSP-Cheats dont work).
  15. I tested it at my i7 6700K at 4GHz it takes 1:50min to load KSP at 4.5GHz it takes 1:38min to load the core amount makes the game faster a little bit, 1 Core at 4.5GHz the MET flashes green/yellow. At 4GHz and 1 Core the MET is yellow when i give all cores to KSP the MET is green. is there are option in 1.3.0 to show the FPS? I play this KSP-Version without steamoverlay, to prevent automatic updating.
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