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  1. I am sure there was a way to use both MKS and simple construction but only need rocket parts from ground construction to build with but I cant seem to find the patch/cfg info to do so. has any one else done this? (turn of MKS crafting system and enable the simpler ore to metal to rocket parts of ground construction)
  2. things I should really do...finish the first pack....things I am not doing...finishing the first pack...
  3. ??? I cant seem to get a productivity rating out of any of the parts. iv checked every guide and post in this and the old thread and....im doing every thign I should. I have kerbals in pods that have productivity ratings but always have a rating of 0....do I need engs? do pilots and sic not work?
  4. Ahhhh ok. If you ever want to learn let me know it’s all just doing it and learning in the end. The moding community is really compassionate in KSP or that’s been my experience with it.
  5. xD none of us really do when we start. can you do digital art? I suck at the art part of it but I can at least make the models
  6. I have no idea. But I'll have to get better at modeling and texture art to do that. Doing these old dropships in part to practice. If your up to colaberating on making these ones let me know and I can work on parts for them with you.
  7. That is an awesome ship and I do have plans for some landing arm/thrusters like that it doesn't fit I'll n this pack or my current skill level but I would love to create a high sci-fi pack like that some time!
  8. TEST RELEASE UPDATE!!!!!!!!!! -----The Hyper Alpha Test Release----- testing/suggestions/cfg tweaks welcome and requested! This Hyper Alpha Test Release is more a place holder/Preview section as though all parts exists and most function correctly in the game tweaks and tests need to be done to get them working. feel free to play around with settings and suggest changes/submit your .cfg files to be used/reviewed. https://spacedock.info/mod/1853/DropShipPartsPack (DSPP)?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E ---------Parts List---------- No Lights Implemented Yet (wor
  9. Ya bit chaotic here can't believe how long it's been gota get at least the first part pack out now that the battletech game has dropped. And saw the thread was marked as unused -_-
  10. sooooo are these mission available in a standard campaign or are they a separate game mode? If they are part of the main game can they be used like a story line mode to unlock parts and galactic events?
  11. @JadeOfMaar xD sorry jade but due to my loss of my artist (wife looked at it and said "that's paint by numbers") AND my love of table top currently we are going with no or very little texture and then I'll release some UV maps with guides and see how it goes before open release. Also.... HAIL THE SCALE BANANA!
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