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  1. @JadeOfMaar xD sorry jade but due to my loss of my artist (wife looked at it and said "that's paint by numbers") AND my love of table top currently we are going with no or very little texture and then I'll release some UV maps with guides and see how it goes before open release. Also.... HAIL THE SCALE BANANA!
  2. DEV UPDATE: PART IT OUT! All basic parts (except the landing legs) are in the game and ready for fine tuning!!!! ....wait where is the texture they are all blank!!!! that's right. at this point in time due to the loss of my artist all the parts will be blank and you will be able to create your own custom textures by coloring in the provided files! if any one is up to the task or posts there textures here id be more then happy to consider them for the default textures. Rockomax Fuel tank for scale
  3. DEV UPDATE: JUST LEAF IT ALONE! updated progress/planing tree and broke parts pack into multiple add-ons finalizing funtion/animation of current structural parts.
  4. Glad to hear that the first parts (basic engs and Manatee class parts) should be coming out early next month if all goes well! Update! Boots the current maintainer/developer of ESLD Jump Beacons Revived has agreed to allow us to use his mod as a dependency for our jumpship parts! Jumpship parts will be an add-on pack to our dropship parts so you may use just dropships with out any dependency if you like but it will be designed with using jumpships to move from galaxy to galaxy in mind as per-cannon Battletech.
  5. DEV UPDATE: WARP FACTOR 5 MR. DATA No parts info or sneak peaks at this time just announcing that warp and/or jump drives will be included in the mod (as some of the last parts) as we will be finishing with the Jumpships to enable practical To Boldly Go and other galaxy games
  6. Ok we (me basically) trying to standardize our textures to be stock alike and we are looking for reference textures/images on how to make stock alike textures. If any one has any they are willing to share so we can build our own textures to be stock alike?
  7. I'm trying to make a mod pack but surprise i suck at making textures so I'm looking for some stock or stock alike textures i can use as references. Does any one have any stock alike textures they are willing to allow me to use as REFERENCES on how to make stock alike textures?
  8. update! WE HAVE A WORKING PART! still need textures and decent non-stock effects (because none of them are big enough) but we have a working part at least! this is the Manatee Thruster MK2. Designed as Supplementary eng it will have a high TWR but no gimble and provide the punch you need to leave even the highest gravity planets and help lift the biggest payloads (in groups)
  9. Iv often wondered if Aliens drew inspiration from mechwarrior/battletech so many of the human crafts in the early movies would fit in perfectly with mech/battletech designs
  10. thank you DSTaal thats an even biger help
  11. ahhhhhhhh That is what i wanted to know. Thank you. .....now to look into how to add gold and gold ore to the CRP
  12. @Dewar is there a setting on my end that would make gold and/or gold ore show up in the community resource pack or....what ever it is that lets me use configurable cargo containers like USI Kontainers
  13. AWESOME! THANKS! had to stop using it due to eventually being washed out with even just 3 other stars can start using it again thank you!
  14. I don't see any mention of it but felt I would ask any ways. has the lighting bug that makes every thing bright as a million suns at any distance been solved?
  15. BattleTech/Mechwarrior DropShip Parts Packs [WIP] Authors: @wenth Helpers: (people that helped my dumb kerbal butt figure this all out) -Damon (for helping me get the dam parts to show up at all) -Krakatoa (for helping me with smoke and flame FXs) -JadeOfMar (for generally always sticking his nose in and letting me know when im not even asking the right question) Mod Developers/Makers/Maintainers: (pepole whos assets we have used or used to make the game work) -Boots (Developer/Maintainer of the ESLD Jump Beacons Revived mod originally made by TMarkos) for allowing us to use his mod for a dependency in our Jumpships pack and answering any questions we had about dependency/part creation involved there in. Mod Integration/Dependency/Optional Dependency: -ESLD Jump Beacons Revived (approved) -TweakScale (pending permission) Work/Progress/Status Tree Phase One: Basic Thrusters, Manatee Parts and Art Standardization Phase Two: Bigger Bolder Rounder! Phase Three: UTILITY! Phase Four: To Boldly Go!/Jumpships add-on pack Phase Five: Polish a turd Bonus Phase: Plus Ultra! Planed Packs Core/Core Supplements Addons Opening: I have always loved the BattleTech universe and the Mechwarrior series that goes along with it combine that with my love of KSP and my predisposition to building massive drop ships for package delivery and habit of making giant payloads that can only really be dropped via skycrane It feels natural for me to try and bring the massive scale of battletech drop ships to KSP with a parts pack! With that in mind how ever this is my first parts pack and true attempt at modding AND my first time using these (3ds max student) modeling programs with only a background in 3D printing and CADD its slow going and any help is welcome! And no we will be focusing on more then just clan wolf they just happen to be my favoret/first clan. LOW POLY! This mod takes its style and inspiration from the entire world of mechwarrior/battletech but its model are more in the style of mechwarrior 2 (my first mechwarrior game and indoctrination into clan wolf) Parts Inspirations/goals: Our first Parts goal is to make a Spheroid drop ship (BUT WAIT SPHERES ARE HARD!) True but we are going to cheat here and make the Manatee first! Spheroid in classification only its more like a fancy fuel tank in design! At this point in time we have no goals to make actual mechs (sorry) our fallowing goals should we succeed in creating the Manatee is to move on to the Leopard Areodyne drop ship Parts/Ship Logic: Our first ship will be split into 3 or 4 sections for simplicity sake -Base (holding the thrusters and flat or snap points for legs to be designed at a later date) -The Hanger (taking up the bulk of the center section) -Fuel tanks (taking up the remainder of the center and forming most of the top -The Bridge (capping off the ship and holding the pilots/crew) Parts NOT included I have no intention to add guns or lasers or any thing like that sadly. HOW EVER! I do plan on leaving snap points for them so you may use any of the existing weapons mods or make your own should you feel up to the task! Help is welcome as this is our first attempt at a mod any one wanting to help cfg or model or test is welcome to do so! Impossible Fantasy (ya......not going to happen I dont even know what its called yet, but let me dream)