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  1. News on Xbox re release?

    I appreicate the information. I knew that it was under development, however I wasn't aware they were going through blitzworks. I've seen some of the port work they do and it's very good, so my hopes are high! I'll make sure to keep an eye out on the forums and things for updates. I can't wait for the console re release, but I'd rather not rush perfection thanks @Mako
  2. News on Xbox re release?

    Hey squad, a friend of mine just introduced me to KSP last night, and we had a blast, and I intended to buy it on console this morning to play it at home for myself, however I saw that sometime in the past you guys pulled it from Xbox and psn shelves, which I understand. However the last news I can find regarding this was in may. Any updates on that? Maybe there is a link I haven't found yet that you could show me? Please and thank you! I hope to be catapaulting Jebodiah and his friends into space soon, -Ace