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  1. easytarget

    KSP Acquired by Take-Two Interactive

    Wonder if every future game includes the possibility of micro-transactions in current titles like KSP? http://www.pcgamer.com/take-two-wants-recurrent-consumer-spending-opportunities-in-every-future-game/#comment-jump
  2. easytarget

    Objects In Space

    Just ran across this article today, looks like it might be an interesting title to check into when it releases: https://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2017/07/30/objects-in-space-blasts-off-early-next-year/
  3. easytarget

    New guy needs help

    Same here, when I hear Battlefront I immediately assumed we were talking the Combat Mission series. Btw, they're quite good simulation level games and worth checking out. Bit pricey, but then war games often are strangely enough.
  4. Probably design, like I said, first stab at it. Still find it ironic kerbals are so challenged in how to properly pave a runway.
  5. As a complete newb I took a stab at making a plane last night for the first time and had a great time crashing my creations, one thing I discovered I wasn't expecting is the original airstrip is quite bumpy to the point at least for me of being unusable, so much so that I've abandoned working on planes until I upgrade it.
  6. easytarget

    Newb Forum

    Has there ever been any thought given to creating a forum specifically for clueless people like myself to ask the countless (and no doubt repetitive) questions we're prone to asking as we work our way through this wonderful game? That way a patient seasoned vet or two could pop their head in occasionally and answer the questions and all of us new to the game could hash through discussions about what we're running up against or clueless about w/o cluttering up the other forums like gameplay questions and tutorials? Hey, just a thought by a clueless noob, treat with kid gloves and don't punch me too hard asking.
  7. easytarget


    Thanks man, appreciate the response, just what I needed.
  8. easytarget


    I've done a quick search here and found an old thread that I think basically said you can cancel contracts w/o penalty, or at worst minimal penalty. As a newb who has just started I have a somewhat similar question so I can determine the most effective strategy to adopt with contracts that are about to expire (currently I have one that's about to I guess disappear, or be held against me for not completing in 5 hours): so, the question is this: should I accept the contract even if I'm sure I can't complete it (this one is a survey and I'm pretty sure I'm not going to be able to figure out how to get to it yet with my limited knowledge, and I'm not looking for clues as to how to handle it, want to figure that out on my own or fail on my own trying), or should I reject these I'm pretty confident I can't complete either due to time or limited skill because that will do the least damage to me financially and in terms of my reputation? Sorry for the run on paragraph...and thanks in advance for the help.
  9. easytarget


    Ha, what do you know, I've run into a few other easytargets over the years but never a purpletarget and no, no relation I'm aware of. My nickname dates all the way back to Quake clan days, specifically a little niche community of players in a game called LMCTF. Good times, good times. Thanks for the welcome aboard!
  10. I'm new here so feel free to ignore my 2 cents accordingly, but I'll throw them in just the same, I don't see this being a MP game. Also, everything in the world that's released as a game doesn't, just because it's a trend currently, have to be released with an MP component. It's also a fad of late to make everything indie a rogue-like even if that game design element isn't needed in every single game release nor that it even necessarily makes an enjoyable game experience, sometimes it and sometimes it doesn't. This industry has a bad habit of piling on an idea till it's applied too far and wide even in places where it doesn't fit. Same happens with MP. It's ok, in fact it's more than ok, to have games that are SP. The time and energy of development can then be exclusively about putting in more content for SP.
  11. easytarget


    Hello all, Just joined the forum after picking up the game during the last steam sale and fired it up this weekend. I know I'll have questions so I've joined the forum to search for them and post questions when I can't quite find the answers I need (or think I need). So far I've managed to run through most of the tutorials, started a career campaign and got off the ground with a launch (there have been some unfortunate accidents already as well, but all in the name of good clean fun and science). Thanks in advance seasoned vets for your patience in answering questions which over time I'm sure have come to look very familiar. Easytarget