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  1. I have resolves the issue. It seems that some how that some of the ports were in the wrong state. I thank you all but would like to give special thanks to genericeventhandle for his recommendation of KML. KML not only made it easy to fix the issue but it detected the issues when I loaded the save file. The issue was more widespread than I thought affecting about 30 ports on several different ships. Brewing I can link my saves with the issue and after the issue was resolved but i am guessing that wont help as it appears we know what the file will look like once the issue exist. I will keep an eye out for it again and give as much detail leading up to it as a novice can.
  2. To clarify, when i select on the 2 docked ports. the one on the main ship side gives me the option to Undock but i get no action when i press it. That option disappears but the ports stay attached. the mated port in the attached ship does not give me the option to Undock but as i have checked other docked ships this seems to be normal. However it shows Locked before and after i have pressed the Undock button on the other port. And no struts on or near ports and they are the Clamp-o-Tron default ports. I loaded an old save from weeks before the issue started and this issue now exist in that instance also. This affects all docking ports on all of my current ships. But to add a level of ???? if I build a new ship the ports function correctly but they give the the option to decouple node and not undock until i have separated them once and then redocked. But even after that they still function properly. I can't seem to get the debug window to come up using alt-F12 or alt-FN-F12 but if this is unrelated it is for another time. I am going to look into "bewing's" answer and see if this helps. Thank you all for your post!
  3. I have an issue that just started a few days ago. I have searched for another post and looked at possible hotkeys that i may have pushed with no luck. My Clamp-O-Tron Docking ports won't undock. They will still dock ok but not undock. I have reloaded and even loaded an older quicksave and still no luck. Any ideas? I do have Konstruction installed but i have not started building with its ports yet. I am running version 1.3.9. Loaded Mods: Community Category Kit Ver Community Resource Pack Ver. Easy Vessel Switch Ver. 1.3.0 Firesplitter Core Ver. 7.6.0 KAS ver. KIS Ver. 1.5.0 Konstruction ver. MechJeb 2 ver. MechJeb and Engineer for all ver. Module Manager ver 2.8.1 USI Tools ver.
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