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  1. Star Wars Episode 8 discussion (Spoilers, Duh)

    This Legends from the Star Wars Wiki but: Hyperspace collisions, whether they be intentional or by accident, could devastate or even destroy a planet. Considering the fact that the output of the reactors of many Capital ships rivaled or eclipsed that of a star, and that the energies needed to make hyperspace travel possible were vast, one could unleash a great deal of destructive power on a target. Even if a planet had its planetary shielding up at the time of a hyperspace collision, it could still have the potential to kill millions on a world such as Coruscant just due to the fallout.
  2. The Duna Enterprise - Dialogue

    @GarrisonChisholm If you are still interested i think it would be a cool thing to todo
  3. Here is my attempt. Pics are in the album.
  4. My mother passed away ... so I made her a star

    I am so sorry @Azimech
  5. Galileo's Colonials

    @The-Doctor you just can't catch a break.
  6. First Flight (Chapter 87 - Family Tree).

    Really liked that chapter.
  7. First Flight (Chapter 87 - Family Tree).

    @KSK You're welcome, this is an amazing story by the way it is truly awesome to see someone take so much time to world build for such an awesome story. Can't wait for more!
  8. [1.3] The Malemute Rover [0.2.0]

    Hey @RoverDude the wheels spin but will not move in 1.3
  9. The New Colonial Alliance

    Hey Guys could I help design and manufacture if you still need it