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  1. Hmm, xscience is showing that the data doesn't have any value either, not sure if that's something to do with RSS etc. or what.
  2. Just ran a little test, turns out that the science value was 0 anyway so it won't be an issue with kerbalism or a conflict with another mod. I assume it's a RO/RSS thing that makes science around the KSC have a value of 0. Slightly odd, but I suppose milking science like that isn't very realistic. Thanks for the help though!
  3. Ah, well I'm not getting the transmitted science at all. Ummm...because I like the Remotetech system and I know how it works? I don't know haha
  4. Ah I see, so although science is transmitted from the vessel, it requires "analysis" before your science points increase and you're able to use it for R&D? This is despite the fact that the data is of reusable experiments (Barometer, thermometer and telemetry analysis)?
  5. Yes, data is going down, there just isn't a science point increase once I go back to the space centre.
  6. Having an issue where flagging science for transmission doesn't add to the science value. If I don't transmit it and recover the vessel instead, then the science value is actually added. Not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's a bug. EDIT: Should probably mention this is KSP 1.2.2 in an RSS/RO/RP-1 career. Version 1.2.8 of Kerbalism, with the signal and automation modules disabled (as I have RemoteTech and KOS installed).
  7. Could be a kopernicus issue, it is the only constant in the situation. Other than ksp itself
  8. Yeah I've tested very briefly with other stellar planet packs, the same kinda thing happens, so it's probably not because of you haha. It's just really irritating when your sat network dies cos it wants to point at far off stars lmao
  9. Okay, downloaded a fresh copy of Extrasolar. Here's my GameData folder: Valentine blocked by kerbin, sun in full view, panels are fine. Sun blocked by Kerbin, Valentine in view. Panels orient towards Valentine Valentine now blocked by Kerbin, Sun in full view. Panels stay oriented towards Valentine no matter how much time I give them to rotate. The only way to refresh it is to manually rotate the entire ship towards the sun, then they are mostly fine, though sometimes there's an odd panel that refuses to look away from Valentine (even if Kerbin is blocking it?). Until the Sun is blocked again.
  10. Okay, tested it with just Extrasolar and kopernicus (with some aesthetic mods, EVE etc.). Same behavior continues. The panels point towards Valentine even when Valentine is blocked by Kerbin and the Sun is in full view. Any suggestions? Oh, also the current issue is with the stock 1x6 extendable solar panels, not sure about the others.
  11. I have many other mods installed haha, at least 100, I don't think any of them affect stock solar panel behaviour? I'll test it with just extrasolar (and required mods) when I get back home and see if the behaviour continues. And yes, latest version of kopernicus.
  12. Hi, Not sure if this is something that can be fixed by the mod author, but solar panels are doing weird things. They seem to prefer rotating towards Valentine instead of the Sun, despite the fact the Sun is far closer? (This is while in keostationary orbit around Kerbin). Is there any way to change solar panels' priority of star choice? EDIT: Should probably mention this is in KSP 1.3 with the latest version of Extrasolar