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  1. There is no arrow? it's specifically with the sounding rockets experiment packages, they show that they can partially translate but it then I get a message that it has to be processed in a lab?
  2. Does anyone know a way to get the engines and command pods to be compatible with Kerbalism? I can't add oxygen or any other life support resources to the pods and the engines all have unlimited restarts and no ulage, but all the other parts seem to work just fine, fuel tanks and transmitters all. What's even more confusing is I have some legacy parts from other mods that (miraculously) still work even though they haven't been updated in years and they work just fine with kerbalism. Is there a patch file or something I can download?
  3. I ended up updating everything to 1.3 and removed the extra magicore, and that seems to all be working, except all of my ships in my build list are gone, and my launch pad is back to level one. alright, that's fine, better than losing everything the rocket production facility probably caught fire or something. err, except there's been another issue. when I went to upgrade my launch pad I first tried to turn off the upgrade times and it wouldn't upgrade, and just said "This is already being upgraded" so then I turned upgrade times back on, requested the upgrade again, and it worked but also then gave me a whole bunch of money. like, it wouldn't stop giving me money, I had to quit the game because it rolled over into thousands of millions. I guess that's a devbuild bug, I'm not sure if it'll keep going when I start it back up.
  4. So I'm still playing a 1.2.2 game, and last night I noticed that CKAN had listed an update for KCT, and I also for the first time noticed the Scrapyard Mod, hurray, reusable parts! except now KCT is broken, I'm not exactly sure what happened, CKAN lists the update as being compatible up top 1.2.2, mod version I also installed Scrap Yard version which was listed as 1.2.2 compatible. I've since tried to manually install devbuild #26 but the problem remains, my build list is gone, and the KCT window cannot be interacted with, and I get this very ominous message: http://imgur.com/2OuHeCc