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  1. Totally agree. It feels like a real rescue operation, like you're using some space version of the "jaws of life". It's more work but more rewarding.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! I love this mod, btw Yes, you are right, I had "Health Modules" unchecked I get your same numbers for the SSPX parts if I have "Connected" checked, but with it unchecked I get a higher HP loss I get your number for the Hitchhiker if I have "Connected" unchecked, but with it checked I get -3 HP
  3. I'm using this mod with Stockalike Station Parts and finding that the space rating and effects on confinement too low Using an Mk1-3 pod with 3 Kerbals ONLY Confinement selected for Factors I attached the following modules: Module Space Hp lost per day Mass Cost stock Hitchhiker Storage Container (4 crew) 4.6 2 2.5t 4000 PXL-2 'Shelter' (6 crew) 3.6 2.5 3.8t 6000 PXL-1 'Hostel' (12 crew) 4.2 2.1 7.5t 12000 PFD-A 'Dirigible' (18 crew) 4.8 1.9 9.8t 20700 I edited the MM patch file and tripled the Space rating for SSPX parts which yielded better results for those but made some of its smaller modules OP Does anyone have a MM patch file that makes more sense? Thanks
  4. I'm also having those issues In addition, planetary graphics were affected and the button for Trajectories would not spawn its window. I'll try and post more data when I get time
  5. Might want to look into using the thrust limiter
  6. Gorgeous Thanks! What about for big SSTOs?
  7. You've worn a stillsuit before? Your desert boots are fitted slip-fashion at the ankles. Who told you to do that?
  8. Your approach makes me interested in building SSTOs again!
  9. Thanks for the reply I have 1.4 set as compatible, 1.4.x mods are installable and the relationships tab shows no issues. Very strange! Its not a big deal as I'm installing/uninstalling by copying/removing its directory from GameData I just want to know whats happening
  10. Any idea why CKAN has started thinking its incompatible? Other 1.6.1 mods are fine
  11. Starter Mun station. Has a Mobile Lab plus Hitch-hiker Storage with Cupola Modules for added living space. Currently have 2 scientists, 2 pilots and an engineer on staff there. Docked to the middle right is a 7 person shuttle that brought them there. At the very top is a "tug" which pushed the living assembly (hitch-hiker storage) over from Kerbin. Two landers are docked near the middle there but I will be upgrading them as they barely if even have enough DV to land and rendevous.
  12. Love this mod! I can't help but feel it should have been part of the base game. I'd definitely miss it. How were the sounds "Kerbalized"? My guess is that the pitch is raised and they are played backwards. I've heard some that didn't sound backwards though.
  13. Wow, fantastic post worthy of body parts first-borns! (I'll hold on to mine for now though ) I just wanted to be the 938382889 person to thank Keptin Thank you, sir!