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  1. The forum is based on the Social Network System named 'NAVER Cafe.' Even if someone makes a new forum, the person won't call as the 'owner'. Even the offical rules of NAVER Cafe doesn't talk about the owner, but the 'president'. Many forums members elects new president or staffs after their time is over. Then the new staffs do the job that the members want to do. So as a result, he is not the owner but the president....same as Trump is not the owner of the America. Also.....yeah....I know I can't get any help from this forum. But I just want to make sure the players that they shouldn't visit the forum even they are invited. In addition, if I have made you confused, I'll apologize to you about my fault. And.... now the members are making new forum. I think I should move to there. Anyway....thank you very much to reply to my writing. I wish this forum won't become like the forum.....Have a nice day:(
  2. The forum has over 12 thousand members. It has over 5 years long history. Also the most of them doesn't see that the forum is owned by him. He didn't work at all until few days ago. So you can see that the forum has been grown by 12000 normal members. Also the forum is leading Korean players of KSP in S.Korea. The forum has similar system with this forum but it is also democratic system. The members are making Korean language pack for KSP. In addition, I heard the they sent the pack to the development team of KSP. The forum had worked well with democratic system by the members until his dictatorship started. You should know that Koreans has thought the democracy VERY VERY important since 1960 when the first president of S.Korea stepped down by democratic rally. I hope the whole players to notice that even Korean forum isn't as big as this forum, but it is the biggest democratic KSP forum in S.Korea which has 12000 members and it's not owned by any person. Have a nice day:(.
  3. Hi, I'm Korean player of KSP and the member of Korean(Republic Of Korea) KSP forum. Before I start talking, please notice that I'm no good at English. If I made any English errors, please forgive me. Few days ago, it's the April Fool's Day. That day, the president of the forum 'Hoya' noticed that he(I don't know his/her gender, but I'll use he) fired all of the staffs in forum without him. At first, the members thought he was doing the fool thing. But later he noticed again about it, the situation has becoem worse. Also he abolished all election system of the forum. It's been 3 days that his dictatorship has started. He hasn't explained enough for the whole members why he stared the dictatorship. In addition, before the dictatocrship, he didn't use his power that much. Also some members including me has thought that the forum is becoming like S.Korea in 2016 when Rasputin Scandle in Korea started. Many memebers are complaining about the lack of explanation. But Hoya hasn't answered to anyone in the forum. Many members are worried about when Hoya sold the forum to other person. Also there is a fear about that the member who has complained can be forced to leave the forum by him. I just want all players of KSP to notice that Korean Forum is out of control including Hoya. The members hope that the forum becomes normal as before April 1st. The members want democracy, just like Korean tried to fight with the corrupted president during candle rally during 2016-2017 and democratic election of the staffs. I hope everything becomes as normal. Have a nice day.:(
  4. Hi! I'm one of the members of the forum and the players of KSP 1.2.2. Before I say about my question, I'm not good at English that much..... so if I made some grammatical errors, please forgive me. Until yesterday night, I was able to enjoy KSP normally. I have had a lots of mods(almost..30...) including Space Shuttle System or Launcher Pack. But in the morning, I have gotten the problem. Well, for my numerous mods, I bought some RAM cards to increase the performance of my computer. However, just after finishing the loading, the game started to crash. I didn't edit and data file of the game so I restarted it about 5 times, but it continued to crash. So I removed all of the mods and delete KSP with Steam and I downloaded it again. But new one also started to crash, even without any mods. Then I realized that it won't be able to be fixed by myself, so I told my problem to Korean KSP Forum which a lot of Korean players have visited. I got an answer, and it said that problem must be caused by the lack of the RAM memory. Well, those mods had been worked with 16GBs RAM memory. Even Korean forum couldn't find the solution of my problem, so I came here. Please help me P.S. I'm using the computer with Intel Core i5-6500 Skylake, 16GBs Ram. Output log said 'FMOD failed to get driver capabilities ... Error initializing output device. ' '
  5. Oh Thank you for your help, Weywot8. I will try that mod. Also I'm considering to ask about it to the developers. Anyway, thank you:)
  6. Hi, I have played KSP since early May in 2017. I'm using Version 1.2.2 to use the useful mods like Space Shuttle System or ISS mods. I'm happy to play it and use the mods. I have used the mod named 'Space Shuttle System'(Adapted in Ver 1.2.2, Mod version 1.01). Thanks to the developers of the mod, I have enjoyed to fly the shuttle. Then, I thought about 'How to change the texture of the shuttle?'. In explanation of the mod and the cockpit, those say that I can change the texture of the shuttle by using the 'Next Texture Set'. But I haven't been able to find it in VAB or during flight. I already asked one of the users of SSS how to change texture. Then the users told me that I need to use the mod named 'Tweakable Everything'. but after I downloaded the mod, I'm still not able to change the texture of the shuttle. Do I need to download another mods? Could you tell me how to change the texture if you know about it? I need the help....Please help me.
  7. I'm one of Korean users of KSP. I'm using Ver. 1.2.2 because of a lot of useful mods like Space Shuttle System, or CxAerospace ISS mod. Few weeks ago, I heard the news that the Squad sold KSP to another game company named Take-Two Interactive Software Inc(Under: T2). Just like other countries, KSP is very famous for spacecraft fans or space lovers because the game is easy to use the mods. Actually, Squad said it is great to use the mods in KSP. But after I heard the new, I have been worried about the available of using mod in KSP. I saw another news about that T2 blocked the modding of GTA5 and started to sell the DLCs instead. Thanks to the angry users of GTA5, T2 stopped blocking the modding. But now I am worried about that T2 blocked the modding of KSP. I want to use a lot of useful mods in KSP forever:). So I hope I can continue to use the mods in KSP. (Plus) I'm in Republic of Korea. I'm not good at using English.:)
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